Teaser 2.

teaser 2

Coming sooner than you thought.
Oh yes, this is totally dedicated to you, Blockhead in the chatterbox.


LOL! Love your new lonely pet, Ding. It's like it came smothered in hypocrisy and dipped in irony! For instance:

The Blockhead: everytime I see you around, you make me wanna puke...

And what does this asshat post right *after* that?

The Blockhead: And just for the record, what you hate about others if the reflection of what you hate about yourself...

Bwahahaha, awesome. I'm happy you finally have your own stalker, but I'm kinda sad that it seems to be so slow in the head. -_-

And yes, this comment comes from a designer who has payment info on file, z0mgwot?! Oo

26/9/08 4:40 PM  

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