I am banned from Fusion Sim and I can't think of a reason for it.

Then I found out:

"Jori said that you were renting here and that you were caught copybotting????"

That's interesting.

Apparently someone has not only thrown me out of my sim before my rent is due and not telling me why, but has also been starting some drama out of it, big time.

Although the thought of copybotting amuses me, it disgusts me at the same time.

Copybotting = Stealing.

Stealing is just not right, even if it's in a game, moreover, this is a virtual world that involves real moolah in it.

If I have a copybot, I would already be giving the copybotted version stuff of your entire store away.

Don't go bad mouthing me before knowing me well enough/without any solid evidence just because you have a tycoon bf.

I still love you despite all these, please do remember that.

Snapshot_001 copy
From Left to Right:
Skin: [the.oBscene] Group Gift Xena / skins + shape (1L. Join [The oBscene] Update group
Top: *Fishy Strawberry* Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - Blue (1L$)

Skin: (vive9) Aerin + Cailyn Freebie
Top: BEGGARS BAQUET GG 09/10/05 (Join
and check notices)BEGGARS BANQUET Group and check notices)

Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Eva 6000 Member Group Gift (Join Rockberry Group and get it here)
Top: BEGGARS BAQUET GG 09/10/05 (Join
BEGGARS BANQUET Group and check notices)

Sneakers: Kowloon:+LR basket ball shose (0L. There are 22 pair of chucks altogether, some of them are at the landing point, but some of them you have to follow the lm given in the folder to grab them)

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::RiVeR:: Cream - Earth (Not free, but super hot and new!)
Top: BEGGARS BAQUET GG 09/10/05 (Join
BEGGARS BANQUET Group and check notices)

All of you have probably heard about sunny sim by now (and the decoy fatpacks for free) so I am not going to further spam the feeds with same outfits that everyone has been posting. Here are some other stuff that you might also be interested in:

Ring: (Elate!) Sunny Rose Ring - Opening Gift
Dress: (Elate!) Silvia (Sunny) - Opening Gift

Dress: #105 Mix&Mingle Hunt 2009 [KA Designs]: *Mara*

Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth: Halloween Group Gift! (subscribo gift)
Outfit: [ hoorenbeek ] Halloween Outfit - Freebie

Have a great Sunday!

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