Just to wrap up the things I missed out earlier, here are some fun things to get:

Hair: =TEKUTEKU= 2Days special blue Drop! (2L for 2days)
Skin: [the oBscene]@ Crush Row: CiEL-Diamond-CALYPSO (1L, pack of 4)
From Left to Right:
Dress: [ lurveBite ] Orange After Glow Dresses (0L)

Dress: Ghost 68: Haute Style & Co.: Rhianna dress
Boot: Ghost 65: Lazy Places: Jax Boots

Heads off~ Happy Halloween
Heads off kit: Little Heaven

Good night~!

Some things that you guys might be interested in: two 1L tees from Lookr and EBT, a Halloween costume from Muism that comes with skins for you and your gal friends, a pose from CNS and more skins from AC Store for you and the girls.

Tops deal
From Left to Right:
Tops: LOOKR ~ LLM (Men's) ~ Black (1L)
Tops: EBT-Bodies Shirt (1L for limited time)

Pose: CnS Halloween (1L)
On Ding, Vent and Ephe:
Skin and Outfits: Muism: Zombie Costume (Join Muism Group and check notices to get)

AC store
On Ding and Vent:
Skins: GloX - Venus MALE/FEMALE Skin.VirgiN [LACE.trims]T#1 (Join AC Store Group, here, and buy for 1L, VERY limited time only.)

That's it for now, have a great weekend!

For those of you who still haven't figured out where the starting point is for the Vain Hunt, it's here, and you are looking for ghosts which are easy to be found. Here are more goodies from the hunt:

Vain Hunt
From Left to Right:
Hair: Ghost 74 : JE*REPUBLIC-Happy Halloween-Pumpkin Hair-Midnight
Skin: Ghost 84 : Spydr Skin Full
Top & Accesories: Ghost 83 : Baiastice_Bigbolero & waspie necklace
Bottom: Ghost 94 : *CUPCAKES - Basic Trousers - Olive

Hair: Ghost 21 : MIASNOW Hair - WILD WOMAN 2 black
Skin: Ghost 84 : Spydr Skin Landing Strip
Outfit: Ghost 55 : SD Lady Bug

And please do go to Thimbles if you haven't already, they have a fantastic sale there that is 5L for everything black and orange, and this will end on the 31st (I believe), stock up your inventory with cute minidresses and tops now!

Hair: Ghost 74 : JE*REPUBLIC-Happy Halloween-Pumpkin Hair-Midnight
Skin: MMS-MoscowLight-Halloween skin2 (free thru 10/31)

From Left to Right:
Dress: *Thimbles* Love, Marleen Black (5L)
*Thimbles* 2000 Calories a Day (5L)
*Thimbles* Awee Baby - Blackbeauty (5L)
Dress: *Thimbles* Your Mom's Sweater Dress Black (5L)

Not to forget to bring your boys over to as Thimbles have guy tops too!

From Left to Right:
*Thimbles*: Daddy's Car Broke Down (5L)
Tops: *Thimbles*: Dr. Duane, Country Vet Plaid (5L)
Tops: *Thimbles*: Hank Started a Dyer Fire (5L)

Have a great day hunting and shopping, people!

Love Love Love

I got to know Roberta Beauchamp of Love Love Love from my brother Bixers, and recently she sent us bloggers review copies of her latest work and I have to admit I love them. Although what shown below are not freebies, but absolutely worth your trip over to her store and see what she offers. The dresses are detailedly done, the suspender dress has prim buttons and ribbons, textures are good and the colors are just great. You should also check out her range of skins at Wax Poetic because they are really cute too~!

love love love
From Left to Right:
Wax Poetic - Truffle//Sugar Plum (300L)
Dress: love.love.love - Bethy Dress Pants- Cream/Mocha (249L)

Skin: Wax Poetic - Praline//licorice -freckles (300L)
Dress: love.love.love - Denim Jumper (195L)

love.love.love - Abigail Cropped Jacket in Teal Jacket(55L)

love.love.love - Zebra Cami (35L)
love.love.love - Lily Cocktail Skirt - Mustard (149L)

Get some LOVE today~!

Vain Hunt

OMG! BIGGEST HUNT EVER!! This time you are looking for easy tobefound ghosts, and they are not as hard, trust me. These are some of the things that you have to get from the hunt:

Vain Hunt
A MUST GET (the awesomest bed, EVAH in SL for free!):
Bed: Ghost 14 - Instinct - Intimate Bed No.05

Vain Hunt
Shoes: Ghost 25: !Rebel Hope Designs - Skullique Pumps Purple
Shoes: Ghost 33: .::TNY::.Carina LEMON Pumps

Vain Hunt
From Left to Right:
Hair: Ghost 106: >Truth< href="http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glam%20World/183/213/23">Ghost 12: MMS-MoscowLight-Gift skin
Outfit: Ghost 103: *katat0nik* (black) Ruffle Witch

Hair: Ghost 21: MIASNOW Hair - WILD WOMAN 2 black.colors
Skirt&Skin: Ghost 11: Amplify

Hair:Ghost 63: +IROLLIC+ Hello Halloween Pumpkin hair :D
Outfit: Ghost 22: *Fluky* Witch with class

Vain Hunt
From Left to Right:
Tops: Ghost 11: amplify * dirty chux t [white] : unisex
Tops: Ghost 13: Vette's Boutique: scary monster (orange)
Tops: Ghost 33: .::TNY:: turtle tee

There are more such as Ibizzare, Cupcakes, LAP, Vain Poses and the list goes on. But grab the bed at Instinct regardless what, it's awesome !~ And also, since this is quite an easy hunt, me and Vent are not giving away notecards (we didn't finish doing it too) . So have fun with it! Good night!

Freesoul Picks has a new weekly gift, a hoodie, for all boys and girls! If you still don't know what to do, it's easy. TP here and add Freesoul to your picks (in your profile) then go back after 24-48 hours and click the counter and you will get it.

On Suri and Vent:
Hoodie: Freesoul: Striped hoodie (brown)

Don't hesitate to IM me for notecards! Good Night.

Sorry, have been busy with something big! But I have to post this and get them if you still haven't gotten it.

Triangle Caudron of Ghost! has always been one of my favourite designers for one of a kind dresses. I have most of these before it is even on the paywhatever you want sale. These dresses costs a lot, so even paying 50L is worth it! Here are some of the goodies, MUST GRAB, before they are gone!!

Dresses:Ghost!: Antique Combo

From Left to Right:
Dresses:Ghost!: Lag Tri
Dress:Ghost!: Reverse

From Left to Right:
Outfit:Ghost!:White Blood
Dress:Ghost!:Zero Shadow

p/s There are so many hunts going on right now and I really don't know which one to start from. I think I probably have most of the notecards though, thanks to everyone, so if you need a notecard for any hunt that is on now, IM me or Vent, because we might have them. *winks*

Have a great night people~

Late updates.

A couple of things that you have to grab regardless what:

Rockberry Skins
Skins: [RockBerry] Mia Group Gift skins (Join Rockberry Group and check notices)

From left to right:
Top: PUD:HalloweenFreebie!:ScoopNeckVTop (0L, here)
Top: **CKSD** Essential Wrap Sweater Teal (0L, touch the subscribo here to get it.)

From left to right:
Gown: Evie's Closet: Apple - Imperial Green (Join Evie's Closet Group and get here for 1L)

Pyjamas: YIPs pyama hotel dare (0L)
Doll: <DK> Halloween Rufus - Witch (0L)

Outfit: /artilleri/ Halloween treats! (0L, here)

Shoes:R2 Kanaloa orange (Albero Hunt Item #9, Code: HER, here)

I am very busy in RL and at the same time is still figuring if I fall into the non profit category if I use subscribo's service, so that I don't need to pay, lol. Stay tuned people, and thanks for the feedback, goodnight!

It's Wednesday and I see no reason why you guys shouldn't be happy and have fun (weekends are near)! Here are some bright colored tops and a hair that you can wear for a funky fun day.

From left to right:
Tops: [MRM]: Knit Sweater *Argyle Pumpkin* - Halloween Gift (Join LE.LOOK! and check notices)

Hair: >TRUTH<: Evolve - Chocolate (1L fatpack)
Top: kalrau : T-Shirt White (0L)

Hair: >TRUTH<: Evolve - Flame-Night (1L fatpack)
Top: TheZoo (mainstore) : ImagineTee (0L) (previously posted here)

P/s: All these poses are from !V.A.S which is sold at 20L for a pack of 20 poses. Besides she is giving away some freebies too!

A little update

Updates for the day, you might be interested:

Skin: Insolence: Anne-nature (0L)
From left to right:
Lingerie:Insolence: Salome Cream Sheer Basque (0L)
Jaclet: Emery@Costa Rica: Jacket Kisser Red (0L)
Bottom:..::A.Y.Y::.. Happy Halloween Leggings (1L)

Gown:Soraya: Golden Sand Dress (0L for 6 days)

That's it for today!~ Btw, I am not very willing to start a group and take up one of your precious group space, how does a SLonDlist subscribo sounds to you? Please do leave comments and tell me what you think!

I went backpacking at Costa Rica sim this afternoon, and came across these shops where I picked up some freebies. There is a free backpack and a free bandana at The Zoo Costa Rica location. From there, I tp'ed to The Zoo mainstore and found a couple more freebie tops. I also found myself a cute bear from Sway's Creations while walking around Costa Rica. Here are what I got:

The Zoo_1
Top: TheZoo (mainstore): Blue Xmas (0L)
Bandana: TheZo0@ Costa Rica: Outlander Bandanna SPINE (0L)
Belt : Bukka: COLOR-BELT old-Leather (Lucky Chair, previously posted here)

The Zoo_2
Top: TheZoo (mainstore) : ImagineTee (0L)
Bandana: TheZo0@ Costa Rica: Outlander Bandanna SPINE (0L)
Bear: *** Sway's Creations ***:Sway`s Cookie Bear (0L)

The Zoo_3
Backpack: TheZo0@ Costa Rica: Adventurer Backpack (0L)

Good night !! :))

UPDATE: The Albero Hunt Post has been taken down because the owner of the sim is unhappy and requested the coords to be removed. So if you need help, you know the drill.

If you are looking for fun clothings or Avs, TP over to X'ed Designs because they have a couple of fun stuff for free which you can get there, such as the cardboard box and the Jack Skellington Avatar:

From Left to Right:
X'ed Designs: Pwn-Age Shirt (0L)
X'ed Designs: RisingSun Pants With Belt (0L)

X'ed Designs: Black And White Striped Shirt (0L)

Box: X'ed Designs: Cardboard Box (0L)

Avatar: X'ed Designs: Jack Skellington Avatar (0L)

P/s: IM me or Ding to get the NCs for MudHoney Hunt and TeaLane Hunt (thanks to the usual folks who provided them)

I got a pumpkin from LAP ( thru 10/31, join LAP subscribeomatic here to get ) and I got trapped in it!

Belt : Bukka: COLOR-BELT old-Leather (Lucky Chair)
Pumpkin: LAP: Leedle Punkin ( thru 10/31, join LAP subscribeomatic here to get )

One thing I would like to show you is the belt I am wearing in the pics above, thanks Noir Gothly for Tping me. Very detailedly done, it is from a lucky chair that changes every 10 mins at Bukka. Look at the picture below to see how detailed it is:

Bukka belt
Belt (back view): Bukka: COLOR-BELT old-Leather (Lucky Chair)

Have fun!!

Picture heavy post, loads of goodies, some are limited, so HURRY!!

Skin: LionSkins-SUZANA-basic pale (0L, till 19 Oct 2008 2pm, here)
From Left to Right:
Dress: LA couture: Olivier Couture Blue (1L)
Dress: Jarnia - Satin Dress (0L)
Dress:Nicky Ree: Spring Romance Dress (0L,
till 19 Oct 2008 2pm, here)

Kuri Style
Skin: LionSkins-SUZANA-basic pale (till 19 Oct 2008 2pm, here)
From Left to Right:
Dress: K*S 110P&G: dress (5L, till 12SLT tonight, here)
Dress: K*S 106:kimono (1L, till 12SLT tonight, here)

Skin: [The oBscene] Dawn - Baku (Join Obscene Update Group and check notices)
From Left to Right:
Outfit: K*S Halloween costume (0L)
Dress: *Punch Drunk*Tink Rocker Costume here
Dress: *PERSONA* Feathers here

halloween character
From Left to Right:
Outfit: ^^dk^^:eden (1L)
Outfit:^^dk^^:sky (1L)
Outfit: YIPs@ Crimson Shadow: lune-acy (0L)

And, last but not least, Tuli Asturias of Tuli is celebrating her 34th RL birthday today (Happy Birthday Tuli!) and she has put out one 34L item at each of her store (9 items altogether, check her picks for store locations) up for you all, only for a limited 24 hours. Hurry and get them all! Here are some of the things that you can get:

Tuli 34L sale
From Left to Right:
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Meredith [ light ] fuschia folly (34L, 24hours) here
Skin: []::Tuli::[]*sUmi* /starry/ light /blue/
(34L, 24hours) here
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Nikki [light] ~ gash
(34L, 24hours) here

Have fun, y'all~

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