This post is all about boots (well, only two pairs, but they are awesome!) and best thing about them are they are free from Royal Blue and Coquette!

From Left to Right:
Boots: (Royal Blue) Lucky Chair Royal Boots (limited edition, 10 minutes lucky chair)
Boots: [Coquette.] OTK Boots - VDay (subscribo gift, comes with outfit too)

Also, there's a hair hunt at KMADD if you haven't already know, join the kMADd Enterprise to get today's hunt token here (click on the exclamation mark) and send token back to claim the prize. Once you have found no copy hair token, place it in the folder named: ! FREE Hair ~ ___________ (Avatar name) and send it to Maddox DuPont.

Last but not least, for those of you who haven't grabbed the freebies in Vent's store, there are actually 5 freebies in store for a limited time only. Just check 000L under the barcode.

Have a great weekend everyone!


I can't search the pink boot. :(

17/1/09 9:41 PM  

It's a subscribo gift, click on the subscribo board and retrieve the history

18/1/09 7:40 AM  

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