Hello there!
I am Venturino Benson, a great friend of Ding and together we decided we should start a blog together. Ding is someone who loves to spend and look pretty all the time and has a whole wardrobe of outfits. I am different. I am also a D-lister who is trying to be an A-lister , but on a tougher mission. I am trying to look good and glam using the least money I can afford. To cut things short, I am living SL on a budget.

Where to find the good stuff
I love freebies and dollarbies. As a guy AV in SL, it is hard to find quality freebies compared to the girls. To give all of you a start, Gnubie is a place where all the good things gather. They give away good quality outfits from designers for free or for a Linden. Then the mission to quality clothes gets a bit harder. You have to join groups, wander around to look for freebies. The good ones are usually NOT found on freebie islands, but in the store itself. For those who still don't know, try going to the stores and look for their freebie area. There is another way that you can get good stuff, and that is by joining the group and look up on the notices. These are some of the ways where you can find things that you have never expected.

How to earn your first Linden
I started off zero linden. It's hard to start off zero linden as good stuff (even in Gnubie) cost you a Linden. There are a couple of ways to get yourself some money when you are new in SL, you either beg for money, or you go camping. Although camping doesn't earn you a lot of money, it is enough for you to splurge on some nice things if you do it for a long time. Pharm is one of the easy place to camp day and night despite the lag. This place is not like other camping places where there is a time limit, or you need to queue up; you just need to get there, click on the purple tent, and you are on your way to the first linden.

That's it for now. I'll post more tips for AVs living a budget life in SL again next time.


Hey Venturino
I'd love to read more from you 'cause you always look super stylish and fresh.

21/5/09 2:57 PM  

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