Sweat suit: [XOXO] Customer Appreciation Gift (Join [XOXO] Update Group and check notices)

Flats: [XOXO] Adventween Gift #1 (1L, there's a different gift in the store everyday up till Halloween, remember to check back!!! )

Here are some things which are definitely a must for your fall closet, and also for those who love to take pictures (the hud is awesome):

Polaroid hud: Patchwork; Polaroid Hud V.2 (10 mins lucky chair)
Coat:Shiki-Design: Oct Gift Red Coat for Ladies (guys version also available, Join Shiki Designs Group and get it here)

Polaroid hud: Patchwork; Polaroid Hud V.2 (10 mins lucky chair)
Bottom: *COCO*_GIFT_ShinyLeggings (Join *COCO* Update Group and get it here)
Shoes: 50 flats-Plum Wool Flaps (50L, green one is free)

Hi there! Aristotle informed me about the a.C store garage sale where some great stuff are marked down to 50L, this offer will end on 10/2. Hurry!! Besides, skins at skin fair now are at 1500 (dropped from 2300) and the venus spring is at 1200L, get your hands on some!!

AC Store
Hair: a.C. Hair Cap MelrOcool tones (50L)
Top: a.C.Glamour**Shirt. (50L)

AC Store
Hair: a.C. - STD.GloXhair PUNK.decision (50L)
Top:a.C. Prince Moleton.*.BlacK.* (50L)
Pants: a.C.RockPants.**Basic.* (50L)

Arai is celebrating their 2nd anniversary and they have given out some great unisex gifts (Thanks James!):

Arai, AC Store
Hair: a.C. - STD.GloXhair JeiLU [Wet sanD] (50L)
Glasses: *ARAI* glasses05 (0L)
Scarf: a.C.Stds Colorise.Band A1.*Grey.* (50L)
Top: *ARAI* Argyle knit_brown

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for sending me stuff throughout the summer and apologize for not having time to blog the great stuff that I've been receiving (some of them got capped due to the lengthy period of not logging into SL) . I promise I will try my best to post the stuff that you are sending me in the future since I have kinda settled down at this new place. Once again, sorry and have fun!!

Shoes: Tou Fromc: gatcha_ribon (10L per play)
Tops: oyakin*dot-tunic (31L each)
Jeans: oyakin**jeans (50L)

Tees: Tres Blah at Gnubie Store (1L each)
Skirts: oyakin*fril-miniskirt (90L each)

Tops: oyakin*antique-tunic (100L each)

New @ VPoses

Vent has come out with some new poses despite being super busy!!! 40L each, 130 pack of 4. Visit VPoses mainstore to try out!!

Poses: VPoses: GG_05-08 (40L each, 130 pack of 4)

Have fun!

Snake Lady

If you are looking for something unusual this coming Halloween, you can count on the new SkinTight snake skins, not free, but worth every penny!! They are just perfect for the occasion, no additional costumes needed!!

Skin: SkinTight_SnakeSkin_Sand
Skin: SkinTight_SnakeSkin_Salmon
Skin: SkinTight_SnakeSkin_Pewter

Patchwork for you!!

You will never have enough hair, or shoes, or cute little tops. Patchwork has all the cute little tops for a low price to suit all your needs.

Tops: Patchwork: Plunge (25L)

From Left to Right:
Patchwork: Corsash (25L)
Patchwork: Yousah Cutie Halter(25L)

There's also a lucky chair new version polaroid hud (shown here) in store, changes every 10 mins. Stop by Patchwork today!

Monday Stuff

Stuff to get today:

Snapshot_002 copy
Poses: Glitterati - Breast Cancer Awareness - Singles Poses (0L or pay what you want for breast cancer awareness fund)
From Left to Right:
Outfit: Giada & QSD - Weekly Gift - #1 (Join Boutique Giada Group and get it here)
Lingerie: *QSD*Lacy Lingerie-dollarbie (1L)

Snapshot_007 copy
Skins: (vive9) NEW! Cailyn Freebies (0L)

Vive 9

Gifts from Vive9!! Get it here!

Vive 9
Skins: (vive9)Freebies (0L)

Skin Tight Skins!!

I haven't got a chance to actually get into the skin expo (It's always full D:) and looking at the previews on fashion feed made me want to get into the expo ASAP!!! Luckily, Myrtle Spyker of SkinTight dropped me some of the good stuff and stopped my craving for skins a bit. You really should check these out as they are REALLY GOOD!!!

This is the Orchid line, which is designed with the basic makeup necessities in mind. They comes in four makeup options and in all 5 SkinTight skin tones with 3 brow options and with and without 3 hairbase options. You can find these at the SkinTight booth@ the expo.

Skin Tight
Skin: SkinTight booth@ the expo: SkinTight_Orchids
Dress: *Muism* [Halter neck dress]_Green (50% off, on sale!!!)

I am really digging this beautifully made MoltenMetal series, and you can get them at SkinTight mainstore :

Skin Tight
Eyes:Poetic Colors - Blue Autumn Eyes - Freebie
Skin Tight
Eyes:Poetic Colors - Blue Autumn Eyes - Freebie
Skin: SkinTight_MoltenGold
Skin Tight
Skin: SkinTight_MoltenPlatinum
Skin Tight
Skin: SkinTight_MoltenTitanium
Visit SkinTight today!

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