Strawberry Hunt.

[UPDATE] Thanks to those who help me out at the hunt!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!

A great hunt with lots of great gifts happening in Strawberry Field, but it's ending tomorrow, so I have to give you what I have right now. There are 31 altogether. Oh before I forget, you are looking for strawberries in all sizes. :) Here are the coordinates.

62/103/22 Slink Mary Janes
16/95/24 Slink Leather Jacket Skirt Blood
46/86/24 Slink Dress Pants
39/74/24 Slink Men's Skull Shirt

47/108/21 PixelMode #1: Leopard Shoes
33/27/21 PixelMode #2: Leopard Purse
124/118/21 PixelMode #3: Scarf
64/156/23 PixelMode #4: Skirt
20/231/23 PixelMode #5: Top
91/221/36 PixelMode
#6: Skin

30/96/26 Southern Creations candle (pink)
22/65/23 Southern Creations candle (red)

51/54/22 Southern Creations Candle Red set
82/109/24 Southern Creations Candle Cream set

48/84/24 DFD Promo Skins
20/54/24 DFD Obsession Dress

97/20/54 Tuli: Elizabeth Skins -Sunkissed (Fern)

43/87/21 Damiani Gabrielle special edition ( in the bucket of apples)

108/20/45 Bahia Chain Light

84/186/20 Primoptic Glasses Gift Certificate (Under the Bridge)

46/94/17 Belleza Skins (Under water in the pond in the cafe)

113/98/29 Step Up 'Dodge'
128/78/48 Step Up 'The Pozers'

118/133/10 Step Up 'Predator'
144/100/22 Step Up 'Beach' (in the pail)
75/164/23 Step Up 'Complicty'

154/100/22 Digital Dream Gift

50/63/24 Canimal 1 of 3 Deadly Seduction
75/81/23 Canimal 2 of 3 (under the platform) Cutsie Tanks and Necklace.
39/165/43 Canimal 3 of 3 Capris and earrings

22/135/22 Individual Photo

I finally made it to the hair fair! I haven't have the chance to look at each and every store, but I have already gotten a couple of freebies and dollarbies around. Who said you are getting free hair only in hair fair? I managed to get a couple of tees and a cute dress from various different vendors. (Most of the goodstuff are at pink sim, and they are all either freebie or dollarbie)

hair fair
Hair from left to right:Dernier Cri- Rachel-Black, Miya - Black; Laqroki -September; Dernier Cri-Miya - Black
Tops from left to right: Dernier Cri - Pink Flowery Tank, Green T; Laqroki - It's just a wig tee; Dernier Cri - Orange Fishy T
Sunglasses: Laqroki- Pilot Shades Brown

Hair:Laqroki -September
Dress:*katat0nik* (olive) Ghostfire Dress - HAIR FAIR

[UPDATED:] I am sorry if I offended anyone by showing their picture without permission.

Despite all the infos regarding to take of prim items, AO and scripts before going to the hair fair to reduce lag; to my astonishment, people are still wearing as much prims as they could, thus the laggy situation in the fair sims.

Let me show you how to do the math : Higher prims = Laggier place
There is a way where you can know how much prims an AV is worth.
1. Toggle the Advance Tab on top of your window (Ctrl+Alt+D)
2. Click Rendering
3. Then Click Info Display
4. Then Click Avatar Rendering Cost

Then, you will see little numbers on top of everyone's head. The more prims you are wearing, the higher the number is.

Picture 2
* Numbers are enlarged to be seen easier.

When this number gets extreme, it might go up to this (per person):

Picture 5
* Numbers are enlarged to be seen easier.

Can you imagine how these numbers will contribute to the lag to the hair fair? If everyone took off every single attachment on them (no you don't need any hair since you are shopping for new ones, and no you don't need the shoes because you can always fly), and be as less prim as one can be in the hair fair, how great would that be? Everyone can't wait to see what's new and up in the fair, but with that lag, chances are that people might miss out all the fun in the hair fair. If you happen to read this post, and is going to the hair fair, be considerate, help reduce the lag, be a 1 prim AV.

Oh No!

A good news and a bad news.
This will tell you the bad news.

viva la glam

Yes, Viva La Glam has been torn down and is closing down and is filled with unusual signs. You think this is a hoax? Read this:

viva la glam
" Viva La Glam has been taken by a goup of inhabitants from Planet Zeenu. We are giving the Humanoid owners approximately a month and a half in earth time (october 11) to complete their usage of this space. During this period they will be selling a majority of products at reduced discount rates. Please consolidate your visits during this time period for the end of Viva La Glam is near."

The good news about this bad news is that everything is on a markdown at Viva La Glam, and you get this dollarbie as a gift from the Zeenu inhabitants.

viva la glam
Necklace: [VG] Exotic Zeenu Necklace - 1L

Another busy week coming up, Hair fair is here and I should be collecting free hair right now, but I haven't even have the chance to even TP in. However, a couple of groups and a midsummer feather gift hunt kept me busy at the moment.

The feather gift hunt at Hotel Swan is an interesting one, because the feather falls from the sky once in a while, and they are random gifts from awesome creators (which includes mimikri, mirai style, swallowtail, emery, etc). The catch of this hunt is that the feathers that you are looking for are not permanently at the place to be found. You need to be FAST and right click and touch it a couple of times before it disappear. This hunt will end 31st of August so you have ample time to wait for the right feather to fall from the sky. My advice to you is to zoom your camera so that you are viewing from above, that will make things a lot easier. So far, I have gotten these (along with a couple of gifts from groups stated):

feathers and gifts
From Left to Right:
Hair:*+MiraiStyleGift+*.+*Hane*+.Cocoabrown [MS]; Outfit:Glanz: Lingerie Set; Shoes:SOlbers Madrid black
Hair:*+MiraiStyleGift+*.+*Hane*+.Black [MS]; Hairclip:Swallowtail Pearl Hairclip; Dress:Mirrors*+Aniflo Zebflo
Outfit:Mimikri - Some Olives/Gift
Outfit (including shoes):Gigt from haute couture designs (Join Ewing Events VIP Group and check notices)

Hair:{fascino} Bud Honey
Dress:*PERSONA* Debutant dress - pink
Bag:Hotel Swan: Mavui Bag (Join Hotel Swan and check notices)
Nails:Candy nail #SW Knit Bonbon

feathers and gifts
From Left to Right:
Top and accessories:~Vette's Boutique~ Vain Inc. Group (from Vain Inc Group)
Top:*Ki2* Lady of the Pins Green (from Starlust Group)

Thursday Humor.

Bijou has given out a new gift to celebrate their newly renovated mainstore, the new free item is located along with other old gifts at the first floor of their humongous store. M&R Cupcakes has given their group members a series of limited edition new skin along with the launch of their new skins, join M&R Cupcakes Group and check notices to get it.

skin and outfit
Outfit: bijou: *FREE* Snap
Skin: M&R Cupcakes:Plush: Tamarind - SUPER CATEYE (group gift, check notices)

After all the drama that happened in Armidi regarding the notorious Facelight 3000, (although Armidi has unbanned this) Ephemeral and me decided that we should follow the trend and do the 'IN' thing.

facelight 3000

IM me in world if you are interested to own the infamous Facelight 3000 and I'll pass you one! Make SL a brighter place!

Juicy Bella sim is added to Juicy! Sim launched today. Lots of new shops added and lots of opening day freebies and dollarbies up for grabs, they are mostly located underneath the christmas tree behind the gogowood sign, but some of them are located in the stores. Since there are plenty to get , I only picked a couple to show. Have fun!

juicy bella sim
Outfits from Left to Right:
Dress: *katat0nik*: (pink) Rina Dress @ Juicy Bella
Necklace: Swallowtail: Juicy Necklace

Outfit: *~JABS~* Red Tube and Jeans
Toy on shoulder: [PINK FUEL] Baby Panda Juicy Edition

Dress: Rory's Silver Sequin Dress

There are some tops for guys that could be found over there too.

juicy sim
Tops from Left to Right on Venturino:
Top: Pig - Freebie Pink Polo Shirt
Top: Parkin Designs - Freebie Tee

It was a quiet morning, until Ephemeral IMed me. She always bring good news!

Ephemeral Clowes
: heya! at cupcakes new skin room..there are free dresses.

So here I am showing you the dresses. :) There is another gorgeous white dress and a white vest not shown in this picture, located at the same place for free , and there's also a dollarbie orange lingerie set(not shown) that you can get here too.

mr cupcakes dress
From Left to Right:
M&R Cupcakes - Fiona Dress
M&R Cupcakes - Keri Dress
M&R Cupcakes - Lori Dress

This sweet little black number is something that you should have in your inventory, it's a very nice chiffony dress with a white satin ribbon in front, and you can get it for a linden here .

Dress: +Lo*momo+: lace mini dress

Elate! has some really cute insect themed dollarbie bikini up in stores, grab them before they are gone!

elate bikini
Bikinis: (Elate!) :Ladybug and Bumblebee Bikinis

That's it for now, more updates soon!

Join Gritty Kitty Group and check notices to get these unisex tops and the shades I am wearing are previously blogged by Ding here.

Gritty Kitty

Have a great day now!

It's a fairly quiet day, I admit. However, I somehow managed to find something to share and spread the freebie (dollarbie) love. Tres Blah has some noteworthy dollarbie tees at both her store and Gnubie, they are just great for a day lazing at home. :)

Top: Tres Blah: Beatles Tee (1L)
Skirt: Nekorifik: Patchwork Tattered n Torn Skirt (free)

And if you are not informed, DUTCH TOUCH has a huge markdown for their series 2 skins for today (only 250L, UP 950L) as they are going to be discontinued as soon as the new series is introduced. Go and have a look if you are getting bored or just plainly sick of getting free skins.

A kinda easy hunt!!


PHLOW has a fairly easy hunt. I think there's 7 boxes to be found but I couldn't find box 1 and 2! So please tell me if you manage to find the two missing ones! The coordinates are as below if you have trouble finding them:

PHLow hunt

Not Shown:
Box 7 (A tattoo): 114/22/32

Also the store has some dollarbies and discounted stuff to grab too, so walk around while you are hunting. Good night!

Guys Alert!

ALPHAMALE has open up a little new store and has two dollarbie up for search (I don't know when this will end). One of them is a pair of faded jeans in gray and the other one is a brown leather belt, both of these could be found on the wall among the other usual priced clothing.

Alpha Male
Tank:++Black Maria++: Tank: G.B.H Tanktop
Belt: ALPHAMALE: Belt -Brown
Jeans: ALPHAMALE: Faded Jeans -Gray

Shoes: Shiny Things: Painter Shoes (Free)

Not so blue Monday

If you have already forgotten, I am here to remind you to join VAIN inc group, as they are only open for enrollment this couple of days, and that's it. You will get tons of designer stuff (furnitures, skins, outfits, accessories) worth 1000s of lindens as gifts when you join. What are you still waiting for? and also Edge Grafica has some nice punky stuff for grabs, free!

These are the compilations of what I got from VAIN inc group and Edge Grafica.

edge grafica
Skin: QS Skin from VAIN inc group: Darjeeling
Bracelet: Edge Grafica: Spiked Bracelet
Top From Left to Right:Edge Grafica: Border Tank Top - White; White and Black Pullover
Bottom:Edge Grafica: Half Pants
Socks:Edge Grafica: Over Knee Socks - White

Skin: QS Skin from VAIN inc group: Darjeeling
Dress: OOpS! bag from
VAIN inc group: Gangsta

Kunglers is also giving away a pink dress as their new weekly gift.

Dress: Kunglers: Pink Dress With Nail Polish

Will update you as soon as I get something new. Bye for now!

Quick one.

Skin is part of the skin pack gift from the Tuli Group (250L for enrollment), dress is free in store at GLAM Couture till 8/19, so hurry.

Tuli skin, Glam Dress

Hi there, it's me Venturino and I have brought you some great hunt updates!

Long Awkward Pose has been playing games with us for the past weeks hinting us that there is a hunt, and behohld, the long awaited hunt is here! Around 60 poses (including group poses, girls and boys AO) packed in 15 shit could be found around the store. Don't worry, you have a lot of time (an entire week) to get these shits, but here I am, with the coordinates for those of you who have trouble finding them (or just plainly lazy to look for yourselves). Have fun!

Pose: LAP: Shit#10:Being Boys

On Venturino
(on the left):
Hair: [SeraKorea]: Male Hair : Young men's hair style - Black
Skin: [SeraKorea]: Male Skin PEACH TYPE Skin_Bushy
Glasses:[SeraKorea]: GLASS S

Pose: LAP: Shit#14:Three monkeys

Pose: LAP: Shit#11:Cheesy Three

Shit #1: 222/33/21
Shit #2: 188/24/23
Shit #3: 148/13/21
Shit #4: 152/49/21
Shit #5: 208/48/31
Shit #6: 235/37/23
Shit #7: 196/33/25
Shit #8: 213/31/21
Shit #9: 254/18/21
Shit #10: 152/15/20 (Under the Bridge)
Shit #11: 138/2/24
Shit #12: 152/2/21
Shit #13: 179/54/31
(at the corner of the roof, SMALL!)
Shit #14: 233/54/28
Shit #15:

Also, you should go check out SeraKorea, it has tons of freebies from apparel to hair to skins to shapes to wings to avatars to electronics and food (phew, that's a lot), all for 0L.

These are not new freebies, in fact they could be dated back to the days when I just got out of my block head stage. However, these are one of those everlasting freebies that I will keep and will still wear it and feel happy in it. Just in case if you are still unaware, Canimal is the brand that I am featuring here. They have a huge collection of goodies at the freebies cart, and the one shown here are some of those that I love to bits.

From Left to Right:
Dress: Canimal:Gothique Lolita
Dress: Canimal:Everloving(0L)
Dress: Canimal:Attack(0L)

Outfit: Canimal: All That Jazz(0L)
Dress: Canimal: Black Mini (0L)

If you haven't own any of these, you should just head to Canimal and get them ,I am sure you will like them as much as I do!

That's why I think I am responsible to do it too : ) Lemania has an apple hunt on (20 apples altogether), where each of the apple (1L each) contains a part of the 40s outfit and there are 15 apples to be found altogether. On top of that, there are 5 more bonus apples (one of them is 10L, the others are 1L or free) for two other outfits. So here is what you get:


The coordinates for this 15 piece ensemble is as below (1L each):
Apple#1 87/36/22
Apple#2 67/45/2
Apple#3 39/45/22
Apple#4 148/205/22
Apple#5 235/228/22
Apple#6 192/24/25
Apple#7 191/12/31
Apple#8 206/69/21
Apple#9 251/102/21
Apple#10 174/137/23
Apple#11 165/143/28
Apple#12 167/181/21
Apple#13 193/229/21
Apple#14 216/195/21
Apple#15 236/172/25

This is the two extra outfits from the 5 bonus apples. (1 of them cost 10L, the others at 1L each)
apple gift
The coordinates for the left outfit are:
Apple beret 225/143/21
Gift 2 245/56/21
Gift 3 151/129/28
Gift 5 106/9/21

The coordinates for the right outfit is:
Golden Apple Gift 206/87/21

And the weekly group gift for Lemania is this:

Lemania GG
Dress:Lemania: Dollie Dress (1L)


Sometimes when you want to be eaten, you have to dress as if you want to be eaten.

From Left to Right:
Outfit:-Starlust Motel-: Eat Me Freebie
Outfit: lurvebite: Spicy Toast
Outfit: DC: Cupcake costume (I'm not sure if it's still available)

Big Booty Big Money just released a gift at their store in Floyd sim and it is as good as always.

Dress: BBBM: Mint Twilit Grotto Dress

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