Taking a long break

Hey there, I will be taking a long vacation (a month or so) in RL, so there will be minimal postings
(as I will not log on much) from now till the end of June. If you have any questions regarding the blog, or just wanted to say hi, please do send vent or me a notecard, or email Ding at:


I hope you guys have tons of fun!!!

Cioccolata Hunt!!

Similar to the Albero Hunt where you have to TP to mainstores and enter a code to get the gifts, the gifts for the cioccolata 1st anniversary hunt are totally adorable and worth it!! For help please head over to D-lounge and get it at the easel. Here are some of the goodies that you can get:

House: *R* shell house box

Elephant: <>Walkig Elephant

Plants: Mary's Little Lamb Hunt
Tiny AV: Rainy child

Chair: [YGD]WearableRockingChair box

Rabbit Ears: anz-an Rabbit Ear (gifts)
AFK tool: DDD_Iron bird ride_ hunt_gift

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