Pink overload!

Tuli has a new sim at Journey, and to celebrate this, there are stuffs for grab. All the clothings and eyes that you see below, are in a box which you could find here (grab it ASAP). The hair is part of the Juicy Sim birthday gift that you can get here.

Journey sim
Eyes: Tuli: Pink eyes
Hair: mela's :: crown of thorns - baby pink (get this hair here)
From Left to Right:
Top: GF Basic Sweater: Black and Pink Argyle
Top: GF Basic Sweater: Pink
Top: Tuli: Laura: Pink/Aqua
Top: Tuli: Pink

Journey sim
Hair: mela's :: crown of thorns - baby pink (get this hair here)
From left to right:
Lingerie: Attitudes: Pretty in pink
Lingerie: Attitudes: Montsouris-pretty in pink

It's nice to look princessy sometimes!

Neat stuff.

These two are things that I think are so good that I have to share with you regardless what. Yip has put up a full avatar with outfit for free in her exhibition, here. You just have to check it out, because Yip's painting are AWESOME! Then, go over to DP Yum Yum to get this huge bow scarf on lucky chair (two boards, changes every 10 minutes), it's a necessity for your fall closet!

Avatar & outfit: YIPs fashion flower outfit (0L)

DP yum yum
Scarf: DP Yum Yum: pink muffler (from lucky chair)

Have fun!~

Lots of hunts and freebies for grab. Cupcakes has a hunt which is hunting for freebie among the items in store, Glam expo has a hunt which is looking for rings, and there are a couple of freebies up for grab:

Cupcakes Hunt: I don't know when it ends, I also don't know how many there are out there (Freyja told me she found like 17). But it's pretty easy, as you only have to look in a store. So have fun!

From Left to Right:

Outfit: M&R Cupcakes Modern (Ornate) Suit - Dusty Rose (RG) 33/104/42

Top: *M&R Cupcakes - Long Silk Tank w/ Cardi - Orange/Black 39/206/35
Bottom: M&R Cupcakes Basic Jeans - Grey (RG) 35/117/35

Dress: M&R Cupcakes Buttons Dress - Gold 51/229/35

Top: *M&R Cupcakes - Long Silk Tank - Orange 39/206/35
Skirt: *M&R Cupcakes - Corduroy Skirt/Leggings - Olive/Gold 39/206/35

Outfit: M&R Cupcakes Modern Suspender Set - Yellow/Brown 47/225/35

From Left to Right:
Outfit: ~*LaLa FooFoo: Halloween Freebie Outfit

Top: (PixelDolls) Empire top . Blue (1L)

Outfit::::Sn@tch Gift Box With Juicy Berry Dragonfly Dress:::
Shoes: *Kookie* Juicy Birthday Donna platforms!

Glam Expo Hunt: You are supposed to find rings for this hunt and it is ending on the 12th. I am not very sure how many there are to be found in this hunt, but I have a notecard done by Ephe.

From left to right:
Gown: KatKreation: Si Y No gown 32/189/602
Gown: ALB TRY IT MANDALA SET 2008 AnaLee Balut (on the table, 10L)
Gown: NB_look_glamor Hunt Gift
83/120/602 (under the couch)

Last but not least, just a friendly reminder and thanks to Linda and Ephe, I have notecards for a couple of hunts which includes:

Cupcakes Mini Hunt (partial hunt list)
Glam Expo Hunt
LVS & CO Hunt
Sweeter Than Candy Hunt Stage 2
Pumpkin hunt Angelico B designs
Sexy Catz Hunt (complete)

IM me or Vent to get them if you need them, have fun hunting and grabbing!!

I got a vest from Freesoul picks and I just have to go to ski with that vest! Go to Freesoul and add it to your picks then wait for 24 hours and click the board in store to get it. Also check out the Niseko Hirafu Skiing Area as it's a great place for some winter recreation and they provide you with free skiing and snowboarding equipments. And it snows, so gear up and keep warm!

Picture is taken at Niseko Hirafu Skiing Area.

Vest: Freesoul camouflage vest grey
Gritty Kitty: Halloween Scarf 08 (hat and scarf for 1L)
Cardigan: Savvy Avvy: Mens button cardigan_moss
Ski equipments: @ Niseko Hirafu Skiing Area

Skin, dresses, hair and accessories are what you can get today ^^.

From Left to Right:
.+*glitter+QOOP+PINK (Join Glitter group for luck chair)
Skin: DutchTouch: Skin Debby Cream MU 18ltd (group gift from subscribe o matic)

Hair: .+*glitter+QOOP+BLACK (Join Glitter group for luck chair)

Skin: DutchTouch: Skin Debby Cream MU 18ltd (group gift from subscribe o matic)
Dress: ** [ Riddle ] ** Skully Argyle - Juicy Pink (1L)
Scarf: *RiARNYA* Juicy Bella B'day freebie

Outfit: *DEN-DOU*: Bloody Striped Shirt for Halloween (1L)
Glasses: *[SpeXx]: Pumpkiess Shades

Have a great evening!

Tuli new skins.

Tuli has given out a group gift, new skins preview for her members and the skins are GREAT. There are two different skins with 4 different eyebrow options. It is 250L to join, but paying this is worth what you are getting now and those in the future. Join Tuli Group and check notices to get these skins.

From left to right:
Skin: Tuli: Meredith(sunkissed) silver shine (Join Tuli Group and check notices)

Skin: Tuli: sumi: starry(light) green (Join Tuli Group and check notices)

It's the month of Halloween, and start picking your costumes/dresses/outfits before it's too late. Here are a couple of dresses/ outfits which you will look cute/hawt for the occasion.

The cutesy:
From left to right:
Dress: Honey*Soul Halloween-Dress
Dress: SYSY's Halloween L$1 pumpkin dress
Dress: Pas De Deux: Pumpkin Girl 2008

The sexy:

Hat: =waon=: happy halloween (1L, comes with a music panel )
From left to right:
Outfit: Gabrielle - by Damien Fate, here
Outfit: Fury - by Damien Fate, here

Have a great day people!

Rockberry has put up two free Halloween outfits in store and they are really nice, it even comes with a skin and shape for the Jester outfit. Thanks Heather!!

From Left to Right:
Outfit: [Rockberry] Sad Jester Costume (0L)
Outfit: [Rockberry] Vamp Costume (0L)

Have you done the Grave Robbing Hunt yet? It's a very easy hunt within two sims, and here are my three favourite loots:

You can get these here.

From Left to Right:
Dress: /artilleri/:eva dress glitch pants *black* 181/31/22
Dress: Ingenue: FCM Gift 184/23/22

You can get this here.

Outfit: Deuce's wild: Skully Flower Outfit 193/239/23

That's probably it for today. Dinner Time. Ta!~

How are you guys doing today? Hope everything is well. Anyways, a very short update here:

Rookery Cove has given out new gifts for both men and women. Join Rookery Cove Project Group and get them here. Also Gritty Kitty is giving away some Halloween themed stuff, a scarf and a hat for all of you at 1L, tp here to get it now!

rookery cove
On Venturino:
Rookery Cove Project:*Spin* Blue T-Shirt (Join Rookery Cove Project Group and get here)
Scarf: Gritty Kitty: Halloween Scarf 08 (hat and scarf for 1L)

On Ding:
Hat: Gritty Kitty: Halloween Hat 08 (hat and scarf for 1L)
Dress: Rookery Cove Project: Teal Polka Dot Dress (Join Rookery Cove Project Group and get here)

That's it for now. Have a great evening!

Today's Update!

As you know, Halloween is coming real soon, so a costume would be really handy at this time of the year, especially if they are free! Here is this glittery witch outfit by Reasonable Desires which you can get for free if you join the group. Join Reasonable Desires Group and get it here. If you add them to your picks, you can get also get a devil outfit for free!

Outfit: *RD*: Witchin' (Join Reasonable Desires Group and get it here)

And also, Ephe brought me over to this nice little shop today called fab pony and there is a great tee for just a linden. You should also check out other stuff in the store as they are really nice. And not to forget to mention there is a really neat looking club opposite of fab pony which will be opening on Friday, drop by and enjoy the music y'all!

Top: FAB.PONY: Unicorn Tee-Coral (1L)

Thimbles have a new group gift. Join Thimbles Group and check notices and get this cute babydoll dress.

Dress: *Thimbles* Saturday at the Bowling Alley - Coral (Join Thimbles Group and check notices to get)

See you later. Ta~!

...when gory skins are everywhere. And this time Minnu Skin is going to give four free skins, two each for boys and girls as a treat for this Halloween. If you are a member you can get the skin from your notices. If you are not, you don't need to join the group, but keep this date in your mind. On October 15th, they are going to put these skins in the lobby for you to grab!!! Don't forget!!
Here is a little preview on what you are getting:

For the girls:

Skin: MMS:Halloween skins- Female

For the boys:

Skin: MMS:Halloween skins-Male

If you really can't wait to get them, you can join MM Skins group by paying 250L and check notices. I think it's worth to pay it as they give freebies from time to time. Anyway, have fun people!


69 Update group is open for enrollment again. Join the group and camp for 20 minutes for 4 different items, here. Savvy Avvy has a dress for the girls, join Savvy Avvy group and check notices to get it; and also there is a cute brown knit dress from Jill up for grabs too.

Hair: ::69:: Happy Halloween Hair
From Left to Right:
Dress:[savvy avvy] - Gift Box Gridlove lilac (females)
Paper Bag:::69:: Sweets Paper Bag

Join ***Fashion Trend*** group and check notices to get loads of dresses, and this spidery one from the group gift particularly interest me.

fashion trend
Gown:Prim and Pixel Paradise: Tangled (***Fashion Trend*** Group Gift)

Have fun!!!

I have to rush in less than 15 mins, so this is a Coords only post. Sorry no pictures but I can ensure you that the skins are GREAT!!

Location: Here
What to find: 15 Little Stars that contains various awesome skins.
Duration: Less than 48 hours, hurry hurry hurry!!

Coords (Thanks Ephe!):


It's super laggy there and since the place is located in the sky, don't forget to wear your feather so that you can fly . Happy Hunting!

Deals update!

I will be busy in RL starting from now till early November, so there will be few but long posts. So here's the sum up of today:

M&R Cupcakes is giving skins again, this time a set of 12! There is for sure a shade that you like! Told you 250L well worth. Join M&R Cupcakes group and check notices to get it.

Skin: M&R Cupcakes - BIRTHDAY SUIT SKIN #3 (Join M&R Cupcakes group and check notices)

Beauty Avatar is also giving away a new skin. This time a gory blood sucker skin.NICE. The shirt worn in this picture is a gift from Pig Shop, join I love Starlust group and check notices.

Skin:Beauty Avatar: Nemesis: Light - Halloween (1L)
Top: Pig Shop - Unisex Jacket - Old Man Blue J (Join
Starlust Group and check notices)

There is a cute witchy outfit which is a group gift of Lo Momo. You can join the group here, and get the outfit in store. The hair I am wearing here is Tekuteku's halloween hair which is only 10L. The hair kinda reminds me of the Wendy girl.

Hair: Tekuteku: Halloween hair 2008 (10L)
Outfit: : Lo Momo : Witch Outfit (Join Lo Momo group and get it here)

Last but not least there is this hunt going on at SexyCatz. This will end 31st of October so still plenty of time. 100 over skulls to be found, loads of great dresses and gowns in them (and some guy stuff too), you shouldn't miss this out! I have the nearly completed cheat sheet passed to me by Linda, if you are interested, IM me or Vent in world to get it. These are a few of the loot.



Gowns and Dresses: From SexyCatz hunt.

That's it for now, have a great night people and happy hunting!

Muism has added a new tank top to their lucky chairs. The tank is 20% transparency, so its super sexy. While waiting my initial to come out on the lucky chair, Galliano Boucher who works for Muism, is kind enough to give me a voucher to spend there and I got a pair of jeans with it :D.

Top: Muism: Tank Top_MS/poison (Lucky chair)
Pant: Muism: Vintage Jeans_Rolled up cuff/Washed [male] (Gift voucher from Galliano Boucher)

P/s: Thanks again to Galliano Boucher for the Muism voucher.

Me and Ding went back to Aoharu and we got lucky with the lucky chair (changes every 20 mins)! There is also a shoe lucky chair with a boot for girls not shown here.

On Venturino:
Top: Aoharu: StripeShirt-LightGreen (from lucky chair)

On Ding:
Outfit: Aoharu: KnitHoodCoat-Blue (from lucky chair)
Leggings: *League* :Metallic Shine Leggings-Gold (Exclusive for subscribeomatic group)
Boots: Aoharu: KnitBoots-Green (limited group gift till 10/7)

Get lucky, and good night!

Aoharu Gift

Aoharu has a limited time gift in store for members from now through 10/7. Hurry before it's gone!

Dress: Aoharu : CheckShirtDress_Orange (Limited time group gift in store)

Hope you are still having fun with all the hunts! If you need notecards for Island Depot Hunt, Manhattan Hunt or Midnight Whisper Hunt, IM me or Vent to get them. Ta for now. : )

Savvy Avvy is giving away a new group gift! Join Savvy Avvy update group and check notices to get the green cardigan which could be worn alone or with a white shirt base.

Savvy Avvy
Top: Savvy Avvy: Mens button cardigan_moss

Have a great weekend and have fun hunting!

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