Roll the dice!

Dice Beattie of Roll the Dice was too kind to drop me some of his designs for a review. I have to say I love the stuff (not because I am getting the free stuff), the bold choice of style and color is the main reason I love them. You can get tees, pants, bandanas, glasses and jeans from this store at a very reasonable price! And while you are visiting, remember to grab the freebies on the wall which include tons of tees and a couple more random stuff.

Roll the dice
From Left to Right:
Tee: [RD] Pac Man Tee (0L, tons of other stuff in the folder)
Tee:[RD] Yellow, Gray, And Purple Checkered Tee (0L, tons of other stuff in the folder)
Tee: [RD] I'm Single If You're Rich Tee (90L)
Tee: [RD] Talk Nerdy Tee
Shades: [RD] Tie Die Shades (120 for a pack of 4)

If you are looking for something more formal to wear, you can always visit Beat, which is a different line from Dice Beattie (equally as bold as Roll the Dice)for more fashionable/formal occasions. You will definitely be the center of the attention. There are also some interesting men stuff too, so remember to check them out guys!

beat the dice
From Left to Right:
Dress: Beats by Dice Beattie: Shapes Dress (125L)
Dress: Beats by Dice Beattie: Aeroplane Dress(100L)
Dress: Beats by Dice Beattie Lemon & Lime Dress(150L)
Swimsuit: Beats by Dice Beattie: Swirly Cyclone Bathing Suit & Jacket(125L)

Have fun shopping and have a great day!

Cane Sutter of Skinthesis was kind enough to send me a copy of these beautiful skins in the lucky chair at her store. There are 6 skintones available in the lucky chair that changes every 10 minutes. These skins will be available through 2/21, so hurry! (thanks Lexxi too :))

Skins: Skinthesis - Valentine's Lucky Chair Skins

Then there are some outfits from Gbberish, Encemble and Pixeldolls that you might want to check out!

Skins and some dresses
From Left to Right:
Outfit:++ Gbberish** Spring Suit-Cream (0L)
Dress: *ENCEMBLE*rekic Set*Nishi Azabu Only (lucky chair)
Dress: (PixelDolls ) Slim Satin . Dress (subscribo gift)

That's it for now, have a great Friday night!

Do you love me?

Miu has the cutest tee set for couples in the lucky chair that changes between three items (the tee set, a skirt, and a skating costume which was widely posted everywhere) every five minutes. The tee set contains three unisex tees, a do you love me shirt, a yes shirt and a no shirt; both the yes and no shirt are transferable so you can give them to your loved ones/crush/hater. Then there's this you should already have known group gift hair from lamb. which you should totally grab. Join and check notices.

do you love me
From Left to Right (outfits all from lucky chair):
Top: *MIU* Tshirt=LOVE ME?=
Skirt: *MIU* longskirt

Hair: !lamb. Bonjour Operator - Resturant Ketchup (Join lamb. group and check notices)
Top: *MIU* Tshirt=LOVE ME?=

Just a short update for today. Have a great night!!

Wednesday finds.

Truth has a sale, you should have already went and spend half of what you own there. Need I say more about the Canimal lucky donut? They are plainly awesome, despite the 30 mins wait. A-bomb has some sweet deals going on (cheap shoes, cheap tops and a dollarbie tee for both male and female) at the moment and don't forget to stop by Le Zoo to grab the dollarbie jeans from Torridwear .

Snapshot.jpg_001 copy
Hair:TRUTH: Ivy -blondes 1 (50L)
From Left to Right:
Dress:Canimal - Circus Treats (lucky donut)

Top:A-BOMB A Girl Like You argyle sweater - Pink (10L)
Bottom:*I k i* Skinny and Straight Leg Jeans - Indigo (1L)

Aoharu has new items on the lucky chairs! However, something's wrong with the girl's chair right now, so here's Vent with the men's lucky chair gift (and today's KmadD Hair for the hunt).

Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ ALEX ~ NB III (located under the couch in a form of waterdrop, read here for instructions on how to get the hair)
Coat: AOHARU_BT_RamLeatherCoat_LightGreen (Lucky Chair, changes every 10 mins)

That's it for now!! Have a great day!

Stuffs to grab

Dress down as the country girl, or dress up to celebrate the inauguration day with the dresses from Miu and Elate!

aa girl
From Left to Right:
Dress: *MIU* Marydress (Join Miu Group and get it here)
Dress: (Elate!) Kat-Happy Inauguration Day! (1L, pay the fountain)

Do you still remember the super cute rudolph style hobby horse which I posted ages ago? [:Decolletage:] has once again come out with a super awesome color changeable skates that is packed with interesting AOs, and it's only for 1L! Go grab it now!

Skates:[:Decolletage:]Sculpted Ice Skates (1L)

It's a happy day today! Have a great evening everyone!


Short Update: Grab these free skins from Lessthan3. Don't know how long they will be there so hurry!

Skins: lessthan3 special gift <3 (0L, also comes in freckles option!)

Have a great day!!

Short Update

Join Church of Luxe subscribo to get these really cute tops!

Top: [CoL] - Gift - Heart Sweater - Jacket - Red (subscribo gift)
Top: [CoL] - Gift - Heart Sweater - Jacket - Grey (subscribo gift)

Have a great evening!

We saw the camping in Energy Green Island that we read from Freebie Telegraph, and we know we have to do it, not only because it's fun, the camping time is short, and the prizes are great! Follow the instruction and lms to get to the prizes that you can get!!

1.Land here. Get a hud by clicking on the monkey, then wear it throughout the camping process. There are 5 spots that you have to camp for 5 mins each to have your battery fully charged, and then with that fully charged battery you can get three gifts of your choice at the prize room. Repeat the entire process to get more gifts.

Energy Green Island
The green bar is the hud you will be using.

2.Remember you have to go to ALL FIVE spots to camp to get the prizes. Follow the lms to get to the camping place.

Energy Green Island
Energy Green Island
Energy Green Island
Energy Green Island
Energy Green Island

3. Last but not least, go to the prize room and get the prizes that you want! You can get 3 prizes per battery charged. Repeat the process again (using the same hud) to get more gifts! Here are some of the prizes you can grab:

Energy Green Island
Hair: = Hal*Hina = [moss green mix] Hair -Daisy- 1
Skin: KAO SKIN *Cinnamon Green* for energy green ver.
Dress: *ENCEMBLE*natury set*ecoGift
Water Can: *DemiDemi water and flower can

Also, there's a 50L hair sale at TRUTH till 2/25, start stocking up for hair now! Have fun everyone!

Midnight Update!

These are some early/late updates for all of you, a free skin and some nice clothing to be grabbed. Special thanks to SHINOnnnn Hoobinoo for the information!


Snapshot.jpg_001 copy
Skin:romi4 skin (Join Romi Juliesse Skin group and get it here)
From Left to Right:

Top: *bf*cardigan (0L)

Top: ::humming::simpleKnit_Gray (1L, check other stuff out too, they are only 30L)
Bottom: ::humming::buttonPants_Red(1L)

Dress: ::humming::tweedDress_Brown(1L)

Have a great night everyone!

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