I'm obsessed with BIG PICTURES nowadays, so bear with all those prim malfunctions~

There's this place I saw on Cerise's blog, where they sell pretty good yet cheap (everything under 30L, some are 1 or 2L) stuff, and you should go check out. You never know when you might need this for your LOTD posts.

Coat: ( lemon ginger ) unisex jacket - red check (1L)
Happy Shopping!!

Oh Pretty Maid!

Such pretty Asian-ish goodness should be spread and shared ! ! Free on lucky board @ Mother Goose. Tons of other equally stunning skin to be won on other boards!! Hurry and go!

skin:.::Mother Goose's::. NamHee_LB (Lucky Board, no idea how long, but I am pretty sure it's fast!)

p/s Sorry bout the quality of my images as I've been trying to take pictures from both my workplace PC and Mac at home since I came back to SL. The conclusion is that both my computers are crap. T-T

For the fun weekend

It was an unusually slow Friday at work. So I kinda read through my blog and came to realize a couple of things: I was this terrible terrible piece of shitty wannabe fame whore who contributed to much drama (and a little fun) to the SL community. If I have upset you previously in anyway , I want to sincerely apologize for what I did. :P But overall, my SL experience is filled with great memories. For all of you who made my SL so much awesomer, thank you.

Anyway, here's something I put together for the day and hope you could enjoy a relaxing weekend in this super casual outfit! Have fun!!

Top: To one Lounge@Help Japan Donation Event*denim*-tunic-shirts*(100L)
Bottom:*RUDE REBEL* Asian-Pants (3 pairs for 0L, as on Cerise's blog )

I know I've been away for a pretty long while and I've been wandering around SL for the past week checking through my crazy inventory then I found this breathtaking piece Jojo dropped me.... and blogging this here, right now, probably doesn't bring much impact to raise a fund, but I have to do it, because just look at this, it's so pretty and it comes with a hud with 9 poses. Best of all, it's for a good cause.

outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Cherry Blossom Petals @ Help Japan in SL(250L)

outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Cherry Blossom Petals @ Help Japan in SL(250L)

You can get a lot of other really nice stuff at the Help Japan Donation event. Since every linden you pay here goes to Japan, you can shop guilt free and have an excuse to shop for more! Event ends April 20th.

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