Kinda lazy to post, so just follow the lm and the instructions to get the goodies!! Thanks Linda for her information!!

Snapshot.jpg_002 copy
From left to right:
Dress: .::HH::. JUMPER SKIRT [CHECK] (Join .:: HONEY-HONEY ::. Group and get it here)
Bag and Shoes: [BC] Red Shoes and Bag (0L)

Dress and Bag: .::HH::. 3SET [FRUIT/O] (Join .:: HONEY-HONEY ::. Group and get it here)

Snapshot.jpg_003 copy
From left to right:
Top: /AXEL/ Dollarbie- Junebuggy Sweater- Purple(1L)
Shoes: [BC] sculpted shoe BLACK (0L)

Top: .::HH::. SWEATER [BLACK] (0L)
Shoes: RuPaul Stiletto Brittany Gift (0L)

Have a great night!!!

This post is all about boots (well, only two pairs, but they are awesome!) and best thing about them are they are free from Royal Blue and Coquette!

From Left to Right:
Boots: (Royal Blue) Lucky Chair Royal Boots (limited edition, 10 minutes lucky chair)
Boots: [Coquette.] OTK Boots - VDay (subscribo gift, comes with outfit too)

Also, there's a hair hunt at KMADD if you haven't already know, join the kMADd Enterprise to get today's hunt token here (click on the exclamation mark) and send token back to claim the prize. Once you have found no copy hair token, place it in the folder named: ! FREE Hair ~ ___________ (Avatar name) and send it to Maddox DuPont.

Last but not least, for those of you who haven't grabbed the freebies in Vent's store, there are actually 5 freebies in store for a limited time only. Just check 000L under the barcode.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Two gift tops from Cupcakes Update Group and Trey Dope Group. It's 250L to join Cupcakes Update Group, however it's really worth the price for all the gifts that you get!

From Left to Right:
Top: *CUPCAKES - Flared Top - Gold 1 (250L, Join Cupcakes Group and check notices)
Top: *DPS Uniiq Marine (Join tReY dOpE group and get it here)

And also, join [ADEN] Update group and check notices to get this hair!

Hair: Aden: Lara- Brown (join [ADEN] Update group and check notices )

That's it for now! Have a great day!

Revealed Finally!

Open Now

Here. Keep an eye for barcode 000L around the store, for those are the freebies for limited time only!


If you haven't heard about it yet, Eldee has a sale! All things are below 100L, and here are some of the things that you can get.

From Left to Right:
Dress: ::eLDee:: Dulce yellow (55L)
Top: ::eLDee:: Green knit top w/ red wide belt (10L)
Outfit: ::eLDee:: Kiki 4 -yellow/blue (55L)

Get there and have a look today!

There haven't been much freebie circulating around after new year. However, I heard there's a big hunt coming up again, so get enough rest and get ready for the next invasion of inventory!

Here are something from Alchemy and M'z that you might like to pick up today:

From Left to Right:
Outfit: *Alchemy* Invierno (subscribo gift)

Boots: M'z winterboots long pink (lucky chair, changes every 10 mins)

Have a great night!! and keep warm!!

A new shape.

Update: Try this shape with the lionskin from POE hunt, and it looks kinda similar to Angelina:


And this shape also work with Belleza, Beauty Avatar and a couple other skin well too! Hurry before the 350L price is gone!

This shape is inspired by Angelina Jolie (well it depends on the skin still) and I will put it up for sale here at a price of 350L for one day only (usual price will be 450/no mod or 600/mod). This shape is pretty versatile and is probably meatier than the previous Twiggy shape, so grab the demo and try it out!


Twiggy shape will return to the usual price of 450/no mod and 600/mod by tommorow, so hurry if you are interested in getting one!

A-BOMB has just released some sweaters with 8 yummilicious colors, and the best thing is that they are all for 10L till this Sunday (regular price 50L)! And to top all the goodness off, the gray sweater is only 1L! Get them now! Here are some of the colors shown:

From Left to Right:
Sweater: A-Bomb Wonderland Sweater - Cyan (10L)
A-Bomb Wonderland Sweater - Dk Blue (10L)
A-Bomb Wonderland Sweater - Peach (10L)
A-Bomb Wonderland Sweater - Gray (1L)

Thanks Addison for dropping me the copies!

Group gifts!

Join SHIKI Designs Group and get these gifts here! Also, join Kookie Group and get a free pair of muggys here by activating the tag, don't know if it will be there for long, so grab it soon!

On Ding:
Top: SHIKI-orange hoodie WOMEN (Join
SHIKI Designs Group and get it here)
Shoes: *Kookie* Muggy Cupcake Freebies (Join
Kookie Group and touch board here)

On Vent:

Jacket: SHIKI-hoodie vest in black for MEN (Join
SHIKI Designs Group and get it here)

On Ding:
Dress:SHIKI-Black winter dress (Join SHIKI Designs Group and get it here)

On Vent:

Top: SHIKI-argyle sweater dollar sign (Join
SHIKI Designs Group and get it here)

That's it for now, have fun! p/s Thanks Linda for the info on Shiki!

dresses and hair!

Some free dresses at Tart to be grabbed and also a dollarbie hair to grab at Inorite, a new hair store, check out the other hair, they are pretty cute too!

From Left to Right:
Dress: T..a..R..t school girl (0L)

Hair: ::Inorite:: Isis PhatPack (1L)
Dress: T..a..R..t polka dot (0L)
Dress: T..a..R..t autumn (0L)
Dress: T..a..R..t babydoll (0L)

Get them now and have a great evening!

There's a new place call Cyanide where they offer various kind of shapes (and also piercings) for a very reasonable price. And the best part is, there's a lucky chair that changes every 10mins with various shapes in it, a camping chair of 30mins for piercings and some dollarbie shapes for both men and women!

Shape: Cyanide: Ivy (lucky chair)
Shape: Cyanide: Eve(lucky chair)

Shape: Cyanide: Tahloulah Freebie Shape(1L)
Cyanide Piercings - Anthrax(camp 30min)

Have a great monday! p/s Thanks Samsara for the info and Ivy for the items!


I've been trying out to make a shape that looks like Twiggy, the mod icon, and this is the closest the best that I can do, with my skills now. I decided to put it up for sale at an introductory price of 350L for 3 days ,here. The shape is no mod/copy/no trans. Here's a close up and comparison of the face:

twiggy comparison
Hair: Gritty Kitty: BLONDE Hathair
Lashes: MMS-Photoshoot II Lashes
Skin: MMS-LondonPale-makeup3a
Eyes: pc eyes by LL - night rain

Go have a look now!

Skins and stuff.

There's a set of free Meredith Skins from Tuli which is named post party (with kinda smudged liner and all), it will be free for grab throughout the month, it's very pretty so head down some time and grab a copy!

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Meredith post party all tones (0L)

395L for this 6 piece outfit might not sound cheap, but if you buy these DP yumyum pieces separately, it will cost you 990L. Hurry down here and get this outfit from the DP yumyum lucky bag now, this offer will probably end real soon (maybe tonight)!

Dp yumyum
Outfit: **DP**yumyum:lucky bag 2009 (395L)

Have a great sunday!

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