I know I haven't been posting since forever, well, I was lazy to post repetitive stuff that all blogs have already posted, so my plan is to feature an unknown but great designer, Louis Henderson of Le Choix, whom I modelled for recently. Since he's now in the market research stage, Louis has only put up two models of necklaces, here, for sale.

Atlus S
Necklace: Le Choix: Atlus in silver (unisex, also comes in vintage color)

Le Choix Geo black
Necklace: Le Choix: Geo in black (ladies, also comes in silver and vintage color)

You can get the silver version of Geo from the hunt for free, till tommorow only~!

Le Choix Silver
Necklace: Le Choix: Geo in silver (hunt gift @ Blockheadsville, till tommorow only)

Speaking of which , I haven't got over the town that we built, and I love it so much that I want to move in and stay there permanently. A friendly reminder, the hunt will be ending tommorow, so grab whatever you haven't and touch the raffle ball if you forgot to do it last time, and take pictures of you and the town to capture the good memories BECAUSE IT WILL BE GONE AFTER THE HUNT.

Here are some pictures of me in Blockheadsville:

Bodega Store@Blockheadsville
Grocery @ Bodega Deli

Watching Casablanca @ Majestic Theatre

Flirts with a noob@ Noobtown Diner

subway station @ blockheadsville
Chilling with Vent @ Noobtown Subway Station

sexclub@ Blockheadsville
Posing with Lanai @ Fabulous Sexclub

I hope you people had great fun (regardless the lack) and stop by tommorow if you want to have your last visit to Blockheadsville.

I travelled to the Far east on this boat to meet a friend.

Ancient Chinese_01

To fit into the tradition, I decided to dress up as a Chinese man.

Ancient Chinese_02
Outfit (hair included): Ancient Chinese scholars (1L for a week only)

There I met Suri, the princess of the far east, who welcomed me heartily.

Ancient Chinese_04
On Suri:
Outfit: princess yang of tang dynasty (1L for a week only)

She also walked me through the extremely extravagant imperial palace that she stays in.

Ancient Chinese_05

Last but not least, she offered to entertain me with a traditional dance, and I thought it would be rude to let her dance alone, so I tagged in.

Ancient Chinese_03
On Vent:
Outfit:Ancient Chinese scholars (1L for a week only)

On Suri:
Outfit: princess out wear of tang dynasty of chinese (1L for a week only)

I had a great time at the Far east. Go there today to find Princess Suri, and ask for a trip, she would gladly bring you around :D

Two things to grab

I am glad that everyone is having lotsa fun in noobtown. :) Anyway, here's some updates of the day:

The outfit on the left is a new group gift from Archange group. Join Archange group and get it here for 1L. The jacket is a group gift from M&G Fashion. Join M&G Fashion Group and check notices to get it. The group is 200L to join, but if you like this jacket (a new release), it's worth it because it's priced at 300L in stores.

From left to right:
Outfit: *Archange : Chelsea Jacket (Join Archange group and get it here for 1L)
Top: [MG fashion] Vest&Jacket (200L, Join M&G Fashion Group and check notices to get it)

Have a great night~!

Lucky Chairs!

I hope you guy had fun in the hunt~!

This will be a short post on three lucky chairs:

has three new items (pretty dresses) on the lucky chair, changes alphabets and items every 10 minutes:

S&S Lucky Chair
From Left to Right (all from lucky chair):
Dress: [
S&S] Lucky Dress 01*
Dress: [
S&S] Lucky Dress 03*
Dress: [
S&S] Lucky Dress 02*

Then there is this lucky chair at Katatonik that changes alphabet every 20 mins that gives away this exquisite poofy dress. Last but not least the Endeavor lucky chair that changes items and alphabets every 10 minutes

Katatonik and Endeavor
From left to right (all from lucky chair):
Katatonik: Buckley V.2 Dress Lucky Chair (teal)
[ENDEAVOR] :Oriental Bustier A
[ENDEAVOR] : Leggings leopard teal

Very tired.. have to go now. Good night!

A little while more to go and the hunt is officially open. YAY! Check the right hand upper corner of the blog for a TP to the landing point of Blockheadsville at 12pm SLT. And a friendly reminder to those bloggers who will be posting about this hunt, I know you can't wait to do it but please do not post the ENTIRE LIST of coords (partial list is acceptable) on the first two days of the hunt as it's a fairly easy 5 day hunt, no hurry to spoil the hunt lover's fun uh?

I decided to walk you through the town a bit before you are there so you will be more or less familiar with the environment that you will be in. Please reduce the scripts and prim usage (like what you did in hair fair) before TPing into the town to reduce lag and make this hunt a better experience for everyone. Blockheadsville is specially designed and decorated for this hunt and will be taken down once the hunt is over.

Since it's called Blockheadsville, expect to see lots of blockheads around the town. Around 30 noobs filled with goodies from various designers are hidden among the regular ones all over the place, it might be in a nearby isle, or in the waters, as long as the place is accessible, chances are that the noobs might be there. The starting point of the hunt will be in the Noobtown subway station.

Noobtown Subway Station

Opposite of the subway station is the Fabulous Noobtown Gentlemen's club, where you can have some kinky fun while searching for the noobs.

Noobtown XXX Club

Beside the club is the town's game arcade, where noobs go when they are bored. Photo Booths are installed in the arcade, so you can take pictures with people that you meet there and you can also show everyone your picture by putting them to the noteboard in the middle of the arcade room. Before you leave the arcade, don't forget to click the yellow stripey raffle ball to be entered to the lucky draw. 5 prizes to be given away includes four 1000L Muism gift certificates and one 500L chambre du chocolat gift certificate. Winner will be announce on this blog on 11/10. Remember to click it and check back to see if you win!

Noobtown Game Arcade

The Majestic Theatre and the Bodega deli are two of the noobs favourite hang out places too, located right beside the arcade.

Me and the noob on the top of Majestic Theatre

Last but not least, the Slum Manor Apartments, located opposite to the supermarket along the Blockhead Blvd, the place where the richer noobs who could afford to pay rent stays. I am considering to get myself a room there too.

Me @ Blockhead Blvd

And that's me and the whole of Blockhead Blvd. It's not a huge place and I hope you will Take some time off from the hunt and try touching everything that you can see because a lot of them are scripted to animate you or give you things. You have 5 days for the hunt, and the hunt items will be there throughout this period, so take your time and have fun!

Me loves Blockheadsville

Happy Hunting, people! =D

Well, actually not very yet, D-Hunt will only start tommorow, 12pm SLT and the taxi to the hunt will only be given away at 12pm SLT on this blog, so stay tuned~!


Late night post.

The Obscene has opened a new store and they are giving out a funky make up skin for free to all, and it's really pretty. Hurry though, I don't know how long it will be there.

Skins: [the oBscene] Opening Special!GANESHA-Diamond-SPECIAL GIFT (0L)

Then, my dear friend Poe Tatum of Skank R Us is giving away a pack of stripey leggings in bright colors to her group members (comes in a really cool box that open by itself in one touch)! Join Skank R Us group or touch the subscribo board here to get them.

skank r us
Leggings: [SRU] Poe's Something ~or~ Other Stripies (Join Skank R Us subscribo and get it)

That's it for today, nite~!

Three things you have to get today:

Haute Couture
Dress:HC: Bracado dress- peach(Join Haute Couture subscribo and buy it here)

Snapshot_003 12-32-20
Outfit: Baiastice_fresh of november (Join Baiastice Group and check notices)

New lucky chairs items in Aoharu again. A fur trimmed hooded parka for girls and a peacoat for boys. Go try out your luck now~!

Fiona's Coat: AOHARU: MilitaryCoat_Yellow(lucky chair)
Vent's Coat: AOHARU: LeatherBlouson_Purple (lucky chair)

That's it for now, hope you had a great day today~!

There's this little shop called the Kunstkammer which is totally worth your time to check out. They have the most cutest, most unique stuff in the little store. Remember to join Kunstkammer Updates Group before buying anything though, because with that group tag, you can get awesome group member deals and 15% off all the things in store. Here are some of the stuff that you can get:

Hair: ETD: Yvette - Blonde (30L)
From Left to Right:
Tattoo: Kunstkammer Briny Deep Back Tat (Join
Kunstkammer Updates Group and buy here for 10L)
Tattoo: Kunstkammer Violin D'Ingres Tattoo (21L after joining
Kunstkammer Updates Group )

Kunstkammer is also selling this cool tee for 10L this month, but take note that you have to fix the jacket layer of the shirt from appearance, if not it will look like an unfinished top. Endeavor is another place that you shouldn't miss out, they have this lucky board that changes every 10 minutes which gives away various really good items (I know the board has been there a long time, but the things are just too good not to be posted). The shorts and the dress shown below are two things that you can get from the board (Thanks Sexyback!):

Lucky Chair
Hair: ETD: Yvette - Blonde (30L)
From Left to Right:
Top: Kunstkammer: Unisex Floral Moth Tee (Join
Kunstkammer Updates Group and buy here for 10L)
Bottom: [ENDEAVOR] Short Denim peacock (Lucky Chair)

Dress:[ENDEAVOR]: Squirrel clothes yellow (Lucky Chair)

Last but not least, a little teaser for the SLonDlist Hunt. I believe Vent has already informed you about the postponing of the hunt (to 11/5), which I am terribly sorry about. I wanted to give the designers more time to prepare and hide their item, so that all of you can be happy and get more stuff from the hunt. :) Fab Pony is one of the stores that is participating in this hunt. Tatianna, the designer of Fab Pony has created this full outfit (includes bracelet and shoes) for the hunt for all of you to grab. The gorgeous floral top shown in the picture below is one of her latest items in store (also comes in three other colors) and you can get them for 225L each.

Fab Pony
Hair: ETD: Yvette - Blonde (30L)
From Left to Right:
Outfit: FAB.PONY Mod Babydoll -White (0L@SLonDlist Hunt)

Top: FAB.PONY Loverly Top/Dress -Royal Gold (225L)

That's it for now, have a great night people~!

I have a little announcement to make regarding the SLonDlist Hunt, a couple of designers are very busy and couldn't make it for tommorow (11/3), so we were thinking of postponing the hunt to 11/5 Wednesday, so mark that down on your calender, we shall start the party on 11/5!

Alta Moda has seven freebie boxes which are located in some noob sculpties' hands to be grab, very easy to find, and will be ending in two days, so get it while they are still around. Thanks to Lanai's info, there are seven dollarbies poses at Imperial Elegance

Alta Moda
Pose: Imperial Elegance: Friends_Pose (1L)
On Lanai:
Top: Alta Moda: Sugar High
On Vent:
Top: Alta Moda: Burning

Alta Moda
Pose: Imperial Elegance: IE_Wall_Pose (1L)
On Ding:
Hair: ETD: Charley - Blonde (30L)
Outfit:Alta Moda: Mentalist
Shoes: ETD: Hampton Wedges -Ruby (30L)
On Vent:
Top: Alta Moda: Gun Undies

Ding asked me to post this since she's feeling lazy today, there's a very pretty 1L dress to grab in front of the door of Gigi Couture.

gigi couture
Dress: Gigi Couture: Sequin Brite Blue (1L)
Pose: Alta Moda: Kawaii 4 (0L)

Last but not least, thanks to Leila for informing us on the new bed in the ghost that hides in Instinct. It's a very nice canopy bed, and best, it's transferable, get a couple of copies and share them to your friends! Hurry, I believe the ghost will poof soon. (UPDATE: The ghost is gone.)

Instinct bed
Bed: Instinct - Intimate Bed No.01

Have a great day~!

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