Even in SL. You need a phone. But I know you probably don't know where to get it. Ding has a Decoden (a Japanese Handphone) that she got from Hotel Swan that lets her make all these silly gestures when she's on the phone.

I found a free phone today in The Telus Store which is almost similar (well, okay not VERY similar, it's a basic phone after all) to the one Ding has. This store specializes in selling handphones that you find in RL. Yes, the Motorola Razr (or other phones, but mostly Motorola) that you are using everyday! For merely 200L or 300L for some more advanced ones, you can get a phone that allows you to have a funner way to show that you're busy, either in RL or in SL.

Telus Phone
Phones for your SL@The Telus Store

Let's get back to the free phone. Of course it's not as swanky as the ones that you pay for, the one that you get here is a basic phone. When you are at the landing point, you can find a freebie bag right at the counter. The bag consists of three tee shirts and two phones and they are 'functional phones' that are loaded with AOs (Read the notecard that comes in the goodie bag for more information). Here are some pictures of me (in the tees from the freebie bag) showing you how it works

Telus Phone
Top: Telus: Bunny Shirt

Telus Phone
Top: Telus: Disco Bird Shirt

Telus Phone
Top: Telus: Pink Bird Shirt

The Telus Store also sells PDAs for those who are juggling lots of time between RL and SL. (Suri, you might need that :P) Just stop by this place and get the phone, you know you need it, even though this is SL!

Hunts Hunts Hunts

There's a couple of hunts going on around, there's one in HOH , then a Voodoo hunt, and a couple more to check out. However, I am kinda busy this week, so instead of giving you all the coords for ALL the hunt, I will only be giving out coords for the Voodoo hunt (those that Lanai found, more to be found) and the Rfyre hunt.

What you are looking for at the Voodoo Hunt are little voodoo dolls located all around the place. I don't know how many are there, there are around 22 on my list (I believe there are LOTS more), and most of them are dollarbies. Here are the coordinates, not according to order, and incomplete:

1 125/128/22
2 128/140/22
3 132/163/21
4 118/102/22
5 172/162/26 (2 in here:1 on the chair and 1 on the table )
6 70/102/22
7 80/112/25
8 70/136/22
9 90/151/24
10 104/181/24
11 130/191/26
12 158/183/26
13 190/144/26
14 188/158/26
15 155/126/21
16 140/136/21
17 107/119/21
18 91/138/22
19 151/177/27
20 87/119/21
21 131/61/24

The other hunt that is on is at RFYRE where you have to find all 7 chests to complete the whole gothic lolita outfit. Here is Ephemeral in the lovely dress:


And the Coordinates are as below:
#1 89/110/37
#2 98/164/61
#3 92/106/21
#4 5/132/27
#5 127/82/83
#6 99/55/37
#7 57/131/69

If you happen to find something more than what you have above for the voodoo hunt, don't hesitate to send me a notecard or IM me and I can share with everyone!! Thanks and Have Fun!

Thanks to Gertie Packbiers, there is a dollarbie Pirate Hunt at Cassiopeia Isle, there are 12 summer dresses, two version of dresses in various colors, for a Linden each to be found. What you are looking for a certificates look alike with the picture of the dress that you are getting.The Coordinates are as below.

#1 195/22/82
#2 230/32/82
#3 243/38/72
#4 233/31/63
#5 196/32/63
#6 243/42/53
#7 196/15/44
#8 246/41/44
#9 214/1/34
#10 245/47/23
#11 231/27/23 (under table)
#12 247/24/23 (man's back)


If you are not interested in the hunt, there's more dollarbie which are summerish outfits around the place. There are lots more that you can get there, so go check out yourself.


Last but not least check the Vain Group Notices to get this dress:

Outfit:HL Fashion Design Diana (Gift from Vain Group)

So Far Away

There's a couple of places that I wanted to feature before this (like the 3D Starry Night and Ueno Shinrei hospital), when I tried to tp there, to my utmost horror, they were GONE. Yes, you missed out a lot, but that's okay, because what I am going to feature here is another breathtaking place in SL that you might not want to miss - The Far Away.

What's so special about The Far Away is that this project is put together by Heifer International, which is a nonprofit charitable organization based in little rock, Arkansas dedicated to relieving global hunger and poverty. It provides gifts of and plants, as well as education in sustainable agriculture, to financially-disadvantaged families around the world.To read more, go here. To help donate to this charity, you can always donate by buying a plot of field, a boat or a vehicle, ranging from 1000L to 3000L from AM Radio, if you want to donate straight away, you can go to this site and choose the amount that you want to donate.

Anyway, Ding and me decided to check out The Far Away and we loved it! It's like a wheat field version of the Chou Chou sim (Ding posted here), very pretty, artsy and serene. Reminds me of those places where you will pass by when you go for a roadtrip.

Far Away

Far Away

Far Away

Here is a short clip on The Faraway to let you get hold of the overall atmosphere of the sim.

When you are bored of being glamorous in SL, change into your peasants clothes and try walking around in the down to earth place, The Far Away.

Here are the freebies and dollarbies of the day:

free style
From Left to Right:
Hair: Magika Hair@Hair Fair - Dream - Platinum Blonde
Dress:(Kunglers) Floral dress- Free item 2508
Shoes:*FUEL*@freestyle hunt: Blueberry Bambee Wedge (222/135/21, under mushroom)
Hair:Magika Hair @Hair Fair- Flow II - Maroon
Dress:(Elate!)@freestyle hunt: Mae White(1L, 147/58/28, on top of door arch)

Lucky Chair!

There are a couple of noteworthy lucky chair these days, and I am kind of lucky to get these gifts. The Dolly Butterfly hair from the lucky chair at the main store comes in a pack of 6 colors and the ribbon is color changeable! If you like this style in a bob, it is available(come in a pack of 5 colors) at the Feather Hunt at Hotel Swan which is ending this Sunday.

Naughty Girl
Hair: Lucky Chair@69 MainStore: ::69:: Butterfly DOLLY Hair -Platinum
Skin: MinaJunk for CSR: Minajunk cry skin CSR2008 (click here to learn how to get it)
Top: Tres Blah: Tres Blah Thermals-White (1L, also available at Gnubie Store)
Bubble Seat: Lucky Chair@HPMD: HPMD* Bubble Chair 3

The Bubble Chair by Happy Mood comes in a pack of 6 with different poses and is copyable, and it's definitely worth a try (or wait) to get these adorable bubble chairs.

I went to the hair fair the other day and out of all the freebie and dollarbie bags I got, I like the tees from the bag given by CRUSH FACTORY the most.

Tops: Crush Factory @ Hair Fair: Porn Happens, Strippers, That Guy (1L part of the CF gift bag)

A little tutorial for those of you that haven't know: Showing invisible objects.


If you look at the picture of me on the left above, you can see the AV that you usually see. However when you type CTRL+ALT+T, reddish area will be shown, and those the invisible objects that you can't usually see. The picture on the right, is a picture where invisible objects are shown, and you can see that I have facelights on. That explains why sometimes the avatar rendering cost shown is high even when you are naked, because there are still invisible objects attached to you!

That's it for today, have a great day!

Freebies Update.

Ephemeral passed me the coords for Rebel Hope this morning, but I woke up late and the hunt ended (tragic music background). Anyway, to make things up, here's the freebie update:

From Left to Right:
Dress: MFg Dress001 (Black dress with white dots), 0L
Dress: -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- :lapin bleu 2-2008 (Join Umi Usagi VIP Group to get)

From Left to Right:
Top:*UnToneQuilt*:Duck brown sweatshirt
Top:::DutchTouch:::Strapless Top (subscribe-o-matic gift)
Bottom:*UnToneQuilt*: Check pants

Swimsuit: Pig - Sheila Swimsuit in Mermaid Color (Join I [heart sign] Starlust Group and check notices)

Ding told me that Suri Christen from FreeSecond told her that there's a charity event going on at Monogram Tria Convention Center.

Directly from FreeSecond:

"Monogram Virtua Sponsors the
Operation Kid Equip Fundraiser in the Virtual World! The charity's mission is to provide economically disadvantaged children with the basic educational supplies needed to be successful in school.
Operation: Kid Equip, is a project of Congressional District Programs, Inc A registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Tax ID #: 65-0970090

I have a booth set up amongst others as well in the convention center. 15% of the profit will go to Operation Kid Equip Fundraiser. Search for this avatar: OKE Pick for more details!"

I think it's worth your time to go there for two reasons: firstly, this is for charity, and secondly, you can get some really neat stuff like the Polaroid Hanger for a Linden (there's a retail version with captions for 80L):


and the Lounge set for 10L:


..And a couple more cool furnitures ( not to forget the toilet that you can get there.) These won't cost you much, take a break from hair fair and donate some Linden here!

Hunt at ReCube!

Thanks to Cerrie Jenus from Fashion Ascension, she informed me (and gave me a sheet of tips) about a hunt in a Japanese sim which has goodies from MIU, Swallowtail, Waka and Yuki, Candy Nail and etc up for grab. You are looking for star shapes around the sim and there are 17 to be found altogether. The hunt will end 9/1 Japanese time, so there are still tons of time for you to get it. Here are the coords (copied from the notecard):

The Landing Point is here.
And there is a map with how many Stars in each section.

6 in the Diner
1 - Up in the Tree: 93/70/28
2 - Under Booth: 47/53/26
3- On Top Shelf: 73/60/24
4 - In Cooking Pot on stove: 69/65/24
5 - Under Chair in Conference Room: 47/48/34
6- Under the Deck: 41/39/24

3 in the Main Courtyard area
7- In Shop in Back Room : 98/159/23
8 - In Pond Under water: 130/184/19 (temporarily missing)
9 - Under Stairs, Stuck to the bottom: 194/181/28

4 in Back House/Building
10 - Under the House: 158/248/54
11 - In Zen Garden: 134/248/54
12 - In Corner near boxes: 146/230/37
13 - In Open Room: 109/234/37

4 in the open land to the left of stadium
14 - In Bushes: 2/200/21
15 - Between the Rocks: 14/122/22
16 - Under bridge: 128/133/24
17 - under bridge: 167/172/24

These are those goodies you can get in the stars:




Not shown:
#8: an ice cube where you can pose in it.
#11: A very cute hair pin by FukuNeko
#13: a skipping animation by BodyLanguage

I promise!

One last one and I shall call it a day. Ephemeral told me that there's a hunt at Awesome Designs Mainstore and at the same time she gave me the cheatlist (Thanks Ephemeral!). There are 20 gift boxes to be found and here are the coordinates. Take your time, it's only ending this week.

1 - 113/157/24
2 - 93/172/29
3 - 95/187/39
4 - 154/178/28
5 - 154/207/25
6- 47/196/25 - behind lucky chair
7 - 48/139/40 - ceiling
8 - 83/109/40
9- 46/74/42
10 - 136/93/24 - under the couch
11 - 128/139/24
12 - 178/153/24
13 - 164/114/24
14 - 213/123/22
15 - 131/116/24
16 - 78/115/23
17 - 126/189/38
18 - 52/189/30
19 - 126/74/42
20 - 102/89/25

Btw, thanks for the support! Vent and me need it, badly!

[UPDATE] Venturino got the coordinates! What you are looking for in this hunts are very obvious 1000L notes which all over the place, there are 5 in the free speerit store (from what I heard) and a lot more of them are around or in the Free Style building itself. You can also find some in the stores nearby. I don't know how many notes there are out there, and how many I am lacking ( I believe there should be lots more) but here is what I have. It's a fairly easy hunt, however, here are the coords just in case you need them.

Skin/Whitney (FS Make UP) 201/54/24
Skin/Ashlee (FS Make UP) 212/10/27
Skin/Sara (FS Make UP) 231/96/34
Skin/Eleanie (FS Make UP) 202/17/23
Skin/Desidelia (FS Make UP)139/41/28

MudHoney Designs #2 70/11/22
MudHoney Designs #1 62/18/22

Linden Dollar> Pididdle< 109/18/22
she knows! 223/152/42
Silly stuffs 215/155/39
Blessed Reverie 218/162/39
Klaw scripted 222/165/39
Panda skin/shape 205/154/23
::Tuli:: Elizabeth (the same one from the strawberry hunt) 231/159/23 (under the table)
Cheri's winter tree 218/178/25
Klaw scripted 216/176/31
woozy day by chery pye 218/169/31
Erin shape 205/167/31
Guerilla Gear (Girl) 206/155/31
Pat Myass - 217/154/31
Guerilla Gear(Guys) Refuse T 219/151/32
*AD* Timeless Fantasy 219/165/31
Elise shape 230/163/31

205/154/31 and 204/173/23 --> something's wrong with these notes, but it will be updated soon according to freestyle.

There is a hunt over at Free style sim. And I AM SO GOING TO DO IT!! You just sit back and wait for the coordinates. (I don't mind you giving me but take note of this : I WILL POST THE COORDINATES.) And oh, spread the word and share the love.


This post has nothing to do with my blog partner, Venturino.

Venturino and I had learned a couple of things throughout the week about SL.

1. Some people just don't like their picture to be shown randomly (even without showing their faces, or being blurred out)

2. Some people really do love hunt so much that they hate hunt coordinates and since I spoil these people's fun, they spoil EVERYONE'S fun by stopping the hunt.

Let me tell you what I personally think regarding these issues (This is me, DING speaking and I am risking myself of getting boycott and banned and doomed to be in the Dlist forever and worse come to worse, I will have to leave this blog and SL for good):

I don't think it's wrong to post pictures without faces or with blurry faces. It is not like you are some hotshot in SL (even if you are, you are totally not recognizable in these pics, HELLO?) and will get stalked or talk about because of this. Furthermore, there are totally no name or info of anykind that anyone can track you down with. SO WHAT IF THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN?? Were you naked?? Did I call you names?? Did I call you 'oh the girl who is nearly naked and still has XXX prims and its YOU WHO CONTRIBUTE TO THE LAG' ? NO! I didn't do any of that. Why do you have to take this so seriously? This is second life, have fun with it. Or do you mind if I ask: Are you acting so seriously in second life because you don't have a real life??

Now, on the hunt issue:
I post the coordinates on this blog, because I personally think that people need help on hunts, and the easiest way to help out and share the good things is to directly show people where they are. Coordinates list are like a walkthrough for video games. I understand if the point of the hunt is to drive people to the place to go around, I believe that as long as people are there for your hunt, they will spend some time to explore the place that you are featuring (for example the strawberry cafe). I have gotten hate IMs since the trash and treasure hunt saying that people like me spoil their fun. Apparently I did, and due to the strawberry hunt post, the owners cut short the hunt because they feel that people will just grab the gift and go. If you really enjoy the hunt, you can always ignore the 'cheatlist'. I apologize here because I feel I am responsible for the shorten of the hunt. There is one thing that you should know, even if you can shut my mouth, you can't shut other's mouth. There are still people out there going to post coordinates through any means they can (and there is indeed somewhere else that you can get the coords for the strawberry hunt!). I am not the only one trying to do this in SL, there are thousands out there doing the same thing that I did. SO TAKE THAT!!

I say sorry if I offended anyone, if you think Venturino and I should keep posting coordinates and hunts, please leave comments; if you don't, please post too, but I don't want to listen to all those 'I love hunts, don't spoil my fun' shit. At the meantime, Ding will be on hiatus till further notice. ( I will find someone to takeover my place.)

Have a great day.

p/s Digit Darkes secret 100L item for the week is the Grey Affair slip dress. You just have to get it before it is gone by midnight. FYI, the 1L item is a pair of black MaryJanes at the shoes section.

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