More goodies that you can find in the event, which will start this Sunday!! Aren't you excited already?

Designers United Event
Top: {SMS} Crow Jacket Black - DU2

Designers United Event
Dress: This is a Fawn - Deep V-Neck Dress [feather] DU

Designers United Event
Top: !Ohmai : FeatherCardigan WHITECROW
Necklace: This is a Fawn - Corvus Necklace [aged brass] DU

More Designer United Event's Goodies preview!!!!

Designers United Event
Top: *Miss 80s* CROW's FEELING jacket

Designers United Event
lingerie: Pig - Land of Makebelieve for Designers United

Designers United Event
Cape: (Milk Motion) my crow cape
Tee: (Milk Motion) my crow loose tank

Designers United Event
skybox: Aitui - Designers United Event Item

Hair: Kin-HalloweenHair (1L)
Top: Intrigue Co. Cassette hoodie (1L)
Shoes: MHOH2 # 2 [ hoorenbeek ]: SL Balance - Grey/Blue

Top: Intrigue Co. Let's Hug it Out shirt (1L)
Boots: *ordinary* Mouton boots (007)

Necklaces:Frugalista - Preppyness Necklace (2L each till tommorow)

Another preview of the items at the Designers United Event!!

Designers United Event
Mask: ::SPLIT PEA:: Just paint your face the shadows smile - CROWMASK
Crow on head: ::SPLIT PEA:: Sometimes it rains inside my head - CROW Headband

Designers United Event
Skin: (Milk Motion) Colette skin *crow*
Hair accessories: (Milk Motion) my tree of crows
Necklace: (Milk Motion) My pearl&feather necklace
Top: (Milk Motion) my crow cardigan

Designers United Event
Hair: [OH]:::(o_x)::: Oh my Crow-Designers United Event- Hair
Backpack with wings: Designers United Event2 - Chabinns-Karasu Bag

More preview on the upcoming Designers United Event!!!

Designers United Event
Hair: Modd.G Hair - Joanna {Designer's United - Crowing}
Top: *Miss 80s* SINGING CROW t-shirt
Necklace: *Miss 80s* CROW QUEEN necklace

Designers United Event
Headpiece: DUBOO*Ms.C + Mr.D
Top: DUBOO*Ms.C + Mr.D tee

Designers United Event
Outfit: !DADA! Designers United Event 2: crows sitting on high voltage cables

A little preview of the awesome stuff that you can get at the second Designers United Event which will start this weekend:

Crow Lady (Designers United Event)
Lashes: [glow ] studio -Face decor eyelashes- Crow Designers United2
Mask: LaGyo_witchcraft mask
Earrings: LaGyo_native crow earring
Brooch: Singing moth_ethnic plumes brooch
Top: Beetle Bones** shake yer tail feathers

Designers United Event
Dress: Designers United Event2 - *deviant girls*- Crow's nest dress
Shoes: Designers United Event2 --LMK- Crow heels

Designers United Event
Outfit with hat: BALACLAVA!! Mr. Crowe for Designers United II

More to come soon!

Random Stuff

Hair: Donna Flora Halloween hair (0L)

Outfit: [LeLutka]-Gift Bag Fall 09 (250L to Join LeLutka Group and check notices.)

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