Meet the Wannabe

Hello there! I am Ding Fotherington, and I am a D lister in second life.

The reason I am writing here is because I think I have great potential in becoming an A lister or well maybe a B, no? You don't think so? Well alright, I just want to be at least known as ' The girl who wants to be a second life A lister' when I am seen out and about in world.

I love shopping, camwhoring, trying out new things...and last but not least pretending to be a celebrity.

This blog will be about what I wear, where I went, what freebies I found and things I do.

I am a simple girl, and this is a simple blog for interesting people to look for simple little surprises from within.


Freebie this evening at Glam Couture on Tampa Bay sim 8PM STL. Please blog it......

16/9/08 9:34 PM  

What's a "manhip"? :)

9/3/09 9:41 AM  

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