Hunts Updates.

Too many hunts to blog about this week, so I am not going to post them here. And since the lists are passed on from a couple of great people (Thanks Linda, Loxley, Rain and everyone who passed me every single hunt's lists), I am not very sure about the detail, so do it as soon as possible before they are gone. IM Venturino or me, or send us notecards inworld so that we can pass out the notecards.

The List that is Available
Alice Hunt
Crave Hunt
Prim and Pixel Paradise Hunt
B-11 Mall Hunt
Unusual Isle Hunt (don't know if it's still on)
p/s sorry I am kinda busy and feeling lazy today *Yawns*, bear with me. -.-

Avillion Hunt

Location: Avilion Isle Ancient Battlegrounds, tp HERE.
When: Thru Midnight SLT Sunday,9/21 (actually expect sometime Monday)
What to be found: 10 very small orange and green mate texture pumpkins. Check out the one hidden under the stone bench outside the landing point for example.
No coords given. Try it yourself this time. :P And have loads of fun!
Pumpkin Hunt
Mask & Earrings: Gifts from the hunt

Nice stuff for you!

Sorry for the late update, was busy a bit.
Anyway, here you are, a very nice, free, three piece gift from LO Designs:

Outfit: LO-D: Rea Jacket, Top and Jeans (free)

And also this very new addition to DYN (the folks who gave away the gorgeous burberry scarf, free of charge), not free, but worth a trip to have a look:

Top: DYN: Purple Satin Halter
Bottom:DYN: Lara Jeans

The One and Only.

shape, hair
Hair: ::69:: Model Hair 01 - offblack -
Skin: MMS Zero: Umber (Old Gift)
Shape: Valkyria Physiques: Ding's Shape

I've never thought of buying a shape ever because I always think that I can get the perfect look that I want. However, reagrdless how I tweak my shape, I will never look like any of the models that I see in the skin store. Valkyria Physiques is kind enough to offer me a customized shape to look exactly what I wanted. They took the specific measurements that I wanted, and a picture of the look I wanted to look like and with their magic touch and a speed of lightning, I get the shape the very next day I talked to them. Although the shape is not modifiable, you can talk to them if you are not satisfy with parts of your new look, and they will be very happy to make minor adjustments to it. You can get this customized shape and the follow up services at a very reasonable price. If you want to have the 'one and only' look in SL, why not drop by Valkyria Physiques today to see what they can do for you?

Ephe told me about this really great place for FREE (yes, you didn't hear me wrong, free) Indian ethnic wear and accessories for both male and female, and here we are, showing you what you can actually get here at Yak and Yeti, all at 0L.




... and much more!!

It's Friday!

Well folks, Sarah sent me a notecard on a updated fully finished Alice Hunt list, if you are interested, IM me. (I also have the pirate hunt list, just so you know.)

Scarlet Creative is celebrating their second anniversary and is giving away vouchers for their furniture and prefabs, you can get it in here, by clicking on the coins that are rolling out from the purse. I don't know how long it last, so go over and check it out, it's a really impressive sim.

Okay, deals update:

Hair: MMS Hair-MAGDALENA - Hazel (Group Gift)
Dress: Galleria Fashion: vestido estampado (0L)
Galleria Fashion: Female Shoe (100L)

Goth Princess
Outfit: TPDesigns: Eclipse (1L)

Good Night!

One last thing before I hit my pillows:

Dress: BBBM Gift: Yellow Legrasse Dress (Join Big Booty Big Money Group and check notices)

Good Night and Ta~

Some Updates.

Sari is giving away a pretty, orange dress as a gift. Get it now! FYI, the SARI HUNT is still on, check here for the list if you haven't done it yet.

Dress: *Sari's*: Put On a Sunny Face

Oh, I finally got the dress and the hat from the Alice in the Wonderland hunt with the help of Freyja Brim. You can get them here.

mad hatter
Necklace: 89/75/520
Hat: 112/64/523
Dress: 106/75/520

Blast from the 50s

[UPDATE]: Okay, Anyone who wants to do the Alice in the Wonderland hunt Looking Glass Stage , IM me, I have some useful tips/ help list. *winks. And anyone who managed to finish the Go Ask Alice Stage, pass me a list, please. I'm lazy. -.-

Two 50s style dresses up for grabs at Bellissima and Bettie's Vintage Clothing for 1L each.

From Left to Right:
Dress: Bettie's Vintage Clothing: Halter Neck - Dots -White
Dress: Bellissima: Dazzle Party - Bright Red

There's a 'Alice in the Wonderland' themed hunt going on here right now. Still not very clear on how it works, but I am pretty sure if you finish everything, you are eligible to get into a linden draw, and the first prize is a whopping 3000L!! The hunt will end on 9/22 , so hurry before the weekend lagfest starts!

[UPDATE]: This is what you get from one of the lucky fortune chairs (Venturino managed to get it, so what you see here is him in drag, lol):

lucky chair
Hair: (JUNWAVE): FREE_Hair_09
Coat: Schadenfreude: Ghost Short NosferCoat (free from fortune chair)

It's Wednesday again, and weekend is just a corner away, lets celebrate it with COLORS!! I got all these from Floyd and Lloyd sims when I was there trying out the lucky fortune machine (where you need to bring a friend with you and see if you are compatible, if you are 100 percent compatible, you can get a free gift of the week). No luck but ended up with all these little surprises.

love starlust
Hair:Hiccup :Electric Feel - ALL COLORS (1L)

From Left to Right:
Top: Meriken Co.Ltd: Freejacket (1L, including Omake Pants and Zack Zack Tee)
Meriken Co.Ltd:Omake Pants

Meriken Co.Ltd: Zack Zack Tee
Skirt: Thimbles : Green Plaid Skirt (1L)
Socks: Paisley's: Paisley Socks (1L)

Top: *Sisters*:Thrashed halter top
Bottom: Meriken Co.Ltd: Omake Pants

I double checked before I posted this. Yes, Beauty Avatar is still giving away two skins and a couple of tattoos for a linden each. Don't know when will this end, but it should be a limited time offer only, hurry down before it's too late! I particularly love the Selkis skin, it's dark chocolaticious yummy!

beauty avatar skin
Skin: *Beauty Avatar*: Selkis: Black Skin Preview

back tattoo
Back Tattoos: *Beauty Avatar*

front tattoo
Front Tattoos: *Beauty Avatar*

Glam Couture is giving away a limited in store free gift and it's HAWT! Also, join BP Update Group and check notices to get the BP Sheep cap made of 100% wool for the upcoming winter days!
Hat:BP*:Sheep cap!100%WOOL (Join BP Update Group and check notices)
Outfit (excluding shoes): Glam Couture: Zipper Leather Outfit- Blue

Last but not least, you can also get this prim collared sweater top from Haute Couture's other lucky chair.

Haute Couture
Top: Haute Couture: Cashmere Sweater Fiaell

Have a great day!!

There are two lucky chairs in Haute Couture that is giving away two really gorgeous gowns and a couple of other random stuff, and from what I've observed the entire morning, the chair particularly favors A, I, J and Xs. I wished I was named Xing instead of Ding. -.-". Anyway here are the two gorgeous dresses:

Haute Couture
Gown:Haute Couture : Designer Sketch Gown

Haute Couture
Gown:Haute Couture :Dynasty Gown

Then there's this place that Venturino had already mentioned about last night with loads of unisex tee, Mode. Here are a couple of ladies tank top you can get for free too. Something to take note when you are there: Try out their fitting room, I personally think that they somehow resembles RL fitting rooms and they are plainly awesome.

Tops from Left to Right:
Tops: MODE: army tank
MODE: black tank
MODE: red tank
MODE: tank [C]

Last but not least, the dollarbie of the week from Elate! is a pink bareback dress, simple and chic! Get it before its gone!

Dress (without tights): Elate!: Luanna Blush

Free tees for guys and free dresses/ outfits for girls! Thanks Suri for being my model (and for the tips too)! There's this Japanese place, MODE, that gives away a couple of unisex tee and girl tank tops which I find good quality. Their non freebie tops are cheap too, ranging from 10L to 20L. Also, check out the other stuffs that are featured in the pictures below, they are great and free too!!

Vent and Suri
Outfits from Left to Right:
On Venturino: Amacci: Puma white, (0L)
On Suri: Girls Style: Antique Pink Set, (0L)

On Suri: Girls Style: Blue Dots Bikini Set (camping chair gift, 10mins)
On Venturino: Amacci: Slips shirt, (0L)

Vent and Suri
On Suri: SYSY: Denim Skirt Set, (1L)
On Venturino:MODE: T-shirt, (0L)

Vent and Suri
On Venturino: MODE: T-shirt J, (0L)
On Suri: K*S: ONE-PIECE101fashion contest (0L)

Vent and Suri
On Venturino: MODE: T-shirt giraffe, (0L)

I am off to bed now. Have a great night people!

More deals update!

These may not be new, but anyway (Thanks to JessStarr!):
KS copy
Dresses from Left to Right:
Dress: K*S: ONE-PIECE6flour (1L)
Dress: DYN: Free Outfit
Dress: K*S: ONE-PIECE17pinkDOT hangarBOX (1L)

Freebie Update!

It's Monday again, and I particularly love SL on Mondays because they are always slow and quiet (and LoveSoul hunt has ended, YAY!). :P Anyway, here are a couple of things that you might want to grab:

Skin: *bf*: diletta complete avatar (free, at 49/160/23)
Outfits from left to Right:
Dress: Pdiddle: Pompelle Dress - Pumpkin Spice (Join Pdiddle Group and check notices)
Tunic: [ Bingo ] : Milly Tunic Purple (1L till the end of this week)
Dress: (Kunglers): Versatile dress with top inside (Gift of the week)
Dress: DI CHANTILLY@Rahz: Cherry dress

And a picture of our lovely Suri in K*S dress (free):


Have a great day!


Location: PLOD

When: 9/12 ~9/21

What to find: 10 Marons over the entire place. These 10 pieces consist of two different sets of furniture in cream and brown.

Coords are shown in the pictures below:

The Cream:

The Brown:

Have fun!

Jodie Greenwood informed me about this Japanese place filled with OL (office lady) wear, brought to you by a RL company and the best thing is that they are not only pretty, they are all free. These are some of my favorites (out of the gazillion to pick from):

Outfits (not including shoes): [UNY] (free)

Don't forget to walk a little further down, where you can get loads of tee shirts for free too, brought to you by the same company I believe. Happy grabbing loads of free stuff!

Good Morning!!

After a very stress day doing hunts (which is yet to be completed), there's a couple of sweet updates this morning. Digit Darkes is having their ritual weekly hunt and the 1L item is the Bronze Snake Skin Pants and the 100L item is the Black Betty Dress. Lemania Indigo has also given out a very neat ballet dress as group gift of the week for 1L.

Digit Darkes
Dress (worn in two ways):Digit Darkes-Betty Dress-Black (100L, U.P. 400L)

Digit Darkes
Bottom: Digit Darkes-Fall Collection-Snakeskin Pants-Bronze (1L)

Lemania Indigo
Dress: [LI]: Ballet Dance Box 9/13/08 Group Gift (1L)

Have fun and Have a great Sunday morning!

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