I finally have some time to do the POE hunt, and along with the gifts, I got a couple of dollarbies from some of these stores too! Also, go get the Ivalde's Advent gift for today, you will love it!

From Left to Right:
Top and Bottom: Crash : Buy me stuff & Red Booty Hugger (1L, along with a couple of other things)

Top and Bottom: Crash POE Gift #57: Don't feed the Models & Street Blues

Top and Bottom: Crash :Tie & Red Booty Hugger(1L, along with a couple of other things)

From Left to Right:
Dress: [Pink] POE # 188Sugar Plumb Dress - white/pink
Toy: [PF] POE # 215 Reindeer Chihuahua (shoulder)

Dress: [Pink] Cotton Tube Dress (1L)

Dress: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift 6 *solange* (Join Ivalde Group and get it here)

From Left to Right:
Dress and Accessories: +plus POE Gift #143 Priestess Dress

Top: CRASH: Cashed Up Trash: Orange (1L, along with a couple of other things)
Gown: *BF* POE Gift #50: combo lace mandarin

That's it for now, check back for more!


I know you love skins as much as I do, so this is a post showing you all these great skins that you can get for free from Dernier Cri, Lessthan3 and Lionskin in the POE hunt, go grab it, these are definitely keepers! (Also check out the Rockberry POE gift #142 previously posted here)

From Dernier Cri POE gift #31 :

dernier cri

From Lessthan3 POE gift#230 :

From Lionskin POE gift #231 :

More updates coming up soon, stay tuned!

A free outfit for men from KA and a dollarbie outfit for the ladies (throughout the weekend) from Axel. Hurry and get it now!

KA and Axel
Pose: +KiiToS!!+ *Free* Pose (1L)
Vent's outfit: KA >Mobil< (till end of today and there will be a different gift)
Ding's outfit: /AXEL- Holiday Weekend Freebie! (1L, 2 days only, get it here)

Thanks Asyia and Katx for the info. Good Night!

Plod has a hunt and you are required to look for snowman (some are even melty) and when you find all 10 of them, you can exchange them for a very versatile white messenger bag. This hunt will end at 12/25, you still have lots of time to do it.

1.You have to get a hud here (click on the poster), and wear it.
2.Then look for 10 snowman around the sim. (Hint: search up and down, inside and corner of everywhere)
3.When you are done, go here and click on the tree, then click the "get item" button on your hud and you will get the bag.

Bags: ::plod:: LeatherShoulderBag_Christmas version.

It's a super awesome bag, just look at the details! Also if you touch the bag, acorns will drop out from the bag from time to time.

Bag (enlarged): ::plod::LeatherShoulderBag_Christmas version

This is a fairly easy hunt, so no coordinates are posted. However, if you are really lazy, or very in need of help for a certain location of a snowman, you are welcome to drop me or Ding an IM to ask for a notecard. Have fun!

P/s: Thanks Linda for the info. =D

Katx of Bingo! has put out three different items in three different stores for you to grab, which includes a pair of pajamas and two super cute top! It will be from now through Christmas, so go check out when you are free.

{Bingo} @ Haco: Reindeer Tanktop Blue
{Bingo} @ Juicy Reindeer Tanktop Pink
{Bingo} @ SBMall Reindeer PJ Green

And today's advent gift (1 day only) for Ivalde and Artilleri are these:

~Ivalde ~ 5 Adventgift*Edine* (Join Ivalde Group and get here)
/artilleri/ naughty or nice outfit *green*(Join Artilleri group and get here for 1L)

Have a great weekend~!

Short Update

Tuli has organized a photo contest and given out a set of very nice unreleased and unnamed skin for her members (which you have to wear in the photo). To join the contest (or just to get the skins), pay 250L to join TULI Group and check notices for more information (or get the skins). Totally worth every linden you pay!

Tuli Skins
Skins: []::Tuli::[] Unnamed skin (250L to join TULI Group and check notices)

Please grab these two dresses as they are super cute:

/AXEL/ : Gift Bag December: Dolly Dress (Subscribo Gift)
+KiiToS!!+ Flower chiffon onepiace-tunic (Opening 1L)

And something unusual if you are interested:
Skin: MIASNOW Skin& Shape - JASMINE FROST (1L, located in the tray)
! massimo!**fighting lover 12th GP gift (Join massimo!amico!group and check notices)

Good night~!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Have been very busy with my exams these couple of weeks and my harddisk died on me. But here I am back to update you with the things you probably have already heard about : ) Lots of skins to grab, lots of cute outfits to get, and a seriously cute christmas toy that you shouldn't miss out! Just follow the SLURLS to get the stuffs~!


[the oBscene] HIGAN ~ Gift! (Join Obscene Group and check notices)

beauty avatar
*Beauty Avatar Couture* Women Gift (1L)

-Belleza- Peace On Earth Hunt Gift Female
[S&S] Xmas SKin 101 (1L, available till Friday)

Nonko: Christmas group gift choir dress (Join ***JAPAN SOUL NONKO.com*** Group and get in store)
Baiastice_Party Red (Join Baiastice Group and check notices)
!* Rebel -X- *! Mellow + Winterproof XMAS ED. 2008 (Lucky Chair)
Thimbles - Soon Flexi Scarf - Grey/Gold Blocks ( Join I love Starlust Group and check notices)

Uncle Wiggily 19a-e / indian paisley skirt
Uncle Wiggily 13a / gloaming shadows skirt
(Note: More cute cheap stuff available at Uncle Wiggily, check out!!)


Nasreen of [:Decolletage:] dropped me the cutest Hobby Horse (reindeer style, packed with 4 AOs) today, and I was a super happy girl galloping away the grid! You can get this cute toy at her store for only 1L! It's a really neat store, so walk around with your Hobby Horse, you might pick up some of her nice creations along the way!

hobby horse
[:D:] Hobby Horse...Rudolph Style! (1L)

on the hobby horse
James, Kailana and I in action

That's about it for now, will be back with more goodies update soon!

There is a little hunt for gifts which are outfits for both men and women at INDI Designs. The gifts are located at second floor, behind a huge posterboard. It's an advent gift, so they probably won't last long. Go get them now!

INDI gift
on Vent:
outfit: INDI Designs:Adventskiste 04.12.2008-M (0L)
on Ding:
outfit: INDI Designs:Adventskiste 04.12.2008-F (0L)

Special Update:

Lionskin is giving away all their first generation Zee Skins for free, yes you got me right, FREE, get as much as you want as they cost nothing and will be discontinued after today. IT'S A ONE DAY DEAL! I don't know how many hours there is left for today, so hurry hurry hurry!


Here are some tees to add to your current collections. There are also six camping chairs at Hair Solutions where you can camp two hours for a pack of four colors hair. The camping chairs are for men and women where you can choose from a variety of hair.

From left to right:
Hair Solutions: Travis - platinum (camping chair)
Kunstkammer: Tee (0L)

Hair: Hair Solutions: Travis - platinum (camping chair)
*Beauty Avatar Couture*: Man gift (1L)

Fantasma Plaza is celebrating their opening and you can get lots of stuffs from most of the stores there. Here are some of the goodies for men I found at Fantasma Plaza,

From left to right:
First row:
Top: Humby Designs: Happy Ville Black (0L)
Top: Humby Designs: Behind the Bushes Tee White (0L)

Second row:
Top: *Bagley*: Luna Tee (0L)
Top: Pig:- Thermal - 80's Jeep Cherokee (1L for a pack for six)
Top: Schadenfreude: Haunted Skelebeater Unisex (1L

Good night =D

Am having a bad headache and is having two finals tommorow. T-T So grab the stuff from the lm given and have fun! Ta~!

Snapshot_005 copy
From left to right:
Outfit: /artilleri/ deanna lingerie *candycane*(Activate Artilleri group tag and get different gifts daily in store for 1L)
Outfit: OOps gingerman (50L, more deals on 2nd floor of store)
Outfit: House of Nyla: Santa's Naughty Lil Helper (1L)

There's some really cute outfits to grab at Slow Kitchen. There's also a lucky chair there that gives away real great stuff too!

Slow kitchen
From left to right:
Hat:Slow Kitchen :Little_derby_hat(1L)
Dress:Slow Kitchen :*free*Room_Wanpi(0L)

Dress:Slow Kitchen :Midsummer Nighty Dress(1L)

Tunic:Slow Kitchen :Ribbon Wanpi-Black(1L)

Good Night!

I bet most of you have already heard of this amazingly massive gridwide hunt, Peace on Earth Hunt that involves 350 vendors in world which will be starting on Tuesday,12/2 and will last for the entire month till 12/31.

Peace on Earth

And here is a preview of the very pretty Rockberry skins that you can get from the hunt:

Skins: Rockberry: Lily Peace on Earth Hunt skins

See you there!

Deals of Sunday!

Picture heavy post. Click on the LMs to grab the stuff!

From left to right:
Dress: Mimikri -Seduction hot pink/gift (0L)
Shoes: S.Olbers - Bow Sandals (0L)

Outfit: a piece of candy - starlet (gift from subscribo)

From left to right:
Top: cafe yui *Black Jacket*(1L)


Skin: - BEBAE - Winter Excl. Gift (Join *Bebae* group and check notices)
From left to right:

Dress: *GF* Rose Stitch Dress -holiday red- (1L)

Dress (with shoes): Meghindo's casual wear (1L, comes in a lot of other brooch options)

From left to right:
Top: ::humming::Layered shirt (1L)
Skirt: ::humming::BlackflowerSK (1L)

Skin: - BEBAE - Winter Excl. Gift (Join *Bebae* group and check notices)
Dress: ::humming::StrawberryDress (1L)

Skin: - BEBAE - Winter Excl. Gift- Close up (Join *Bebae* group and check notices)

Have a great Sunday~!


8 presents to be grabbed (3 clothings, 5 skins), lasts for a week, at Cupcakes new store. Don't forget to walk around and check out the store, because there are lots of pretty neat stuff at a really great price!

From left to right:
Skin: *CUPCAKES - BRANDY Tangerine

cupcake dress
From left to right:
*CUPCAKES - Holly Dress
*CUPCAKES - Stripey Dress
*CUPCAKES - Lacy Tank Top

Good night~!

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