I have to post this, because ICING has a new free dress in store and it's just as awesome as usual. Do the Retrology Hunt too, they have some of the cutest dress in the hunt. ^^.

icing, huunt stuff
From Left to Right:
Outfit: (Elate!) Kat (Halloween) here
Dress: *Petit Ange*Check Dress:gold here
Dress: *Petit Ange*PolkaDots Dress:orange: here
Dress: *ICING* Freebie Mannequin (0L)

Have fun and get the notecards from me or Vent if you need them. Good night!~

Aoharu's new item.

You have got to love Aoharu, when you thought you've already gotten your hands on the nice coats from the lucky chairs, they have replaced them with even better ones! And this time, Machang even added two pairs of free boots for girls for a limited time (now till 10/20) on top of the two new fab coats that you are getting from lucky chairs. : ) Good Luck!~

On Vent:
Coat: AOHARU:ModsCoat_Navy(Lucky Chair)
On Ding:
AOHARU: CheckShortTrenchCoat_Green(Lucky Chair)

From Left to Right:
Boots: AOHARU: NostalgiaKnitBoots:*HalloweenPumpkin* (Limited time freebie till 10/20)
Boots: AOHARU: NostalgiaKnitBoots_*HalloweenWitch* (Limited time freebie till 10/20)

There are a whole load of hunts going on right now (as usual), and thanks to Linda and Ephe, I have the ncs for Urban Shopper Hunt, Retrology Hunt, Wickford Village Freebie Hunt (lots of freebies along the way too),Perfect Prefabs Flower Hunt and ALB. If you need them, IM me or Vent to get it! Have fun!

Lemania and BomBon

Lemania Indigo sometimes just have the weirdest in a good way things that you can find in world, this costume for instance, is something I wouldn't have thought of and seen until I got it myself. Touch the subscribo board in stores and get this outfit in store for 1L.

LID algae
Costume: [LI] Alien Algae Box - 10/17/08 (1L, join Lemania Indigo subscribo and get it here.)

Totally irrelevant to the costume above, I found these top and dress in Bombon when I was in Albero (there's a hunt there, haven't started though) They are pink and adorable and just 1L each, good for your cutesy clothes folder.

bon bon
From Left to Right:
Top: BomBon:Ojyou dress/pink* (1L)
BomBon: Tokoro no E/tee* (1L)

Yay! It's Friday! Have fun!~

Tuli has given out two skins (with cobwebs options) to her group members! Pay 250L to join Tuli Group and check notices to get them. This group is one of the groups which is worth paying to join.

Skins: Tuli: Halloween Group Gift (join Tuli Group and check notices to get)

Runo Runo has always been one of my favourite designers. The designs are always so simple yet chic and elegant and most of all, they are either free or very cheap. Here's Runo Runo's new stuff that you can get at the store:

Runo Runo
From Left to Right:
Dress:~*RunoRuno*~Hyperkinetic Dress White (50L, comes in 2 length options)
Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ Silk Dress (50L, comes in 4 length options)
Outfit:~*RunoRuno*~ Black Sateen (0L)

More coming up, so stay tuned!!

Whole lot of very nice free lingeries for grab at Chic Boutique. Nicely detailed with sequins and laces, you can't miss this one!

From Left to Right:
Lingerie: Chic Boutique: Black Lace Bra (Join Chic Boutique Group and check Notices)
the other Lingeries: Chic Boutique: Lingerie

Thanks to Leila of Sin and Secrets, there is a lucky chair at Sin and Secrets main store where you can get three different skins, and it changes every 20 mins, so try out your luck today on the chair!

S&S Skins
Skins: Sin and Secrets: HARMONIA Skins (Lucky Chair)

I dragged my lazy hands to the keyboard to post these. Two witch outfits and two casual chic outfits are the deals today:

From Left to Right:
Outfit: VictoriaV Pumpkin GIFT Sexy Halloween Witch
Outfit: Elemiah Design - Halloween

From Left to Right:
Outfit: ~~Ivalde~~: nelly darkdemin capri set (1L for the entire set)
Outfit: * PHLow * - Miss Justin Rock Dress (Join PHlow Babe Group and check notices)

I can't wait for weekends!! Psst: I have notecards for Voodoo Dolls Hunt and Lemania Hunt. IM me or Venturino to get them if you need it.

Magika @Hairspray has some free hair. Bingo @ Daffodil Island has another limited time cute dollarbie. And Ethereal Pixels has some freebies too.

From Left to Right:
Magika @Hairspray: Adventure II - Blonde E
Top: Bingo @ Daffodil Island: Flower Brooch Cardigan-Yellow (1L)
Outfit: Ethereal Pixels : Gift Box 4

Magika @Hairspray: - #@%! - Light Purple
Outfit: Ethereal Pixels : Gift Box 4

I had a long and bad day but hope you have a great night!

After many days of sleepless nights waiting (lol), the Halloween edition Minnu skins are out!! Apparently what you get this time is different from what I posted, the girl at the counter gave me wrong info about the free skins. There are 4 skins for girls and 2 skins (with various hair and chest hair options) for men. If you really liked the group exclusive skins that I posted here, you can choose to pay 250L to join MM Skins and check notices, hurry though because I think it will be gone in a couple of days.

MMS Ding
Skins: MMS:Halloween Skins - Female
MMS Vent
Skins: MMS:Halloween skins-Male
Go get yours now! (You probably have already gotten it -.-)

Thanks Suri for modelling with me. : ) Good night everyone and something for you before all of us go to bed:

On Suri and Vent:
Outfits: Freesoul gangstar: ( Add Freesoul to Picks and get rewarded in 24 hours)

From Left to Right:
Top: Adam n Eve - Horizon Male Sweater - Grey ( Add Adam and Eve to Picks and get rewarded in 24 hours)
Coat: AOHARU: SnakeTrenchCoat_SkyBlue (Lucky Chair New Item)

See you tommorow!

Very short update as I am super busy in RL -.- :

From Left to Right:
Dress: ~Maleeka ~: lotus Dress (0L)
Gown: Lemania @ Coda: Grace Of My Heart - CODA Opening Gift! (10L)

From Left to Right:
1st &2nd Tops: ~momo~:BloodyBunny tee (Join ~momo~ group and check notices)
Top: [spork] Halloween Tanx (1L)

Good day people. Jya ne!

A couple of deals that might interest you:

On Venturino:
Top: Micro Dinzeo: muscle shirt white (available in black too)
Bottom: Micro Dinzeo:Brief Leather-Cotton-Mix -Pride Edition- 1

On Ding:
Bikini: *M&R Cupcakes - The Hotpant Bikini - Camo Purple (free for limited one day only)

On Venturino:
Top:WMD-Sinatra zipped dark Tee

On Ding:
Dress:**a piece of candy group gift - October 10, 2008 (Join Subscribo here to get it)

The pumps Ding's wearing are from a fat pack of 8 which is free in Truth.

truth shoes
Shoes:TRUTH: FREE Balmoral Pumps-Pommygranet (0L for a fatpack of 8)

Have a great day!

Men, Alta Moda has some freebies to grab. You can get the striped sweater by adding Alta Moda to your picks. The tops below could be gotten from the freebie section in the store.

Tops:Alta Moda:Embrace (with shirt)

altamoda 2
From Left to Right:
Tops:Alta Moda: Boundary
Tops:Alta Moda: Chiseled Brown
Tops:Alta Moda: Deconstruct

Thanks Ephe for this info!

A little something before I hit my pillows and prepare for more orangy awesomeness:

I don't know how I should introduce this place, so I thought it would be best if I link you to the site itself. You have to check this Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary out, not because of their tons of awesome freebies/dollarbies at the entrance but also it's just plainly cool.

From left to right:
Top: *KK* Will Fuck For Smokes Shirt

Hat: ::SPLIT PEA:: Horst Von Starlustinberg State Pen Pillbox Veil
Oufit: [Pink] Store Gift - Sexy Inmate - orange

And a sweet little number from Bliss Couture's Halloween Gift Bag.
Dress:*Bliss Couture* Halloween Free Nichole Dress

Good Night!

Just a reminder, the Halloween Minnu Skins will be out for public on the 15th.

Lanai and Ephe finally decided to get the much raved about Minnu skins last night and both Vent and I were there to witness. All of us agreed to take a picture to document this glorious part of their SL (saving up hard to get these skin) so each of us struck a pose. It took us (me and Lanai especially) probably 20 minutes to look perfect. Luckily, there weren't any passer bys at that hour as we look really funny; however when we were about to take our snapshot, Adasyd of Ada Labs passed by.

minnu moment
Us @ Minnu

Adasyd Nino: what the heck?
Ephemeral Clowes: lololol
Venturino Benson: you see
Adasyd Nino: XD
Venturino Benson: people are laughing now
Ding: Adasyd we are live models
Adasyd Nino: Oh man
Adasyd Nino: I thought I was tripping balls.
Ding: special only for today
Lanai Lubitsch: ._.
Venturino Benson: someone please tp me out immediately

We didn't tped out immediately, instead, the hilarious Ada joined us for a chat and she started giving us more fun on top of what we had. She gave each of us some interesting Afro hair (which we later on dressed up in 60s) and a Lego head smiley face mask (you can probably get them at Ada Labs) which we think is so funny that we have to share it with all of you.

Us @ Minnu in Afro hair.

Us @ Minnu in Lego head smiley face masks

Some people saw and laughed and wth-ed but it really cracked us up big time by doing things like that in a high end store which's always packed with models and CEOs and A-listers.

And that was our Minnu moment. What's yours?


Thanks to Sexyback Akina and Suri for the info on the clothings. You have to do the Docomo Hunt. 6 sexy hair (for both boys and girls) up for grab in the hunt and the greatest thing is that it has scripts in it so you can change the colors of the hair!

docomo hunt and a bit more
Hair: From Docomo Hunt.
From Left to Right:
Top: ~Bounce~: Christmas gift - Sweet jumping cat tee
Top:~Bounce~: Used Tee Chaos (1L with pants)
Outfit: Slick: ( Stone Jean Set) Grey Pants With White Tank Set

How to do the DOCOMO hunt:

Start off here. Click the stone and join group. Then you are ready to get your 5 keys. TP to the links below and search for cute little mushroom at every location.

Go back to the starting point, and head to the second floor. You will see 5 treasure boxes, touch them and you will get 5 hair. Then right click on a crystal on the right of the treasure boxes and teleport, when you reach the destination, you will automatically get the 6th hair.

Happy Hunting!

P/s: Thanks Ran Garrigus for the info on the 6th hair.  :)

Wings and Skins

Grab these for your Halloween closet:

From Left to Right:
Skin and Wings: J&JS Tera Witch Skin Free Pack
Skin and Wings:
J&JS Tera Fairy Skin Free Pack

Denier Cri, Beauty Avatar
Skin: *Beauty Avatar* Special Edition Nefertiti - Gift Skin (1L)
Bee Outfit: Denier Cri: Bumble Bee

Hot Deals!

Valiant has a group gift for men. Join Valiant fashion group and check notices to get it. Valiant also has a lucky chair that changes every 2 minutes. Exile has some freebies hair and clothings, worth checking out. Last but not least, the dress that Ding's wearing is from Bingo which is this week's dollarbie, get it soon!

free stuff
On Venturino:
Top: *Valiant* group freebie (Join Valiant Fashion Group and check notices!)
Jeans: free gift from Exile: jeans (0L)

On Ding:
Hair: Exile: Summer-Brown (free, pack of 4)
[ Bingo ] LaceDress Pink (1L)

Sunday Dresses.

Update: I went to the Journey sim and double checked if the box is still there, unfortunately, it's not available anymore. I think it's put out specially for the pink party yesterday at the sim. I am sorry.

Anyway, here are a couple of cheap deal dresses and a hair to cheer your Sunday up:

Sunday Dresses
From Left to Right:
Dress:(kunglers) Cocktail dress - Free iten 1210

Hair: =TEKUTEKU= 2008 autumn freebie-hair (1L)
Dress: ~Ivalde~ Vinca freebie

Dress: "in the light" s.o bo @ Dolce (10L for limited time only)

Have a great Sunday people!

Just a reminder and an update (Thanks to Ephe and Linda): I have notecards for Lemania Hunt, Moloko Hunt, Old Gravy Dollarbie Hunt (ending today) and an updated Glam Expo Hunt (hurry ending today), IM me and Vent in world if you need it.

Blaze is offering a free tuxedo and a gown for both men and women at the entrance of Zodiac Ballroom in SS Galaxy-Queen of Sagittarian Sea. Check out the ballroom (and in fact the entire ship), it's one of the nicer ones in SL!

On Venturino: Blaze* Galaxy Tux
On Ephe and Ding: Blaze* Galaxy Gown

Thanks Takeshi for the info on this and thanks Ephe for modelling in the picture.

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