CSR Winter 2009

It's CSR again!! For those of you who are new to CSR, it is also known as Creators Stamp Rally and involves 20 different stores where you can obtain a card whenever you buy certain products that cost more than 100L during this period of time. You then have to go around the 20 stores and have your card(s) stamped (free of charge), and exchange a gift here with a fully stamped card. The great thing about it is that the card is trans, so you can always pass it to a friend as a gift. For more information on the event, check here.

Here are some of the gifts you can exchange with the cards:

Outfit: *COCO*_Winter Choice! 2009 GIFT
Pig: <>Pig Set*Choice2009Win Limited*

Coat: wc09-NINIKO-FullSculp COAT (also )
Shoes and Luggage: winter choice! 2009 by Picnic

Robot: S.I.C_MC775_White_BOX_Choice!

This time, you can also get a free CSR card here by joining choice information group. This event will end 1/18. It's easy and fun (and you might meet some new friends along the way)! Go CSR-ing today!

Riot's the new friend.
Riot's the new friend I met along the way!!

weekend fever

After weeks and weeks of overloaded red and green stuffs, here are some pretty yellow things for you!!!

weekend fever
Hair: Wot? - Hair 014 {gueros}
Dress: * Donna Flora * ISIDE yellow

weekend fever

50L Friday will be on for three days this week!! And here are some of the goodies you shouldn't miss:

50L Friday
From left to right:
Skin: Idiosyncrasy Xmas 09 Gift (0L, thanks Linda!)
Outfit (including hathair and shoes): *Kookie* 50L friday outfit! (50L)

Hair: fri. - Winter.Jennifer - 24.7 Pack (50L)
Skin: (*FS*) Skin / Maya Pale Prototype -Glamour (1L to join group and get it here)
Outfit: *Fishy Strawberry* FLF Christmas for women (50L)
Bag: (Milk Motion) My fabric bag *milkmotion* (50L)

Skin: (*FS*) Skin / Maya Pale Prototype-Natural (1L to join group and get it here)
Skirt: {SMS} Rose Highwaist Skirt Orange-Blue FLF 21 (50L)

Tuli group has given out a nice skin pack that includes 7 skintones with 3 brows options each. 250L to join Tuli Group and check notices.

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 2/bl) dec VIP gift (7 tones included, 250L to join Tuli Group and check notices)

New gacha shoes @ 50 Flats mainstore, 55L per play/ shoes are trans.

New @ 50 flats
Shoes: 50 flats - Boat shoes-bold (55L per play/shoes are trans)

New @ 50 flats
Shoes: 50 flats - Boat shoes-pastel(55L per play/shoes are trans)

I've also set up a new 10 min lucky board at the mainstore. Remember to also get the free christmas shoes in the giftbox too!! Have fun!!

50 flats lucky board
Shoes: 50 flats - Boat shoes cucumber salad (10 mins lucky board)

Merry Christmas!

And so I'm offering this simple phrase,
to kids from one to ninety-two,
although it's been said many times, many ways,
Merry Christmas to you.



Veschi has always been one of my favorite stores since I was new in SL and now Alla has come back with some great new stuff, and there are some Christmas presents for you in the subscribo too. Stop by there today!

Coat: Veschi: No Strings Attached - Dark Brown
Veschi: Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma - Gold (Shoulder) Citrus

Top: Veschi: Bourgewhat? Solids blue
Veschi: Partially Parallel Leggings dark beige/navy

Coat:Veschi: No Strings Attached Gift (subscribo gift)
Shorts: Veschi: 1980something gift
(subscribo gift)
Tights: Veschi: Leggings and Tights gift (subscribo gift)

CP Winter Sale

You can miss any other sale but this, because the Creator Pavillion Sale kinda gather all the good stuff at a low price together. Sale ends 1/12. No worries you still have tons of time. It's also a good time for you to get your hands on some Aoharu stuff (coat + scarf = 200L) Here are some of the things I got:

Winter Sale
Outfit: tomoto, comme un garcon set A (100L)
Outfit: tomoto, comme un garcon set B (100L)

Winter Sale
Outfit: tomoto, pas fillette - deux (225L)

Winter Sale
Hat: Sculpted Santa Hat by [Buried] (1L)
Top: Meriken Co. "HOOD" Burgundy (160L)
Skirt: barbee. Long Skirt "AKE" black (75L)
Shoes: *ordinary* -Tarsius- CP Limited edition (400L)

Winter Sale
Piano: ::: Libber's Antiqe Toy Piano Xmas sp ::: (160L)

Winter Sale
Chair: *BR Winter Noodle Chair (1L)

Have fun shopping!

Drowsy sim, one of my favorite place in SL is having this winter fair kinda thing where you can get seasonal knick knacks, new releases and some dollarbie stuff. The tees and scarf are imo unisex, so guys get them too!!! (not all shown below)

tees: "Drowsy" 3color tee (1L each)

tees: "Drowsy" Gloves tee (1L each)

tee: "Drowsy" Gloves tee - black (1L)
scarf: *KUROTSUBAKI* 8iro_stall (1L)
skin: BP*winter skin/***underwear***/2009-12

Cute new vest and outfits from Beetlebones!! You can find this at the Creator Pavillion's sale!! (btw awesome awesome event you have to go with tons of cheap stuff, which I will blog these two days, hopefully.)

Vests: bb**Mini Furves
Outfits: bb**Preppy Carly

And also new cute stuff from Drown!!! Stop by the store today!

Dress: .:*Drown*:. Grey Winter
Dress: .:*Drown*:. The Hunt ~ Grey

As christmas is near, tons of group gifts that you can get, and it's such a long list, I will probably list the things here sans the pictures:

Barbee (subscribo gift) -> Poncho and skirt
Courtisane (subscribo gift) -> Booties
Elate! (subscribo gift) -> Christmas stuff
G* Field (subscribo gift) -> Gown and shoes
Gbberish (Join Talking Gbberish Group and get it here) -> booties
Malt Fashions (subscribo gift) -> Outfit
Muism (Join -Muism- group and check notices) -> Jacket
Nardcotix (subscribo gift) -> Heels
Ohmai (subscribo gift) -> Tops
Pididdle (subscribo gift) -> Fun stuff/necklace
Scribble (Join I heart starlust group and check notices) -> text changeable tag
Surf Co. (subscribo gift) -> Slippers
This is a fawn (subscribo git) -> Dress
Truth (subscribo gift) -> Messenger bags
Uncleweb (Join ;;;;Uncleweb Studio;;;; Group and check notices) -> hair
Veschi (subscribo gift) -> Coat

Have fun!!

Here's another pair of free crappy shoes from 50 flats to thank you all for the great year! It's in the little green box with red bow near the gacha machines in mainstore.

Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Drama (coming soon at DU3)
Hat: * Deviance * - Santa Hats (0L, buy shopping bag)
Hoodie: Meriken Co. Hood jacket GREEN (0L, buy sack)
Shoes: 50 flats - Boat shoes Christmas (0L, buy giftbox)

There's also a pair of pink snowflake flats for free in the Winterville Bazaar (from now till 1/2/10) , 7L each for other colors. Everything in Winterville Bazaar is 15L and under and are all trans!! Stop by today!!

50 flats- Winterville Bazaar
Flats: 50 Flats at Winterville Bazaar (7L each/trans, pink is free.)

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