Some dresses to grab!!

Snapshot_003 copy
From Left to Right:
Dress: (Slow Kitchen)Holtert_wanpi (Join *Slow Kitchen* Group and get it here )
Dress: LFS groupgift 0908 (Join Lycee@LFSmember group and get it here)

In the shit hole.

Here are some goodies that you can get from the Poop hunt, 51 poop and rolls of toilet paper tied up with bows to be found and they are pretty easy. I haven't actually finish the hunt yet, so here are just a part of all the goodies you can find.

Snapshot_002 copy
Hair: Tiny Bird Poop Hunt '09 - Kissy Kissy Pack (7/9)
From Left to Right:
Top: Pig - Unisex V-Neck - Brown

Suspender Pants: Pig - Unisexy Dungarees - Brown

Top: Pig - Alphabet City Shirt Windmill
Jacket: Pig - Cardigan for Festivale - Pooptones

According to ShoppingCartDisco, these are the 51 items that you are suppose to be looking for:

SMUDGE – 3 Toilet Papers out
TINY BIRD – 9 Toilet Papers out
CHIKKA Designs – 2 Poops
Vanitas Vesture – 1 poop, 1 toilet paper
PIG – 8 Poops
Moonshine – 2 toilet papers
LAP – 8 Poops
Mudhoney – 1 toilet paper
DECO – 5 toilet papers
Gritty Kitty – 4 toilet papers
Sweet Antidote – 2 toilet papers
Masquerade Parade – 1 Poop
naith smit designs – 1 Poop
This is a Fawn – 2 poops
Zut! – 1 Poop

Have fun!!

T.G.I 50L Fridays!!

Some 50L stuffs to grab today!!!

Skin: .::TD::. 50L friday Exclusive - Poppy Skin - Unreleased (50L)
Dress: PIDIDDLE - Denim Mini - Fleur ** 50l Friday Special **

Shades: (epoque) VINTAGEwear Oversized Shades - Fatpack (50L)
Dress: This is a Fawn - Caulfield Dress Plaid [teal] (50L)
Vacumm: -RC- SS Meggasuc PLUS Vacuum 50L FRIDAY ITEM (50L)

There's also a poop hunt going on at Festivale sim with lots of great loots to find. Have a great Friday!!!

Two things before I go to sleep:

The really very pretty and talented Miabella Foxley is quitting SL, and she's giving all her very pretty furnitures for free. To get it, join m.fox boxed group and check notices. Take note that the group will be closed on the 9th of September.

Secondly, I am giving away a free pair of flats at the mainstore which you can get in the box near the random machines. I have also put out some new shoes for 50L each, and if you get the fatpack, there'll be an exclusive pink one for free. Drop by sometime if you are free :)

Bed: The Loft -m.fox (LP) - Full Size Bed (tiny part of the m.fox boxed gift)
Flats: 50 Flats- Funky Sidebow (0L)

Good night!

As you know I've been catching up with the stuff I've missed over the past two months and I am showing you some new/not so new things that I love. Let the picture and the credits do the talking:

Dress: (Elate!) Penelope -Brown/White (275L, comes together with another colored top)
Toy: Reek - Hangin' Hobbes (175L, comes together with a huggable version)
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Shanti Dark-Ecru (975L)

Photo hud: Patchwork; Polaroid Photohuds (100L)
Bag: Dollita/ Initials BB maxibag-white (290L, comes in other colors too)

Thanks for all the great stuffs you guys dropped me when I was away. Thanks~

Random stuffs

Snapshot_005 copy
From Left to Right:
Dress: shiki-august 09 women group gift (Join SHIKI Group and get it here)
Shirt: shiki-august 09 men's group gift (Join SHIKI Group and get it here)

Tee: (Chiluchilu.)T-shirt"cupcake" free! (0L at second floor)

Skin&Dress: Chankare&SkinTight Gift Box (0L)

Slanted in Tuli

So I was telling Linda how bored I was and she told me bout the Slanted closing sale where everything is for 1L. I went there, got these cute little outfits and they go perfectly with the Tuli goth skins exclusively for her group (250L to join Tuli group and get it here).

tuli and slanted
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope (goth) natural (250L to join Tuli group and click the mushroom and get it here)
From Left to Right:

Skirt: **SF**ONIGIRI COLLECTION - RICE BALL SKIRT (1L, click on the smaller picture)

Thanks Linda!

shirohato dress
Dress: shirohato bambi (lucky board)

Window: BP*window /wear (Join BP* Update Group and check notices)

Sigh....what a boring afternoon..

Whole lot of skins!

Back in those days when I first started out SL, free skins were no where to be found except for the noob skins in freebie island; to get good skins, I have to save up for a long time and get them (still remember the days when Ls were earned by camping?). Now, great free skins could be found everywhere and you could have your own collection of skins to suit any occasion/ your mood without burning a hole in your account. Here are some of the good ones that you might want to get, mostly from the ongoing skinfair at UVogue:

Skins: *Staged* Cerra Peacock Skins FREEBIE *DUS* (1L)

Skins: Symphony Skins- Limited Edition (1L)

From Left to Right:
Skin: dhR-F02-S-Summer Green (0L)
Skin: dhR-F02-RT-Summer Yellow (0L)
Skin: dhR-F02-N-Summer Violet (0L)

Skins: ( IMAGEN ) UVogue Dollarbie (1L)

aimessi, mother goose
From Left to Right:
Skin: Aimesi Skin Elena Tan Face1
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.cry YaN SkiN _02 (5 mins lucky board, another option available )

my ugly dorothy
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freebie for The Black Market (1L)
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - pine straw dress [ black ] - BOX (0L)

That's it for now, have a great day!!


CSR is ending in a week's time, if you don't want to miss out the goodness, shop and collect them asap. For instructions how to do it, read this.

Here are some of my loot:

Skin: *DEN-DOU* Vampire skin for SummerChoice!2009
Shoes: *COCO*_SummerChoice2009_GIFT

Hamster in cage: Vooner: Hamster Box
Sheep AV: Gritty Kitty: Summer Choice 09 gift

Fedora Hair: ::69:: SUNKISSED [Summer Choice 2009]
Picnic set: =F=LunchBox(SummerChoice!2009)

If you haven't please do now, as there are really cute stuff in stores and tons of freebies/dollarbies on the boat by the deck! TP here.

Snapshot_002 copy
From left to right:
Vest: *MayoNaise* Mirotic - Sesame (120L)
Tee: *MayoNaise* Lexi's Art Project - Monotone

Top: *Etoile* - Ahoy Thermal Pull

Snapshot_003 copy
From left to right:
Dress & Wooden leg: Beetlebones Blackmarket Freebies in a Wine Bottle
Dress: TS*Purplepartydress (1L)
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - skull and crossbones mini dress

I would like to say thanks to all of you who send me stuffs, I will try my best to catch up with the things I've missed out!

oh hai~

Snapshot_003 copy

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