Tons of goodies on sale at the Creators Pavillion's Early Summer Sale, which will last till 6/21 (previously posted a hair from the sale here) !! If you haven't heard about it, go now!! If you went there on the first two days and haven't check back, please do, because most of the stalls are out already !!

Creator Pavillion Sale
On Ding:
Dress: Honey*Soul Girl-POP- OR(60L)
On Vent:
Top: *ARAI* Pul shirt02_indigo (70L)
Bottom: *ARAI* Beach Pants_white (50L)

Creator Pavillion Sale
On Ding:
Top: cotton candy(yellow)**nikukyu**cpsale (60L , tons of options, could be worn as a dress)
Bottom: "NINIKO"RollupJeanes-Blue (80L)
On Vent:
Outfit: Honey*Soul Graphix-Set-Penguin (60L)

If you feel tired from your shopping trip, refreshments are served too, at Last Ride's stall!

Creator Pavillion Sale

Skins and stuff.

Some nice skins to get and a cute tee on devol lucky board!! (limited time only)

Snapshot_003 copy
hair: @Waffles! Miucha-butter (new release)
tee: .:::: dEVOL ::::. T Fashion Geek *LB (Join group here and touch 10 mins lucky board)
From left to right:
Skin: (v9) BELLE Light PRE-Release (Join .::Vive 9::. Clothing & Beauty Group and check notices )
Skin: Lara Skins-Rachel Pale (0L)

Skin and Outfit: *Beauty Avatar Couture* Estate Gift (1L)

Dresses and sales!!

Today, I am the girl who went shopping, and camwhored while trying out stuff in the fitting rooms, thus the flip flops and the band aid.

Anyway, here are some great dresses from Wetherby's and momo to pick up! From now on, Wetherby's will be having a free dress everyday and shown below will be the dresses that you will get for this week, matching shoes are available too at 20L per pair. And for those of you who still don't know, 69 is having their annual 24 hour 50% sale till 12SLT tonight. Hurry and get your hands on some!! Also take note that 69 will be charging for the group soon, if you love their stuff, join the group asap!

Hair: ::69:: coco - darkolive - (100L)
Dresses: Wetherby's freebie #64-#65

Hair: ::69:: coco - darkolive - (100L)
Wetherby's freebie #66-#67

Hair: ::69:: coco - darkolive - (100L)
Dresses: Wetherby's freebie #68-#70

Hair: ::69:: coco - darkolive - (100L)
Dress: ~momo~nena mini dress (Join ~momo~ group and check notices)

Things guys might want!! For more MHOH hunt items, check Free Finds For Men blog.

Snapshot_001 copy
From Left to Right:
Top: MHOH #32 - A:S:S
Ice Cream: Reek - Michelangelo Ice Cream-Guys (new release, a subscribo gift available too)

Tie: MIEL RE TIE for guys (subscribo gift, color changeable)
Outfit: MHOH #143 - Toxic Tiger

Snapshot_002 copy
From Left to Right:
Top: *Curiosity* Skull Sweater (Join *Curiosity* Group and check notices)
Jeans: MHOH #54 - Signature

Top: "NINIKOBOY"Freebie-Tshirts (0L)

From Left to Right:
Hair: MHOH #13 - Bryce Designs
Skin: -Belleza- Johan Gift (250L to Join Belleza Group and check notices)
Top: MHOH #30 - SHIKI Designs

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