...come to my place, as Ivy Blaisdale got me one as a prezzie~! And here is a pic of Ivy getting a bear hug.

bear hugs

Love the bear, thanks so much!

There's a hunt on at Lookr and there's 7 boxes to be found around the store that contain various stuff for both men and ladies. Hoorenbeek is giving away a pair of sneakers for free and it is located under the christmas tree. Go grab it now before they are gone.

Coat: Lookr: Beaten Santa ~ Green (1L)

Shoes: [hoorenbeek] SuperStar (0L, under the Christmas tree)

P/s: Thanks Linda and JasonX for the info. :D

Kellie of Elate! has brought us some hints of spring in this freezing winter weather. She released earlier this morning a series of mini dresses with sculpted blooming rose collar and tons of ways to mix and match the colors if you get the entire pack.

Dresses: (Elate!) -Maria Dresses

And to top it all off, Kellie also made matching Rose Rings to go with the dresses. And you could get these rings for free from the subscribo group.

elate ring
Ring: (Elate!) - Rose Rings (subscribo gift)

Visit Elate! to see these dresses today! Thanks Katx and Kellie for these dresses : )

I am sorry that some people couldn't find the stockings at Crush Row, I was wondering if you have noticed that Crush Row is one of the places that even if you have exact SLURLs to a certain boutique, it still tp you the landing point. So you have to follow the red line to the exact location. And be patient, it's a laggy place, so sometimes the stockings take time to rezz, don't just go there, see no stockings, and start bragging about how disorganized we are.

Just in case you still couldn't find those that I posted yesterday, here are the taxis:

Here are a couple of things from Crush Row and some group gifts from Church of Luxe, Coco and Thimbles. One thing about the group gifts, I usually mention if it's from the group notice, or subscribo. When it's stated subscribo, don't go search for groups, because you won't find anything, just go to the store, touch the subscribo and check the history from there.

Christmas stuff
Hair: * 0 Style *CSR2008w Gift*(posted here)
From Left to Right:
Jacket: *GC* X-Mas Sweater (1L)
Leggings: League Metallic Snowflake Leggings (0L, under the christmas tree)
Boots:*COCO*_Gift_Boots (Join *COCO* Update Group and get it here)

Dress: *Thimbles* Holiday Spectacular (Join (Join *Thimbles* Group and check notices)
Boots:*COCO*_Gift_Boots (Join *COCO* Update Group and get it here)

Dress: [CoL] - Gift - Holiday Dress! (subscribo gift)
Boots: *COCO*_Gift_Boots (Join *COCO* Update Group and get it here)

Stay tuned as more updates coming up. Have fun!

It's CSR again!

Remember the CSR event that I previously blogged during the summer? It's back with more goodies to be exchanged with the cards. For those of you who still don't know how to do the CSR, here's the instructions:

1. Go to the 20 participating stores (info could be found here) and buy something within 12/20~1/18. Note that some stores have certain merchandise that comes with the card, and some others have cards included in all their items, these items with cards included are usually priced above 100L.

2. After you are done with all your shopping/collecting cards, attach them to your hud, or wear it to your body, don't feel awkward for having too many cards on your body because that's the trend in CSR. Then start Tping to all 20 participating locations (Get SLURLs here) to have your cards stamped. The machines are usually located at very visible places in store (lobby, entrance). The cards are transferable, just in case you don't know what to get your friends this christmas, you can always give them one of these stamped cards and let them pick their own present!

3. Once you have all the cards stamped with 20 stamps, you can go here to exchange your cards with the gifts that you want. More instructions on how, read this.

These are some of the things that I exchanged with my cards this morning:

Hair: * 0 Style *CSR2008w Gift*
Bolero: !_Ce Cubic effect BOLERO
Balloon/Nose: CSR Chica-P.J. Bellyflops Buddy

Hair: ::69:: FISHBONE Hair + BERET (CSR Winter 2008)
Bicycle: HPMD* WonderCycle (CSR2008 Winter)
Lamb: <>Lamb Yuki&Shirosaku "CSR2008Winter Gift"

Bunny AV: CSR:*yumyum*stoory of a bunny:gray
Tee: CSR2008Winter Souvenir (Get it from the Event Hall)

Have fun CSRing!

Never expected this to happen but thanks to okrebecca Dastardly, she got me the giraffes that I asked for from my list. Thank you so much!!

P/s No giraffes were harmed during the photoshoot.

okrebecca sitting on the donut the giraffe was munching on

Love my giraffe

Vent and I are looking forward to more surprises!! Hope you have a great night!

You just got to love Crushrow, because you get dollarbie presents everytime there's a holiday and here are some of the stuff that you can grab. Also, there's a present (sweater and jeans) at Little Fish Mainstore (Thanks Jojo) for 48 hours to celebrate the store opening, so grab it when you can!

Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots 'Black Suede' (Prezzie from Linda, Thanks!!)
From Left to Right:

Top:+*CC*+ Red Kallie Hood(1L)
Dress:*BOOM* Happy Holidays Dress(1L)
Outfit:*BOOM* Santa's Cutey(1L)
Outfit:*Littlefish* New store open gift (0L)

Hair: [the oBscene] Evyione w/extra [Albino](1L)
Skin:[the oBscene] VENUS-Quartz-Icey Bella/SKALDi(1L)
Lashes:[the Obscene] Lashes-SILVER ICE (1L)

That's it for now, have fun!!

Oh yes, we do have one each! And they're such long lists (at least for me, well on second thoughts, both our lists are long). We don't care about haters this time who will trash us for shamelessly (and greedily) asking for stuff, because (quote Prudence) haters make us look fab.

We freebie bloggers want to look fab all the time and take pictures of ourselves in glamorous clothings too, we drool over nice skins, nice hair, nice clothings, nice everything, and now is the perfect time (hey, it's christmas!) to ask for it. We have worked hard and have been super nice ever since we started off in SL, and now we are asking for a wee bit of stuff! And here are the lists:

buy me stuff

Vent's list:

Gift Credit

Aitui and AC Store gift card

Abyss Scorpio_Origin Skin Set [1] or [2] (fatpack)

or Millage Valenti skins (fatpack)

My list:

Paper Couture , Zaara, Shai, Bijou gowns, Den-dou skin in lighter tone, Giraffes by Vooner, all could be exclusively found in the Black Swan Sim

The bearhug chairs and playground stuff from Chicanery or the huge squirrels and the robot chair and the brown travel sling bag from Plod

Maitreya Billow/Soho Boots

Stiletto Moody Slouch Boots

Those are what we ask for this christmas. Drop us presents if you think we deserve them, if not (and think that we are asking for too much), that's totally okay with us, we will still be updating you with the fab side of good deals in SL anyways. Happy Holidays, everyone! :D

A really cute hair from The Sweetest Goodbye, a group gift skin form Rockberry and a set of arm/neck warmer from Trey Dope group.

Hair: [SG*] Miss Tree (50l)
Skin: [RockBerry] Group Gift Xmas Natural (Join Rockberry Group and check notices)
Arm&Neck Warmer: *LOTTA_GroupGift box (Join Trey Dope Group and check notices)

There are two lucky gift box that gives away two great coats at MRM (one for the men, and the other for the girls), changes every 5 minutes. (Sorry for clicking on the D, Daisie Georgia, while I was waiting for the V for Venturino, I forgot you were there. Sorry!)
Coats: [MRM] Quilting Down Jacket *X'mas Edition* (lucky gift boxes, changes letter every 5 mins)

Last but not least, grab today's Artilleri advent gift, it's pretty!
Skirt: /artilleri/ "I'll be your gift" skirt (1L, Join Artilleri Group and get it here, one day only)

Have a great rest of the day!

Thanks to Katx, we were transformed into cute little tinies (get it here, tiny box behind the rack and hurry before it's gone)

Snowman Tiny
we are unique!
Snowman Tiny
can you tell which one is Katx, Ding or me?

(answer: the one in glasses is me, the one with a flower brooch is Katx, and the one with nothing is Ding.)

Good morning people !

Join Savvy Avvy's subscribo here or Savvy Avvy group and check notices to get this outfit (sweater and pants).

savvy avvy
Outfit: [savvy avvy] Mens rollneck sweater - moss (Subscribo/Join Savvy Avvy group and check notices)

Have a great day ahead!

This is not a review, but a dedication to the talented Jojo of Runoruno. I love these fierce looking dresses to bits and if you want them, you can get it here, also available in black, for 50L each. But if you love them all, you could get the fatpack that consist all three styles in black and white for only 200L.

love runo!
From Left to Right:
Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Dinner (50L)
~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Cocktail (50L)
~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Evening (50L)

I love RunoRuno!

A little bit more update on Footprint hunt.

Hair:Eat Rice! Freebie Christmas Kit
From Left to Right:
Top: !FootPrintHunt! anuenue: CheckShortCoat (gingerbread man on stocking)
Skirt: !FootPrintHunt!anuenue: DirtSkirt (green stocking on man)

A dollarbie dress from AXEL and a 10L dress from Bingo to be grabbed too.

From Left to Right:
Dress: /AXEL/ XMAS Bumble Dress (1L, till end of the week)
Dress: {Bingo} Christmas Lights Dress & Pose Set (10L)

Free tees from Bingo from the subscribo. Go here to join the subscribo group and get them (and also a pair of pyjamas)!

Tees: {Bingo} Reindeer T-shirt (subscribo gift)

That's it for today, have fun as usual!

I am blue

All blue things for 10L at Royal Blue. Hurry down and have a look. Thanks Gossipgirl~!

everything blue
From left to right:
Glove: (Royal Blue) Half Glove in Cobolt (10L)
Top: (Royal Blue) Body Con Is Not Dead in Royal Signiture(10L)
Overall: (Royal Blue) Bettle Juice Blue(10L)

Tights: (Royal Blue) Meow for I am Catwoman in Ink(10L)

Jacket: (Royal Blue) Preppy Navy Blazer(10L)

Untone Quilt is giving away a set of really pretty accessories (necklace, earrings and headband *not shown) and it's essential for all those christmas outfits that you have been collecting.

untone quilt
Earrings: *UnTone* snowdrop-yuki no hana- stud earrings (0L)
Necklace: *UnTone* snowdrop-yuki no hana- necklace (0L)

Updates on advent gifts coming up, so stay tuned.:D

More on the Footprint hunt, thus more goodies up for grab. Just in case you don't know what you are looking for, they are gingerbread man and red/green stockings hidden in really unseen places, please zoom your camera around when you are searching for them. Here are some of the goodies grabbed from the hunt.

footprint hunt
Hair: ***R's Hair Style @ QRI: "Kay"silk white (type /02 helb in local chat to get it)
Skin: !FootPrintHunt! NATURA Designs X'mas skin for female (green stocking in the tree)
From Left to Right:
Dress: !FootPrintHunt! C'est la vie!: Pucci Dress (cookie beside the board)

Top: !FootPrintHunt!magitake shop: color down jacket (green stocking on the table)
Skirt: !FootPrintHunt! !*G^G*!: check skirt (green stocking on bench)
Shoes: !FootPrintHunt! R2 fashion: Malama (red stocking on tree)

Dress: Footprint Hunt*MIU*:sundaydress (green stocking on the floor)

Necklace: !FootPrintHunt!Shampooo: Clock Necklace (red stocking on tree)
Skirt: Footprint Hunt*MIU*mondayskirt
(cookie on the table)

Just in case you don't know Stiletto Moody is having THE sale for the group members, 40% off all previous stuff, no sales for gift purchases or fatpacks. If you are not planning to buy anything, you have to stop by and see this ... er...chopped down foot? I thought it look good when I saw it on the pictures and asked Zu to get me a pair ( Zu, get me the PC instead, lol), but after Larissa showed me, I went -.-". If you hate prim toes, wait till you see these:

amputee shoes
Larissa got her foot chopped down for this picture.

That's about it for tonight, have fun!

You need that red and black and green color to match the christmas mood, that's why you might want these for the season!

Christmas Dresses
From left to right:
Outfit: /artilleri/ naughty or nice outfit *red* (1 day only, Join Artilleri group and get it here)
Toy: [PF] Group Gift: Reindeers (Join Pink Fuel Group and check notices)

Outfit: {Bingo} Kira X'mas (1L, get it here)

Dress: Prim & Pixel Paradise Dec 16- Merry Merry Dress (0L for today, and 25L after today till 20th)

You might also want this nice peacock dress from OC for 10L.

Dress: *OC* Olive Peack (10L)

That's it for now, have fun!

The regular daily dose of the advent gifts from KA and Ivalde! Check SLURL to get them.

On Vent:
Top: [KA] MEN *Twist* blue (1 day only)
On Ding:
Dress: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift 16 * Halfridr * (Join Ivalde Group and get it here, 1 day only)

Get them now!

Lots of hunts going on right now, so we are picking stuff from here and there to show you what you can get from these fun events.

Firstly there is this Amplify Hunt will last for a week, 25 dollarbie candy canes (various stuff) to be found all over the mainstore, in and out, not a hair pulling hunt, so have fun! Then there is this FootPrintHunt which is a Japanese Version of POE but way harder (the gingerbreadman and red/green stockings to be found are really small and hidden in unseen places), heavy camming is needed, but worth all that headache because there are lots of good stuff waiting for you to grab. I don't know how many gifts are set up there, the last I heard was 28 and is still adding. This hunt will end on 12/25 and the starting point is here.

This post is a combination of Amplify Hunt and Footprints Hunt, Advent gifts from Ivalde and Artilleri and other gifts. Look at the picture below and grab what you like:

Chair: !FootPrintHunt! #Frolic: 1P Oldwood Chair p1 - GL/RD (under the drums)

On Vent:
Top: amplify #11 candy cane hunt:* skull'wing t (1L)
Pants: !FootPrintHunt! Algernon: Side Slit Denim Pants

On Ding:
Hair: !FootPrintHunt!+*glitter hair*+: nono-ash
Skin: (Milk Motion) special skin for The Hotel Dare (1L)
Dress: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift *15 *: Silja 70s
Pose: !Footprint Hunt! +KiiToS!!+ (under the table)
Ring: !FootPrintHunt!:::Sole Accessory:::. Rhombic Black Dia Ring (red socks, zoom under the floor)

Hair: !FootPrintHunt!W&Y: You
From Left to Right:
Skin: FS Skin - Kimberly- Crying (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)
Top: amplify#15 candy cane hunt: zippedtop-green(1L)

Skin: FS Skin - Kimberly- Christmas (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)
Top: amplify#2 candy cane hunt: zippedtop-red(1L)

Lanai and Ding :
Tops: /artilleri/ tacky christmas sweater :) (1L, Join Artilleri Group and get it here, 1 day only)

On Vent:
Top: DE Mens Winter 08 Sweater -LE-Green (0L, till 12/24, thanks Sexyback!)

More to come soon! Put on your hunting gears and start hunting now!

Haven't found the perfect dress for the holiday party? Here are two dresses from Baiastice and Icing that will save you from all the hassle and won't burn any of your linden.

Dress: Baiastice@ BOSL POE gift #346: GreenSnake_lil dress
Dress: *ICING* Gift: Vixen in Ruby (Join Icing Group and check notices/ subscribo gift)

Good night!

Casual Sunday

I know those advent gifts have taken their toll on your already bursting inventory, so I thought maybe I should give all of us a break. It's Sunday afterall!

However, go grab the boots that make this santa's chinging sound from Jeeper Creepers @ Costa Rica Hunt (which will be ending tonight,thanks Katx!) and the scripted beanie hair from Find Ash Lucky Box. They are definitely keepers~!

Hair: "FA"Soul Eater/mid- limited edition/Mud Brown (lucky chair)
Boots: Ugh @ Costa Rica Hunt- Ho! Red (under the snowman, ends today, hurry!)

Happy Sunday ^^

p/s If you need any help with any hunt, IM me or Vent for help, you know we are always there to help!

Just in case you are curious, these are some of the things that we do when we are not posting:

family affair
playing the piano @home

watching SLTV @home

What do you do when you have nothing to do in SL? Please leave a comment and tell us how you spend your spare time, I would like to know : )

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