Hi there~

By Linda@ somewhere in SL that I am super unfamiliar with.

This might be an indication that I might spend some time starting to blog again.....:P Till then, have fun, y'all!!


Sorry for not keeping my promise. SL has been an ass to me eversince. The new viewer can suck Vent's virtual balls. And our store in Collins (because Vent forgot to pay the tier) was currently down. Things have been really slow and bad for us.


Vent got back the land. So we are going to put things back up (with our fingers crossed) this weekend, and when it's up, there will be new flats (oh well, seeing the current condition, maybe old flats recolored again, I am dead boring I know.)

I am very sorry bout the halt on the blog, I really missed those days. Keep checking back though, surprises will be up real soon.

Till then. lotsa love.

Surf Couture has some new items in store which includes pretty sundresses, belts, and one piece swimwear and gorgeous sandals, what's best is they come in various sunny colors. Summer comes early in SL!!

surf couture
From Left to Right:
Dress: [SC] Surf Couture - Sway Sundresses - Garden
[SC] Surf Couture - Seaside One Piece -Red
[SC] Surf Couture - Brass Rings Leather Belts - Brown

LONG TIME NO SEE!!! しばらくですね!!Hope you all have been good.

So everyone know about my move, it was pretty awesome. Great food but terribly hot weather till the extent that I secretly wish to walk around naked all the time.

I haven't been blogging because I have been waiting for my desktop (so that I can take better quality SL pictures) that I send through seamail, unfortunately, I got every single box that I sent except for my desktop. We speculate that someone from the local freight company stole it observing the condition of the shrink wrap on my shipment pallet. And chances of getting back my beloved 5y.o imac is like striking the billion dollar jackpot.

The question now for you guys is, which one will you prefer:

1. to blog with really pixelated ugly (imho, though I will try my best to make it look not pixelated) pics.
2.put this blog on halt till I get a new desktop but you can always buzz me up in SL and say hi.


Tell me what you think. Cheers!

Vive 9's latest skin - Marianne is something that you should be looking forward to (store is closed atm and will be reopening on the 15th.) Comes in three skin tones and with several options available in a each skin makeup (light/dark brow, freckles/non freckles, teeth/no teeth), you will definitely find your perfect Marianne.

Here I am showing you the pale, freckled version (love love love the freckles), teeth/no teeth in several make up:

Vive 9 - Marianne
From Left to Right:
Skin: (vive9) Marianne [pale] Piplup -Freks/Teeth *darkbrows
Skin: (vive9) Marianne [pale] Forever - Freks/Teeth *dark brows
Skin: (vive9) Marianne [pale] Toast - freks/teeth *dark brows

Vive 9 - Marianne
From Left to Right:
Skin: (vive9) Marianne [pale] GumDrop - Freks/Noteeth *darkbrows
Skin: (vive9) Marianne [pale] Nudist - freks/noteeth *dark brows
Skin: (vive9) Marianne [pale] Shady - freks/noteeth *dark brows

Tuesday Stuff

Will be pretty busy the coming weeks because I am moving RL, so blogging will be slow and pictures will probably suck (have to pack my desktop) but things will resume soon, and for now here are some cute stuff that you probably want to check out!

Outfit: ...:::KLD:::... Starstruck (0L)

Skirt: ...:::KLD:::... Armanis (0L)

Outfit: ...:::KLD:::... IiRock Diva Support Fit (0L)

Boots: *AuMa* for Lucky Chair JAN 2010 (10 mins lucky chair)

Cyan is the color of this weekend!

weekend fever
Top: rbcg.polonium baseball tee

weekend fever
Socks: .:A&M:. Up/Down Socks Cyan

Weekend Fever

Wicked of Nouveau Miranda, makes wickedly awesome hair! These three are the latest addition to his collection. Check them out today!

Nouveau Miranda
Hair: [Nouveau Miranda] The Fear (with color changeable bow)

Nouveau Miranda
Hair: [Nouveau Miranda] The Class Act

Nouveau Miranda
Hair: [Nouveau Miranda] Monster

50L Fridays!!

This week's grabs:

50L Friday
Tights: Kyoot - Cozy Floral Tights (50L)
Boots: Reek - Autumn Boots - Red (50L)

50L friday
Hair: Tiny Bird - Love Love Love - Dragees (50L)
Dress: [SC] Surf Couture - Havering Dress - Robin's Egg (50L)

Hair: WILDO: hair20102
Skin: Elfa! Full Avatar (get it here)

WildO, Dollita
Hair: WILDO: hair20101
Accessories: Dollita/ Chained headband gold/white

Humpday Group stuff

Sassy Designs
Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Wet 'n Wild - silver (subscribo gift)

Dress: {SMS} Prairie Dress White bottom (Join So Many Styles Group and check notices )

Tabby Cat
Cat: *M* gift HUG redtabby cat (Join *M* Update Group and check notices)

marcopol Oh
Accessories: Marco Oh: Happy New Year from marco ! (Thanks Alva. Join GOLden Shopper group and check notices)

So hot right now...

... this hair from Analog dog, free, along with a couple more awesome styles, is yours just by clicking the glowing ball here.

Analog dog
Hair: Analog dog: lua-smoke (0L, click the glowing ball)

Ugly Duck

Pay 250L to join Ugly Duck, get your group tag on and get these pretty skins here.

Ugly Duck
skin: Ugly Duck - Snow Queen - Thawed

Ugly Duck
skin: Ugly Duck - Snow Queen (xmas gift)

Ugly Duck
skin: Ugly Duck - Starlust Starlet (comes in red lips options too)

weekend fever
Earrings: LaGyo Olimpia earring orange/gold
LaGyo Mila bangle orange/gold
LaGyo Olimpia orange/gold

weekend fever
Top: Mustache - Peace&Love Crew Neck (Join Mustache Group and check in notices, don't leave the group as you might need to pay to join very soon)
Skirt: *DF* SISTER skirt pumpkin

Dress: Baiastice_Nostalgic Blue (Send Sissy Pessoa a notecard to join Baiastice Group and check notices)

Pacadi Jasha
Dress & Earrings: [Pacadi Jasha] - New Years Gift /amba dress (subscribo gift)

Zeerya Pryithea
Scarf: Zeerys Color Couture Scarf [] Psya-delic Color (Join Zeery Color Couture Group and check notices, purple one is 5L in store)

Top: couverture*otoshidama tee (Join Couverture Group and get it here)

sleepy cat
Hair: Exile Eva (newly released)
Outfit (including shoes): Sleepy Cat * Gift_02 (Join Sleepy Cat Group and check notices, Thanks Nana!)

50L Friday
Hat: SLDGTH #010 Agent Orange (hunt gift, Thanks Nana!!!)
Hair: !lamb. Bang Bang Bob - Butterfinger (50L)
Glasses: DUBOO*Choucream glasses
(50L, for an entire gift pack of goodies.)
Top: *ARAI* Gift T 2009_for GIRLS (Join Arai Group and check notices)

Weekend Fever -orange
Vest &Skirt: ::GB::CheckDownVestSuit Orange _F(FUR)

Weekend Fever -orange
Dress: Kurvy Rhode Ahead - Abstract Reality - Orange

Weekend Fever -orange
Dress: .:A&M:. Jumper Dress - Stars - Weekend Fever #9 Special Edition

New Year @ 50 Flats

According to Pantone, the color of 2010 is turquoise, so I've recolored three pairs of the (kinda) best selling shoes to turquoise and giving them for free throughout the month. Get them at the mainstore (near the gacya machines)!

Flats: 50 Flats-2010 shoes (0L)

Happy New Year!

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