Happy V day

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! Hope it's a great one!! To show you all how much we love you, Vent is giving away the couple pose in the picture for free! And to top this all with some whipped cream and a bright red cherry, I am giving away three pair of flats (yes, I have opened up a flats only shoe store). You can get the pose and the shoes at a temporary location, here.

50 flats
Free Shoes!!

Happy Valentine's Day, I love you all!

Some gifts from groups and the greatest love hunt to be grabbed!

greatest love
On Vent: Greatest Love Hunt #52:*EROS* Armand Red/Gold (Thanks Takeshi!!)
Pose: VPoses_GR_04 (105L,New at VPoses)

From Left to Right:
Hair:+*gl*+moonlight+platinum+*pareja (Join Glitter Hair group and check notices)
Hair: (VW) Fashion Pop - Pink (Subscribo gift)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Spring is near, and Shiki Designs has released some new casual suits with vibrant colors to their spring line. The blazer has a open and close option, and the shirt has a long and rolled up sleeve option.TP to the store today to have a look!

Suit: SHIKI-casual suit TAN
Shirt: SHIKI-shirt PASSION

There are also some new gifts for the group members in store too, check them out today! Happy Shopping!

Starlust hunt!

Here are some of the stuff (out of so many that you can grab) from the Starlust hunt! You have to start off by getting a hud, here and find 14 shattered heart pieces to start collecting the tons of goodies! VPoses is participating and is giving away two couple poses too (one of the poses shown at the sidebar)!

Starlust hunt
From Left to Right:
Hair: PUDGE: 1960's variety show
Outfit: Pig - FASHION Mysanthropic Variety Show Dancer

Hair: ::Inorite:: Valentine ~ Caramel, Caramel
Outfit: *Thimbles* Bondage Barbie Dance Party

Hair: BP*'s Starlust Valentine Hair! Black
Outfit: {SMS} Flower Babydoll Dress Purple

I am reopening my subscribo for today only (help on all recent hunts including this one, check subscribo history), there are still around 200 spots left till I close the group, hurry down here to join if you are interested!

There are two cute dresses from Alchemy and eLDee to be grabbed!

Alchemy and Eldee
From Left to Right:
Dress: *Alchemy* Lovestruck (February 09 subscribo gift)
Dress: ::eLDee:: Kali (1L, for a limited time only)

Then grab these two freebie tops from Calmera.

From Left to Right:
Tops: *Calmera* God T (0L)
Tops: *Calmera* Love power T (0L)

And Artilleri has a subscribo group now, to welcome you to the group, you get a gift when you join! The gift includes the glasses and the cardigan shown in the picture:

Glasses: /artilleri/ gladys glasses (subscribo welcome gift)
Top: /artilleri/ Marion cardigan (subscribo welcome gift)

Have a great day!

Here are some skins, hair and random stuff that you should check out.

imagen skin
Hair: W&Y yuki HAIR 73 (0L)
Skin: (IS) Lia (1L each)
Top: &Bean - Northern Lights penk (0L)

42 skin
Hair: W&Y yuki HAIR 73 TEX (0L)
Skin: [42] [Filth] (0L)

Skin: amplify * 2 faced skin (10 mins lucky chair)
Outfit: KWZ Omaga Female Steel (1L, could be worn as a gown, get it asap as it might go back to the usual price of 500L, thanks Shinoo!)
Heart: Broken Heart @ XD Fusion (0L)

Have fun!!!

Cupcakes hunt!

Cupcakes has a valentine hunt which will last through 2/14, 12 gift boxes to be found, I am not passing out and notes as this is a very short and easy hunt, so do it yourself. p/s If you really really need help, you could IM me. These are the things that you could find from the gift boxes.

cupcake 1-2


cupcakes 7-10

Take a break from the grid wide and try out this short and sweet hunt! Have fun!

Group gifts!

Here are some group gifts you might want to check out!

hair: !lamb. Breeze - Chewed Bubble Gum (Join lamb group and check notices)

mayden couture
Outfit+ Skin: *Mayden couture* - GIFT (1L, Join **::MAYDEN COUTURE::**-Main Group and ge it here)

Shoes: (P-K) Satin Gladiators (1L to join Polina Kaestner Creations and check notices)

Have a great day!

Here are some nice tops/dress/outfits under 100L that you might want to grab. Runo-runo has put out a cute/chic/sexy overall outfit in store. For merely 50L, this detailed sculpted simple outfit is a steal!

Overall: ~*RunoRuno*~ Odd Overall (50L)

If you haven't heard of &bean, you should head over to the store and grab some of these great designs (previous collection) at a 50 percent discount.

&bean 1
Hair: {fascino} Cocco AshBrown (50L)
From Left to Right:
Top: &Bean - Occasional Wednesday (75L)
Top: &Bean - Plaaaids! (100L, with sleeve and jacket option)
Top: &Bean - Ah Shush I know it's a Heart! (70L)

Hair: {fascino} Dio Gray (50L)
From Left to Right:
Dress: &Bean - Flutter my Butter Green (85L)
Skirt: &Bean - Dimple Butt (75L)

Happy shopping!

Have you gotten all the hunt gifties? If not here are some stuff that you should grab!! Also check out the deals which are not from the hunt!

dresses and bags
From Left to Right:
Dress: GLBOX # 97: On The Catwalk - Couture Ruffle Dress - Mauve
Dress: GLBOX # 86: !Modern Gypsy! Velma Dress
Dress: Kiss 87: *SL* Shartattack Mini Pink Valentine Days Special

more hunt gifts
From Left to Right:
Bag: .::FabulouS::.Record Bag:)) (1L)
Outfit: Kiss 92: Pastas-Valentines

Bag: Kiss 111: [SG*] Love Case
Outfit: GLBOX # 24: MP Patchwork ~ Greatest Love

Top: MichaMi: Laila Sheer Shirt in Pink (subscribo gift, till 2/15)

hunt gifts and more
From Left to Right:
Outfit: GLBOX # 10: .: Naive :. Love me Forever

Top: *starshine* Blue & Plaid T-Shirt (20L, there's also a cute freebie top in store)
*starshine* Tube Socks - Blue with White Stripes (10L)

Outfit: Kiss 9: [T.P]-Valen

Dress: Valentine's special by Mashooka Designs (0L)

Also, Fascino has a 50L everything (including new hair) sale, go grab it before it ends (I don't know when though)! Have fun!

Some stuff to be grabbed from the hunts and also from a couple of lucky chairs!

Free stuff here and there
From Left to Right:
Dress: Kiss 37: On The Catwalk - Feather Dress
Dress: ~ENGLISH ELEMENT~ SOPHISTICATED SWEATER DRESS (lucky chair, changes every 30 mins)
Suit: Kiss 43: (PixelLounge) Linen Suit Set

Overall: [Pink] The Builder Jumpsuit - black (50L)
Yellow Bike: -KM-POCO custom mini (lucky chair, changes every 5 minutes)
Pink Scooter:-KM- CHOI (lucky chair, changes every 5/10 minutes)

Bed: Kiss 83: DAHaus-Vday round bed

Have a great sunday!

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