Join Gala & Rita Design Announcements and check notices to get these really nice skins and a sneak preview of Curio's upcoming skins. The top is a previous gift from So Many Styles. Join ***So Many Styles*** Group and check notices.

curio skins
Skins: :GP: Lovely-Firehouse 2 (Join Gala & Rita Design Announcements and check notices)
Top: {SMS} Blouse Beige (Join ***So Many Styles*** Group and check notices)

Also some nice outfits that you might be interested in checking out:

cute stuff
From left to right:
Dress: shirohato-breeze flower (10 mins lucky chair, or buy it at 40L, thanks Hana~)
Outfit: LR Yes Ma'am (25L, a whole lot more selection there, see more at Hazel's blog!)
Dress: {SMS} Flower Babydoll Dress Red (Join ***So Many Styles*** Group and check notices)

Happy shopping!

There's a dollarbie at Beauty Avatar that you have to grab. The bag contains the skin and the dress shown below.

beauty avatar
Skin+Dress: *Beauty Avatar Couture* A&A EVENT Gift (1l)

The new 50 flats mainstore will be opening soon and in the meantime I've made some new flats, with flowers for the spring and have put them out at the temporary location. Check them out at 50 flats temp store!!

50flats new
Shoes: 50flats (temp store)- Flower Flats

Also introducing the random vendor in the store which contains four pair of shoes which are limited only to the vendor, and they cost 35L a pair. You won't know which pair you will get (it's random!!) but it's transferable, so in case you get a same pair twice, you could give it away or exchange it with your friends! p/s please don't IM me for exchange.

50flats random vendor
Shoes: 50flats (temp store): Shoes in random vendor (35L/play)

That's it for now, have fun!

Hey there folks, there's a hunt on Journey Sim (as if you haven't done it yet :P). 28 treasure chests to be found all over the sims with a couple of stores participating. It was really laggy when I did it, so here's what I got (not much, will come back with more I promise):

Skins: Treasure! []::Tuli::[] 1 of 6
Top: Thusoras: Little Bird (1L)

journey sim hunt
Shoes: Treasure! 1 of 1
From left to right:
Top: Treasure! []::Tuli::[] 5 of 6
Top: Treasure! []::Tuli::[] 6 of 6

If you need help, please IM me or vent. Have a great day!!

Lazolli Skins.

Once again, Lazolli has put out another set of pretty skins (7 skins altogether) for only a linden! Go grab them now!

Skins: New Julia skin:::LAZOLLI FREEBIES (1L)

Finally Updates!!

Sorry on the lack of updates again. Here are some things that have been accumulated in my inventory these while:

1. Shoes!! I made a new free flats with ribbon goodness up for grab at the 50 flats (I finally decided on the name) temp store. The new store will be opening real soon, I will keep you updated!

50 Flats free
Shoes: 50flats: Pink weave flats with bow

2. Then you have to grab these interesting things from Kurotsubaki group and the one day only freebie veil/scarf from Runo-runo.

Interesting disguise
From Left to Right:
Hat, Moustache, Pipe: *KUROTSUBAKI* group present 2009 (Join Kurotsubaki Group and check notices)
~*RunoRuno*~ Samaria (Only available till tommorow 2/20, 10am SLT)

3. Here is also a new piece to Runo-runo's creations. It's called when I'm with you and this top could be worn the way it is, or you could wear the I'm with you alone top option when you are feeling a bit sexy.

When I am with you
From Left to Right (50L, pack of three):
Top: ~*RunoRuno*~ When I'm with You
Top: ~*RunoRuno*~ When I'm with You-strapless
Top:~*RunoRuno*~ When I'm with You Alone

4. Do the G Field Hunt. 5 teeny weeny teddies to be found around the place with various gift contained, heavy camera zooming needed. The hunt will be ending on the 25th and the gifties are very pretty, so go do it now! p/s thanks for the help T's friend!

GField Hunt

Last but not least, Lemania has began a long series of dollarbies, one different item (from old hunt items) everyday in store starting yesterday for over 150 days. Remember to check back every day as the gift will only be there for a day!

That's it for now, have fun!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Here are some of the things you should grab from a couple of places (mostly for a limited time) before they poof!!

Cute stuff
From Left to Right:
Outfit: /AXEL/@crush row: Vday Dollarbie (1L)
Shoes: 50flats: Smiley Flats (0L)

Kimono: +KS+ *KonohanaSakuya* g (camp 30 minutes to get)

Dress: *salire Gray knit dress (1L)
Bag and Belt: +plus@crush row Valentine gift (1L)

Have a great day!

Did you know that Laleeta of Baking Cupcakes has opened up a pose store named Pffiou! ? If you haven't, you should definitely stop by! She have some cute dollarbie couple poses in her store, remember to join her subscribo when you are there as she gives away gifts from time to time!

Pose: Pffiou! Peaceful - Valentine Gift (1L, frame included but not shown)

Pose: Pffiou! Three is...(1L)

Also, grab these Jetcity, Arai and CsO tops too

Tops from Left to Right:
Top: *Jetcity* Jaket {Black} (0L)
Top: *Jetcity* Jaket {Gray} (0L)

purple gifts
Tops from Left to Right:
Top: *ARAI* group gift_jarsey (Join Arai Group and check notices)
Top: CsO: Cardigan viola e bianco (0L)

Thanks Alexiaa and Sexyback for the info. Have a great day!!

AC Store released three pink outfits for Valentines day and they will only be available till the end of this week. What's best is that you get 500L giftcard with every purchase of any of these 3 outfits. Hurry down if you haven't check them out yet, this deal will be gone very soon! Shown in the picture is one of the outfits that you could get:

AC store
Outfits: *aC.Std::ValentineSUMMERAMA*(Thanks Aris!)

Have a great weekend shopping!

P/s: If you haven't gotten the 50L jeans from a.C store. You still have less than 24 hrs to grab it before they are gone. 

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