At Concrete Flowers and Kosh (stores are side by side), you can find some interesting dollarbies and cute freebies for everyone.

Concrete flowers
Outfit: CONCRETE FLOWERS- Ice Creamed Man Set

Kosh, Concrete flowers

concrete flowers
Top on Vent: CONCRETE FLOWERS- Free! Swag Shirt

Have a wonderful weekend!

Intrigue and co

If you love sesame street and other cartoon/game characters, and you love hoodies, you should check out Intrigue and co. There is a lucky chair with a couple of different gifts to grab and there's also an opening gift for you! If lucky chair doesn't work for you, everything in the store is 50 and under, it's very affordable for cute hoodies like these!!

Intrigue & Co
Hoodie: Intrigue Co. Just Fishin' Heart Hoodie (Opening Gift)
Hoodie: Intrigue Co. Cookie Monster Hoodie (Lucky Chair)

Intrigue & Co
Top: Intrigue Co. Panda Shirt (Lucky Chair)
Top: Intrigue Co. Cryin' Over Spilled Milk Shirt (Lucky Chair)

Intrigue & Co
Hoodie: Intrigue Co. Grover Hoodie (Lucky Chair)
Hoodie: Intrigue Co. Bert Hoodie (Lucky Chair)

New at 50 Flats!

50 Flats is now available on XStreet! I've put out two different sets (4 pairs each) of shoes on Xstreet and mainstore for 50L each. Go grab them now!

50 flats- summer in store
50 Flats @ Xstreet: 50 flats- summer I (50L)

50 flats- summer @ xstreet
50 Flats @Mainstore: 50 flats- summer II (50L)

Neat stuff for you

Edelweiss has put up a lucky board that gives away a really neat 'school style' swimsuit for the members!! Join *Edelweiss* Update Group to click on the lucky board. The board changes every 5 minutes, and if you don't like to wait for the board, you can also get it now through the 10th at a discounted price!

edelweiss, school swim
swimsuit and props: *Edelweiss* School Swim (Join Edelweiss Update Group for 5 minutes lucky board)

Also get the latest COCO group gift and an opening gift from Sugarcube.

nice stuff
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - chopsticks holder dress (0L)
Top with scarf: *COCO*_Gift_FloralTankTop-withScarf (Join *COCO* Update Group and get it here)

Need flowery, hawaiian inspired top for a seaside vacation? Shiki has them all! With 11 designs to choose from, I'm sure you will find the perfect one that fits you nicely!!

Shiki Floral Shirt
(Click image for larger view)
From Left to Right:
Shirt: SHIKI-Aloha Shirt Ocean Surf
Shirt: SHIKI-Aloha Shirt Flowers
Shirt: SHIKI-Aloha Shirt Vanilla Tropics

Visit Shiki now!!

Stuff for today!

Some casual stuff, dresses and new releases from Wigwambam.

From Left to Right:
Top: ::SC - Campaign halter - green (subscribo gift, comes in a box with other colors)
Jacket: ::C'est la vie !:: groupgift border knit cardigan (Join C'est la vie group and get it here)
Bottom: *AVANTMELON* Flower Shorts *maroon* (0L)

Top: ::SUGARCUBE - milky Ribbon tank (1L)
Necklace: ::MEZZO::
@ DreamsMall: Lucky:: Square longnecklacelace (1DM Points, lucky chair)
Bag: *MIU*@ DreamsMall totebag (1DM Points, lucky chair)
Shorts: ::SUGARCUBE - pink dot Jean shorts

From Left to Right:
Dress: a piece of candy cathy olive (subscribo gift)
Dress:-azul- @ DreamsMall: GIFT WH babydoll
(1DM Points, lucky chair)

Pants: Wigwambam: Jean Cherry (100L, other colors available too)
From Left to Right:
Wigwambam: Pied de Poule Jacket (100L)
Top: Wigwambam: Gessato Jacket (100L)

Skins and Emery!!

Skins and dresses again!!

Dress: Emery Gift - Dress Rock&Glam #8 (0L)
Dress: Emery Gift - Dress Rock&Glam #4 V2 (0L)

From Left to Right:

Skin: FS Skin - Kimberly Tan-Pop (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] FREE Kalista base skins (0L)
Skin: =Hal*Hina= LB Skin *Pretty Mouth* (1DM point to sit on lucky chair)
Skin: Banilacoco open freebie (0L)

One very great place I would like to introduce to you today is Dreams Mall. The reason I name it great is because there is a lucky chair with great items in front of every store. In order to get the gift on the lucky chair, you have to get a hud to collect DM points. These points could be obtained from two ways, by wearing the hud and clicking on the tsubos (vase like objects all over the place) then answer a trivial question, if you got the answer right, you will get one DM point, there is a gold tsubo at the center of the mall which gives away 100 DM points from time to time, so watch out for that one. The other way to collect points is to shop at Dreams Mall. You get 5% back (in points form) for purchasing something over 20L in any store (except for Formal Tower shopping at first floor).

Here is the fun part, the points are not only for lucky chairs, but they work as points which you can use for later shopping trips. 1DM points= 1L. The more you collect, the more you can spend on!! I think there's also an option for you to make them into gift points, but with a different exchange rate, not sure about that. There are at least 50 tsubos around in Dreams Mall, but the catch is that you can only click on each, one time per day. These are free points to grab!! Go visit Dreams Mall now.

Skins and swimsuits to be grabbed! And the awesome rose updo is from paper couture.

Top row:
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma Group Gift Light (Join Rockberry Updates Group and check notices)
Skin: :: Genesis :: Candace Apricot "Glitterati" (subscribo gift)

Bottom row:
Skin: DV Mairmalade -02- May Skin- JPTRC 2009 (Join Domestic V Group and check notices)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Faith (light/br) group exclusive (250L to join Tuli Group and check notices)

summer time
From Left to Right:
Swimsuit: !STC Group Gift San Tropez 5/3 (subscribo gift)
Check Stole: =IZUMIYA=Yellow Stole((Chain)) (Join Izumiya group and check notices)
Swimsuit: Coquette Summertime Group Lovin (subscribo gift)

Foam, a little shop filled with pretty wigs, is my latest obsession. They have huge wild hairs to properly combed back hair, its a definitely must visit!!

Hair: .:.Foam!.:. -The Fortuneteller~ Browns Pack (250L)

Foam also has a freebie in store, so what are you still waiting for?

Hair: :.Foam!.:. -The Lioness (0L)

Have a great night!!

Like in the title, I am going to introduce you to some new stores to you with great items to grab. Stop by S@BBiA to get these nice and free outfit/top. Then go to Drown, a new store by Ruby selling some cute dresses and hair (great hair btw), they have a cute freebie for you too!

From Left to Right:
Outfit: S@BBiA::Spring::Gift (0L)
Top: S@BBiA::Cardigan:D-BUTTON (0L)

From Left to Right:
Hair: Drown~ Clockwork~Black (not free)
Dress: Drown~ Star Dress (0L)

Hair: Drown~ Thursday black (not free)
Dress: Drown~ Dominica Dress (not free)

Reek, our favorite tee/belt maker has come out with more yummy tees for 5L!! The gift tees are in the subscribo still, and also check out the Camp Anawanna Tees, which are 125 for a huge pack.

On Vent:
Tee: Reek - Camp Anawanna - Gray (125 fat pack)
On Ding:
Tee: Reek - Camp Anawanna - Yellow
(125 fat pack)

On Vent:
Reek - Bangin! Guys Tee Blue (5L, 2 colors)
On Ding:
Reek - Bangin! Girls Tee Gray/Yellow (5L, 2 colors)

Last but not least, here are some gifts from Icing, Pink Outfitters, Miel and E! .

Snapshot_02 copy
From Left to Right:
Dress: *ICING* Pocket Full of Posies (subscribo gift)
Top: [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse (GIFT) - light green (subscribo gift)
Top: E! Lumberjack Unisex Open Shirts (Discovery Hunt gift, click on magnifying glass)
Scarf: MIEL WPGIV BLACK LACE SCARF - MAY (subscribo gift)

That's it for now, have a great sunday!

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