Here are some of the 50L loots of the day!!! along with some gifts and a dollarbie too.

Snapshot_002 copy
From Left to Right:
Top: "T.Z." SLOO Top - Off White/Blue Steel (50L)
Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. - Madras Girl Shorts Nantucket (50L)

Top: (Milk Motion) My belted jacket (50L)
Leggings: (Milk Motion) my cut-out leggings red (subscribo gift)

Snapshot_004 copy
From Left to Right:
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth: Timeless Glamour (50L)
Dress: !!!!WigWamBam Flower Power Mini Dress (1L)

Hair: fri. - Quinn - Blacks (75L, on sale!)
Pose: [LAP] - 50L Friday - Women's Box (50L)
Dress:This is a Fawn - Caulfield Dress- rose (subscribo gift)

Short Note.

As Vent and I and our clan of friends are kinda gone from SL, I've decided to sell the place that we all once used to call home.

It's on a community sim by Reach Isles and it has great views and good neighbors (Suri Christen is staying right beside the lot). It's 7056sq and 2100 prims for only 3900L per week.

Please contact Ding Fotherington before 9/10 inworld for more details.

p/s not leaving SL yet, only selling the land.

You look yummy!


lips AV: - TESLA - (bag) *Crazy Mouth* Avatar (5 mins lucky chair)

Royal Blue is having a all blue things at 50L sale to better suit your mood. There is a huge selection, and remember as long as it looks blue, it's on sale. Here are some of the blues that you can get there:

Royal Blue
From Left to Right:
Top: (Royal Blue) Fading Basic Pack One

(Royal Blue) Structured Cardie in Grey (50L)
(Royal Blue) Two Colours a Leg Leggins Blue Pack (50L)

(Royal Blue) Serouse Bow Times Trousers in Navy (50L)

Dress: (Royal Blue) Stealing Spring in Breezy Day (50L)

Hurry before the sale ends!

I am a ...

I am not a vampire, and no, I do not suck blood. This is a portrait of a dick. Yes, I am a dick who suck all the fun away. /me sucks......

I suck your fun
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope ! VIP Group gift ! (250L to join Tuli Group and get it here)

p/s I am simply excited and honored and squealing like a crazy fangirl when I saw my picture featured in one of my favorite blogs that I follow religiously....OMG...faints~!

Sugarcube has a new store at Albero. You can get a free dress to celebrate the opening and also 20 percent to the new fringe tunics. Act fast before it's gone!

From Left to Right:
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - stripe flare dress (0L)
Dress:::SUGARCUBE - fringe tunic- blue (180L)

Another thing to do this weekend other than the poop hunt, is the Pacadi Jasha Hunt. Pacadi Jasha reminds me of the Armidi/Elephant Outfitters in the earlier times, I was wondering if this is branched out from there... Anyway, 15 really tiny bags to be found all over the place. They are ranged from 1L to 5L (mostly 5Ls) and you can get clothings, accesories, skin, eyes and manicure from the bags. Here are some of the things you can find in the hunt:

Pacadi Hunt
From Left to Right:
Top: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A003 (5L)
Top: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A004 (5L)
Dress: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A002 (5L)
Top: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A001 (5L)
Necklace: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A015 (5L)

Pacadi Hunt
Hat: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A009 (5L)
Bangle: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A011 (2L)
Bangle: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A010 (5L)
Socks: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A012 (2L)

Pacadi Hunt
Glasses: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A006 (1L)
Scarf: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A008 (5L)
Manicure: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A007 (5L)
Tights: [PACADI HUNT] - Bag A005 (5L)

For more help, head over to D-list HQ. Have a great Sunday people!

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