There's a half price sale at on pink items for both men and women. Everything you see in the pictures in pink are 220 and under!! Just log on to, click on the category you are looking for, then click shop by colors at the sidebar, click pinks, and you will see the wide selection that you can choose from!

armidi pink sale men

Armidi Pink sale

Shop till you drop!

Short Update again.

Note: Lazolli skin store is still closed. No worries, Nariko said that she will put it there for sometime, so no rush.

A couple of things to be picked up, from en Svale(not part of the hunt), Axel, Lookr for Greatest Love hunt.

free stuff
From Left to Right:
Top: **en Svale** Border Parka:::Happy Valentine!:::(0L)
Socks: **en Svale.** Free Knee Socks-Purple (0L)

Dress: Greatest love 15: AXEL - Liebe Dress

Dress: Greatest love 16: LOOKR ~ Elegente ~ Pink

Hope you people are still enjoying yourself with the hunts!!

Some updates!

There are not only one but 8 skins in two dollarbie (4 skins each) bags at Lazolli to be grabbed. However, the store was attacked by some griefers last night, so you might have to wait till later or tomorrow to get them. This is just a friendly reminder that there are skins to be grabbed. (Thanks Necia for telling me!)

Skins: Lazolli Julia (1L each for two bags of 4 skins)

Then there's something from kiss hunt that you shouldn't miss out, kiss 18 from RC Cluster which includes tons of fun stuff in it. And this is emo cry cry diary is part of the gift. It comes with the whole animation of you writing the diary , being emo and end up breaking down and cry. How fun could that be?

emo crycry diary
Diary: Kiss 18: -RC- Emo CryCry Diary (behind sofa)

Have a fun weekend hunting!

Here are more stuff from the Kiss hunt, and a little bit more from Bijou and Cupcakes!

Kiss hunt
Chairs: Kiss 131:CORN Wonton Chair Fat pack, V day special!
On Ding:
Bag: Kiss 132: JE*REPUBLIC-La vie est belle Bag

On Vent:
Hair: Kiss 56: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ Cruz ~ CP II
Outfit: Kiss 17: Alphamale: Army Tee and Jeans
(Note: There is also a male skin from belleza @ kiss 16, not shown)

Lingerie and Boxer: :bijou: *FREE* Smooch (get it here, join Bijou Shopaholics Group and check notices for more lingerie colors!)
Handcuffs: Kiss 30: Instinct handcuffs M

skins: *CUPCAKES Valentine Gift LOVESPELL makeup (250L to join Cupcakes Group and check notices)

That's it for today, will save some energy for the next hunt coming up! Have fun!!!

The Kiss Hunt.

Here are some of those that you can grab, more coming soon!

Kiss Hunt 3
From Left to Right:
Skin: Kiss 11:[lessthanthree] skins - mystery
Necklace: Kiss 42: *Kookie* Valentine Hunt charm necklace
Dress: Kiss 105: A-BOMB Kissed Hunt gift
Tights: Kiss 146: FTV - Valentine's Gift Tintable Patterned Tights
Shoes: *Kookie* Ella petites Valentine edition (45L)

Skin: Kiss 126:(Milk Motion) Alice Valentine *
Dress:Kiss 191: Ivalde: taylor valentine
Pose:Kiss 1: *V*Candy1

Outfit: Kiss 103: Baiastice_S_ BODY_Valentine

Kiss Hunt 2
From Left to Right:
Outfit: Kiss 181: Project Kiwi - Hunt Outfit (on the model)

Dress:Kiss 75: Ibizarre Sequin Dress -copper
Shoes: Kiss 155: (P-K)Suede Peep-Toe Rouge

Dress: Kiss 68: *katat0nik* (black) Rina Dress

Kiss Hunt 1
From Left to Right:
Lingerie: Kiss 170: [Pink] Sheer Heart (under the table)

Outfit: Kiss 183: [Y.M.X.] terry hoodie set v-day red (beside the word 'new')

Toy: Kiss 7: [PF] Panda
Dress:Kiss 127: {CF} Wings N Heart Cotton Dress

Kiss Hunt
Hat: Kiss 93: CC Cirque TopHat
Necklace: Kiss 85: Kunstkammer Blackheart Necklace
Mask: Kiss 21: amplify * serial kisser mask
Handcuffs: Kiss 30: Instinct handcuffs F

It's a fairly easy hunt, so have fun searching!!

The hunt is on!

Well, kinda on, since Rockberry has already given out her lips filled with a very nice skin in 4 tones and you can go grab it here, now!


Rockberry Vain Hunt
Skins: [RockBerry] Vain Inc Kissed Hunt (0L)

Have fun!!

Short Update!

Two cute outfits from Wig Wam Bam and Bombon to be grabbed!

Dress:WigWamBam / Zebre Dress Gift/(lucky chair, changes every 10 mins, could be worn as gown)
Outfit: BomBon/pink check set (1L)

Till then, have fun!

Who could resist chocolates and cupcakes? Kuri style has two dollarbie chocolaty dresses up for grab!

Chocolates and Cupcakes
From Left to Right:
Dress: K*S sweet chocolate2 (1L)
Dress: K*S sweet chocolate1 (1L)

Also there's a yummilicious stacked cupcakes with cute bears hair from TEKUTEKU , join TEKUTEKU group and get it here.
Hair: =TEKUTEKU= Group Gift-February (join TEKUTEKU group and get it here)

For those of you with sweet tooth, here is a chocolate filled box from Snowy Kiss lucky board (changes every 10 mins) that gives away chocolates (click the red heart) and is transferable too!

chocolate box
Chocolate box: *SK* Choco Box (Lucky Board changes every 10 mins, thanks Jaxie!)

Stuff yourself with all these sweet stuff now! Enjoy!

Some gifts to be picked up from Thimbles, Truth, Ordinary and new gifts from this week's Fabulous Fashion show.

Look of Tuesday!
On Ding:
Top: *Thimbles* I love Plaid - Dennis Hybrids (Join Thimbles Group and check notices)
Necklace (hardly visible): (VW) @ Fabulous fashion show: Tortoise Shell Bugeyes Necklace (0L)
Boots: >TRUTH< Foxley Boot (subscribo gift)

On Vent:
Glasses: Solar Eyewear @ Fabulous fashion show~ Nash ~ FF (0L)
Top: *Thimbles* I love Plaid - Dennis Hybrids (Join Thimbles Group and check notices)
Shoes: -ordinary- free slipon ! (0L, click on the package beside "free")

Pick them now before they are gone. Have fun!

[Update from Ding]:

Skin: *CUPCAKES - Lovespell - HONEY - Spring Fling (Join Heart Cupcakes update group for 250L, and check notices)
Shirt (inner check shirt layer not included): Wot? Shirt 001 -Ass Kissin (Join I heart starlust group and check notices )

Kawaii Look!!

Cute things to grab from Parallel Love, Elate and Miu, and introducing a new hair store (at least to me), Art Lago.

I read about this store from Bonekita's blog about the lucky chair hair, and that hair is super cool! While you are waiting for the chair, try out the demo for the hair sold there, for all the colors (and scripted functions) you get at a reasonable price, you will like them!

Kawaii girl
From left to right:
Hair: Art Lago: Dada Style (not free, but very cute)
Dress: PARALLEL LOVE Monthly group gift~FEB~(Join Parallel Love Group and get it here)

Hair: Art Lago: Lucky chair knit hair (lucky chair, changes every 10 mins)
Glasses: (Elate!) Heart Aviators (1L, pay the fountain)
Bottom:*MIU* shortpants(0L)

Good night!

Go pick up these dresses ASAP, they are stunning, and are definitely keepers!

Dresses, Hair(s), and something cute.
Gown: Baiastice_La Dame du Chocolat (Send Sissy Pessoa a notecard to join Baiastice Group and check notices)

Snapshot.jpg_004 copy
From left to right:
Hair: Exile Veronica Caramel Choc (Join Exile Gear Group and check notices)
Gown: Phoenix Rising-Touch Slip dress (1L)

Hair: PUDGE: Do me Seymour! (Join I heart Starlust group and check notices)
Gown: Phoenix Rising- Encased-Inspired (1L)

Hair: ::Inorite:: Cupcake~ Last Cup of Coffee (subscribo gift)
Gown: NX Portia Dress Ruby (1L)

Then, remember to visit the Freakshow at 1.30pm (opening party) later, not only because of the interesting avie the Yip is giving out, but also for all the interesting artwork exhibited at the show! The freak show will last for two weeks starting today, so remember to stop by and have a look!

Avie:YIPs @ freakshow: waldemar twin portrait (0L)

Photo background:YIPs @ freakshow waldemar twin room (0L)

Have a great monday!!

There's a really cool top at English Element lucky chair that changes every 20 minutes, here, and also stop by Chicanery to pick up your free balloon!

Lucky Chair!
Hair: a.C - STD.GloXhair KlaaR (Not free)
Top: ~ENGLISH ELEMENT~ ARGYLE STYLE - BLUE - JACKET (20 mins, lucky chair)
Jeans: a.C FOR.SPRING - ADVENTURE.Jeans (previously posted, 100L to join AC Store group and buy it for 50L)
Balloon: Chica- Red Balloon with hold (0L)

Check out the interesting photobooth beside the store while you are waiting for the lucky chair. Here is a pic of me, Ding, Ping, Aris and Vas!

photo booth
The dress Ping (in the middle) is wearing is on the English Element's girl's lucky chair.

Thanks Aristoteles!!

Some cute unisex tees (and a pair of leggings) to grab from Dutch Touch and Fishy Strawberry.

Cute Tees!
tees: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Valentine Crate with Unisex Tees (comes in various colors, subscribo gift)

fishy strawberry
Vent's top and Ding's leggings: *Fishy Strawberry* Valentine Gift (2L)

Have a superb sunday!!

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