Some things a man should have in the fall closet. A color changeable muffler, some sweaters and the good old jeans/slacks.

The color changeable muffler is from NTT Docomo. I heard that we are supposed to do some kind of survey to get the muffler and the earphone, and I didn't see any surveys around (and they are all in Japanese) so I just simply TPed to one of the 4 rooms from this main room . When you reach one of the rooms, just click any huge phone, then any of the small one underneath it, and it will give you a folder name DOCOMO GIFT . The earphone and the muffler are there. There should be some kind of official instructions, but this is how I did it. :D

Another thing is that, everytime you click on a phone, they will send the exact model of the phone and it's supposed to be usable, I don't know why but mine seemed to be invisible. If anyone of you who managed to get the phone, remember to tell me how you get it!

Muffler: Docomo (color changeble)
From left to right:
Top: .::PeppermintBlue::. :Striped Gray Shirts (0L)
Bottom: .::PeppermintBlue::. :Black Denim Jeans (0L)

Top: .::PeppermintBlue::. :Casual Layerd Gray (0L)
Bottom: .::PeppermintBlue::. :Gray Denim Jeans (0L)

Top: INDI Designs : Pullover white #1 (1L) (Thanks Sexyback for this info)
Bottom: INDI Designs : Pants brown (5L)

There are stuffs for both boys and girls in Nylon Outfitters at Tableau, huge folder filled with lots of stuff at 1L, there might be something you like in there, so go check out.

Muffler: Docomo (color changeble)
From left to right:
Top: Nylon Outfitters: geeky guy shirt
Headphone: Docomo: red

Top: Nylon Outfitters: Nylon Beach Polo
Headphone: Docomo: series_color

Good night.


Thanks for the great blogging. Love docomo's stuff. You'd probably have figured it by now..but anyway the phone is a typing gadget.. will show up when you start typing. =D

12/11/08 2:15 PM  

Yeah, I figured. Thanks :))

13/11/08 12:50 AM  

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