As I am shit dead busy in RL these two weeks, the blog will be kinda slow (actually, very slow.) I promise I will be active and kicking again (with all those overdued review posts) after I am done with school.

In the meantime, go get these essentials from Reek to keep yourself warm in the Christmas SL weather. The fingerless gloves is exactly a copy from what I use in RL daily! You make my SL a better place, Riq!

scarf: Reek - Cozy Scarf - Gray

gloves: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Gray

Stay warm people!


at Tyranny Design!! Tyr's graphic card died on her and she need your support in order to get a new one and work on new awesome stuff for you!!

Everything is on sale to Sunday 12/6!

Skins - New - 220L each
Skins - older releases- 200 each

Clothes & Accessories- half off

Every bit counts, so hurry down now!!

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