Two dresses from JE Republic and Evie's Closet that you shouldn't miss out!!

Dresses from left to right:
Dress: JE*REPUBLIC-La Plume-Murk (5 minutes lucky chair)
Dress: *EC* Apple Fairy Group Gift (Join Evie Closet's Hippo Group here!)

And some newness in a new gatchapon machine (random vendor) that I set up at 50 flats. 4 pair of new flats only limited to the machine, 35 per play and it's transferable so you can give them away if you have duplicates! Have fun!

50 flats random vendor
Flats : 50 flats (35 per play. transferable)

Last but not least, there's a new, fun and best of all, free, couple pose (picture at sidebar) from VPoses at the Floyd location. Go grab it now!

Have a great Saturday!

Cute sculpted hair and some nice outfits to be grabbed!!

Hair: Clawtooth: Veronica Lake-Lilac Dreams (Join Clawtooth Group and check notices)
Hair: CBC: Tiny Dancer-Pink eye (Join Clawtooth Group and check notices)

Skin: dhR-OPEN SPECIAL SKIN (20 mins lucky chair)
From left to right:
Tunic: PIDIDDLE - Tunic Gift (1L)
Outfit: {SMS} Pattern Suit Navy (Join So Many Styles Group and check notices)
Top/Bottom: oyakin gift (0L)

Venturino has joined a blogger style throwdown with the theme of an outfit around a knife/dagger. He has done his part and now is waiting for Express to blog about it. Details will be given when voting is open and remember to vote for VENT!!

SM Throwdown

Have a great weekend!

So here is what you might want to grab today:

From left to right:
Oufit: Project Kiwi - Denim Set (1L till tonight 8slt)
Dress: **[sister strawberry]malaga pink**(0L)
Dress: (SELDOM BLUE) Latex Lucy Special Offer !(0L)

Top: ::SC - Free SHIMAUMA Tank
Skirt: (Slow Kitchen)Clover_colored_skirt (1L)

Have fun!

It's Wednesday!

Here are some things from Algernon and Dollita that you might be interested to get. The top Vent is wearing is from Algernon's lucky chair and if you haven't know by now, there's an awesome pair of rainboots for 10L to be grabbed there too! Dollita is a new little shop that you might want to check out that sells only a couple of things (clothes and accesories) for now. I love the color and the simplicity of the design and look forward for more, thanks for letting me know about your store Krisha!

On Vent:
Top: *Alg.* Zip up Track- Green (10 mins lucky chair, thanks Anaeli for informing!)

On Ding:
Top: Dollita/ Pink posh shirt (0L)
Bangle: Dollita/ Woody Bangle - multiwood (0L)

Also grab this top by Pig Shop from I love starlust group which comes in male/female version.

On Vent:
Top: Pig - Masculine Gingham Shirt Blue/White (Join I love starlust group and check notices)

On Ding:
Dress: Dollita/ RiveGauche dress (not free)
Shoes: 50 flats- Egg Flats (35L per play, random vendor)

Last but not least, two floral dresses from Meghindo and Cute Fashion for the springtime/summer!

From Left to Right:
Dress:[Cute Fashion] Spring Dress (0L)
Dress: Meghindo: Fusta gogosar (1L, thanks Nil for telling me about this.)

Have a great day!!

An opening gift (great skin!) from Olivia and some dresses from Kuri Style.

kuri style
Skin: olivia: Kate skin (0L)
Shoes: 50 flats- pink weave flats with bow (0L)
From Left to Right:
Dresses: kuri style 32dress (10L)
Dresses:K*S raincoat77 (1L)
Dresses: K*S 149feather(brown)paper (2L)

Then don't forget to grab the group gift from Sweetaholic (a geisha skin) and a free fan with A/O. Sweetaholic is one of the best place I've seen for Japanese Kimonos, if you are looking for a nice one, you should stop by there and have a look!
Skin: *Sweetaholic Geisha Skin ( Touch board to join group and get gift here)
Fan: *Sweetaholic Free Fan w/animation (0L)

Have fun!

Well, it's nice to hear from you all. Don't get me wrong, I am not mad or anything, I just need a feedback and see what you guys prefer to read and try to make this blog better : ) Anyway, here's a little morning treat for you.

Morning Treat
On Ding:
Flower Pin (Hair not included): !!WILD O@Frolics01 (10L, comes in red too!)
Dress: Fabulous Fashion Gift from NX (0L)
Pudding & Cream: [ Love Soul ] Tray of Custard pudding* Group only gift (200L to join *+Copain+* Group and get it here)

On Vent:
Top: **NWYD**: Opening Gift- Flower Knit&Shirts (0L)

Have a great day ahead!

Hello Hello!

Someone in the chatterbox commented that the freebies we've been posting suckish items. Well, that's why we haven't been posting too much lately since we are striving to find the best out of all to show you guys. So here comes our question: At this point of time where freebies are scarce, do you guys want us to post mediocre freebies, or put a halt to the blog until we find great stuff or post nice stuff which are not free but at a decent price (200L and under)? We would love to hear your feedback!

Here are the freebies for today:

Tattoo: Seerose Tattoos - Imagine...(10 mins lucky chair)
Bikini: .::HH::. BIKINI[DOT][BLACK] (0L)

From left to right:
Dress: .::HH::. GROUP GIFT [1] (Join.:: HONEY-HONEY ::. Group and get it here)
Shoes: !STC Group Gift Suede Boots! 3/1 (subscribo gift)

Top: Cute Fashion: Blue Blouse(0L)

Dress: Parallel Love: Tartancheck A-line onepiece skirt Navy (Join Parallel Love Group and get it here)

Little Britain
Thanks Suri for Tping!
Outfit on Vent: Little Britain Designs: English Skater Chick (0L)
Outfit on Ding:
Little Britain Designs: English Skater Chick (0L)

Last but not least, remember the really nice schoolgirl uniform on the lucky chair at Sera Korea? They have switched the gift to a boy's uniform now, also changes every 10 mins, remember to sit for 30 seconds when you are on the chair to get the gift!!

school uniform
Uniform on Vent: S4_school uniform_male (10 mins lucky chair, sit on chair for 30 seconds to get the gift)

That's it for now, remember to tell us what you think!

New and Free !

New and free @ 50 flats mainstore!

New and Free at 50 flats
Shoes from left to right: 50 flats: tweed flats, flower flats, scaly ice (0L)

There's also a free gown to grab at Riveria Couture for 24 hours only (probably till tommorow noon). Look for RC Sangallo Xblack!! Get it now!

Have a great day!!

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