Albero has just opened a new area and there are some interesting valentine themed stuffs (till 2/14)/ cheap stuffs/ free stuffs to grab. It's a nice place to take a stroll.

While I was there, I came across a very interesting photo frame at N326. This is not your ordinary photo frame. Slideshows of up to 30 pics could be played with various transitions (zoom in/out, slide left/right), pictures could be shown in different ways (sephia, retro, dirt), frames are scripted to be changeable and it's modifiable, thus resizable. What's best still is that you can try out your luck for this great frame at N326 mainstore's lucky chair that changes every 10 minutes. I know you will need them, so just go and wait! (or buy it 100L @ albero here)

Also while you are waiting, please do check out the rug that is scripted to change it's shape and preloaded with 17 animations (Thanks Mame for showing me!). One cool thing about the rug is that everyone can use the animations regardless they are in or out the rug. Just touch the rug and animate yourself (sit on ground) right at where you are standing.

Slideshow frames!
Photo Frames: N326 slideshow (10 mins lucky Chair or buy it 100L @ albero here)
Rug: N326 carpet circle trance (200L)
Hair: W&Y72 (1L)

Have a great weekend!

Quick Update.

Short Update!! Grab them!!

Skins: lessthan3 SUGAR skins preview/with freckles option (Join Lessthan3 Group and check notices )

Briefs: Aitui - Gift - Vday 09 Limited Edition Items (0L)
Poses on Ding and Suri: Attituede: Nude Poses (Join Attituede Group and check notices)

Have a great night!!

Soak up the sun!

Ever wondered what you should wear during a short vacation to the sunny, sandy, beautiful beaches? Shiki Designs has just came out with a new series of outfits for both men and women with huge tropical prints that are meant for good times like these. Tp to Shiki and have a look today!

On Ding:

On Vent:
SHIKI-cotton shirt SKY

On Vent:
SHIKI-cotton shirt PEARL WHITE

On Ding:

On Ding:

On Vent:
SHIKI-cotton shirt-MINT
Pants: SHIKI-shorts TAPA BLUE

There's also a group gift for SHIKI Designs Group members, activate your group tag and get it here. Have fun shopping!

Deals of Friday!

Weekend is here again! There are some sweet deals from Lady Bird, Towa, Slow Kitchen for Green Energy Island, A-Bomb, Vixen and Love Soul. It's a pretty long post, and I won't keep you here reading, just follow the SLURLs and grab them today!

Deals of Friday!
From Left to Right:
Dress: Ladybird*Summer Tunic Dress (1L, store closing, all outfits are 1L)
Dress: .:i *Towa* i:. chiffon dress purple (1L)
Dress: (Slow Kitchen)for green energy island:Ever-green_wanpi (0L, read here for instructions)

From Left to Right:
Outfit: Ladybird*FREE*Sweater with skirt (0L, store closing, all outfits are 1L)
Outfit: Ladybird*Parka Set Black (1L)

Shorts: Ladybird*Denim Pants*short (1L, store closing, all outfits are 1L)
From Left to Right:
Top: A-BOMB Bust It Baby - Liarface (10L, till Sunday!)
Top: A-BOMB Bust It Baby - Stealin' (1L, till Sunday!)
Top: A-BOMB Bust It Baby - Brat (10L, till Sunday!)

From Left to Right:
Boots: Vixen:Black Leather Thigh High Boots (0L)
Boots: A-BOMB Kittencat ballet boots - Black (100L, till Sunday!)

Love Soul Lucky Chair
Basket: [ Love Soul ] Chocolate basket (10 mins lucky chair)
Lolly: [ Love Soul ] Lollipop*Red (10 mins lucky chair)

That will probably keep you busy for a bit, have fun!!

Some deals for the guys to grab:

Deals for Men
Scarf: **~MM's~* Free-StripeMuffler (0L, color changeable)
Bag: Aitui - Bag - Night Messenger - Freedom Wanted _Group Exclusive (Join Aitui Group and check notices)
Jeans: a.C FOR.SPRING - ADVENTURE.Jeans (100L to join AC Store group and buy it for 50L)

There's also some Valentine's decoration/ stuff that you might be interested to pick up too.

Hat: Grunge Depot - Valentines Hat (0L)
Bear: JE*REPUBLIC-Valentine Day -Love Bear (lucky chair, transferable so you can give them to your loved ones!)

Good Night!


Check out the lucky chair at Slow Kitchen that changes between 6 gifts every 10 minutes, and be warned, some of these gifts may get you sugar high! (There are 3 other gifts not shown here.)

Sugar and Spice and something nice.
Dress: (Slow Kitchen)Choco_check_wanpi (lucky chair)
Hair: (Slow Kitchen)Choco_hair(lucky chair)

Chocolate: (Slow Kitchen)Choco_addict (lucky chair)
Chocolate in mouth: (Slow Kitchen)choco_sticks (lucky chair)
Speech Bubble:(Slow Kitchen)"LOVELY!" (lucky chair)

Eyes Attachment: (Slow Kitchen)Heart_beating_eyes!! (lucky chair)

Spice and something nice:

You must join 69 group if you are a hair lover/afk lover/both because they are giving away an awesome color changeable beret hair and a really stylish AFK vanity booth. Join ::Sixty-Nine:: Update Group and check notices to get them.Also remember to pick up this dollarbie diamond necklace from Bandit for their anniversary celebration (shown in last pic).

Sugar and Spice and something nice
AFK Booth: ::69:: AFK TOOL "Cosmetics" (Join ::Sixty-Nine:: Update Group and check notices)

AFK Booth: ::69:: AFK TOOL "Cosmetics" (Join ::Sixty-Nine:: Update Group and check notices)

Hair: ::69:: DEAREST + BERET Hair - lightbrown (Join ::Sixty-Nine:: Update Group and check notices)
Necklace: Bandit Jewelry Shop Anniversary free Diamond necklace (1L)

Have a fun day!!

Updates !

There's a free hair from Novocaine's new store and a free preppy outfit from Random Fashion.

Hair: Novocaine Hair - Edward - smoke (0L)
Outfit: [Random Fashions] - Smarty (subscribo gift)

There are also some gifts after the Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington show from Victoria V, Mechanism, Philotic Energy and KMadd, here, grab them before they are gone.

I was lucky enough to be picked by Lookr (I am in Lookr Group) to win a piece of their newly released Form outfit. Join Lookr Group so that you will have chances to win clothings from them in the future!

Blazer: LOOKR ~ Form (Men) ~ Blazer ~ Black (Chalkstripe)

That's it for now. Happy Shopping!

I am not usually a lucky chair/board stalker, however when I saw the lucky board outfit from Yome Shoujo, I knew I have to get it. While I was waiting, I managed to get every gift from the boards!! The time for the lucky chair varies from 3- 15 minutes and there are 5 boards altogether. There's also a gift in +Yome Shoujo+ group, join group and check notices to get it.

Yome Shoujo!
From Left to Right:
Outfit: xxYOMESHOUJOxx {{group gift}} no,5 (Join
+Yome Shoujo+ group and check notices)
Dress: xxYOMESHOUJOxx *JAMpink* BOX (lucky chair)
Dress: xxYOMESHOUJOxx *OOO*(5 mins,lucky chair, trans)
Dress: xxYOMESHOUJOxx *LIFE2*(5 mins,lucky chair, trans)

Skin: !CN GIFT SKIN:!AMY-MILK-9 (0L, comes with shape too!)
Outfit: xxYOMESHOUJOxx *LOLO* (15 mins, lucky chair)

There's also a nice goth skin on the board that changes every 10 mins! Get to Yome Shoujo today to try out your luck now!

Then, there's a very mini hunt looking at Pulse, look for purple boxes:

Skin: Pulse Skin - Bella ll Dark/Wish (2L)
Skin: Pulse Skin - Bella ll Light/Wish (1L)

Have a great day!


Gifts~!! Some are new, some are old, just grab them if you haven't!

From Left to Right:
Skin: !CN GIFT SKIN:!AMY-MILK-9 (0L, comes with shape too!)
Jacket: Ibizarre Cardigan (0L)
!CN GIFT SKIN:!AMY-SUNKISSED-9 (0L, comes with shape too!)
Top:Ibizarre Embroidery Top (0L)

Group Gift
Chick: ::plod::LittleChicken (Join Plod Group and check notices)
Bag: KUROTSUBAKI_mini_bag_A (Join Kurotsubaki Group and check notices)

Hope the Monday was great!

Limited Time Only!

There's some really neat freebies at So Kinky Event that will only be available for the next hour and a half. Hurry Hurry!

Limited Time Only!
Rack: x[FSR] 12 Inch Shelf Old School Hip Hop
Top: .:::: dEVOL ::::. T-shirts Gray *SoKinky!
Dress: "anuenue. SO KINKY!! free

Have fun!


Two skins (one is a really outdated, already posted on other blogs) from Lazolli and Baiastice that you might want to grab:

From Left to Right:
Skin: *LAZOLLI-Takako 008(0L, hidden among the regular priced skins)
Skin: Baiastice_Donnarama_ sun_ Special Edition (Send Sissy Pessoa a notecard to join Baiastice Group and check notices, comes in four different brow option.)

Have a great night!

The Kiss.

The kiss, kissing couple poses, new at VPoses mainstore . Also, check out for a new freebie (check 000L under barcode)!

the kiss

P/s: Some of the old group poses and freebies have been moved to here.

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