Oh, it's Saturday!

Update: There's free stuff (skin, outfit, hair) at Laqroki for both boys and girls. Click on the LMs to get stuffs. There are also some discounted fatpack hair at the hair section too!

Some dollarbies stuff for boys and girls from S&S and Leyda Style up for grab! The S&S presents (which includes skins, catsuits, and other stuff) will only stay there for two days and they are changed every other day. So be sure to grab them asap!

From left to right:
Dress: [S&S] Chocolate Bravura - 63 (1L)
Coat: Leyda Style: Wool beige coat (1L)
Dress: Leyda Style:Dress Britney (1L)

There's a gift from Bijou along with their new lingerie line. There's a hoodie with hair that comes along with the bodysuit!

Outfits: :bijou:*XmasGIFT* jeweLeah (0L)

And there's two cute dollarbie dresses from Surfline SL and Girl Style that you should totally grab:

Snapshot_004 copy
Dress: Surfline SL Retro Mae Dress (1L)
Dress: GS*Cheack country/RED

Have a great Friday!

UPDATE: There's also a free skin in the Belleza group notice. Go grab it while it's still there!!
Skin: -Belleza- gift skin (Join Belleza Group and check notices)

Minnu and Cachet has given a little surprise for the group members. Imho, this group is a must join for all girls! Join MM Skins group for 250L and check notices to get them:

Skin: MMS-Gift Skin
Scarf: Cachet-SCARFtube

Have fun!

Hat: LuNi Designs: Turkey Hat II (0L)

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you're stuffing yourselves with lotsa food, and have lotsa rest, and be fully charged to fight the crowds in the huge sales tommorow! If this is not your tradition, we still hope you have lotsa fun! Thanks for the support all along!

Short Update.

Some cute yet cheap dresses to grab at Parallel Love.

parallel love
Dress: PARALLEL LOVE: Check tunic Yellow (30L)
Dresses: PARALLEL LOVE: Spangkes dress X'mas color set (2 for 30L)

Some really simple tops to grab at Plod, 1L each.

Tops: ::plod::TankTops (1L each)

And a really cute tartan shirt dress for free from Ero Rabbi.

Dress: Ero Rabbi---Check one piece half Sleeve -REd(0L)
Good night!

Dresses for you!

Remember that cute little black dress that I posted last week but didn't lasted very long and got everyone frustrated? Apparently it's Maria Bonita's gift of the week which is only available for a day, and this time they are giving a similar dress that comes along with the turtleneck for free, one day only! Remember to check back every week for a different gift! Also, A piece of candy has given out a nice sweater dress through subscribo.

From Left to Right:
Dress: ::maria bonita:: "lovely flowers " black (0L, one day only)
Dress: a piece of candy - hillary grape (subscribo gift)

Hurry and have fun!

UPDATE: The SLURL for the natural Creation's lucky chair has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks to JasonX Baxton for informing me about the sale which is going on at Rockers Wear. Everything is 25L or less. :))

Looking good is all about nice outfits with a touch of accessories. There's an outfit at GG's Boutique (which includes jeans and tank), some tops to grab at Rughster, a scarf from Edge Grafica, a backpack from the lucky chair at natural'Creation and last but not least a pick rewards from Freesoul. All these add up to a perfect look for a male AV.


From left to right:
Scarf: Edge Grafica: 28 tartan-scarf (0L)
Oufit: GG's Boutique: A Moment in time (0L)

Top: Rughster: Horror Rughster Jacket (0L)
Bottom: Freesoul: caro pants brown (pick rewards)
Bag: natural'Creation: LeatherBag_[nC]_01(unisex) (lucky chair)

p/s : Thanks to Jojorunoo for the info on the bag =D

Averie Larnia of Hourglass Shape dropped me a folder full of shapes today, and when I tried some of them, it reminded me of the previous Dove advertisements that featured the not so usual models, and I love these shapes to bits.

From left to right:
Shape: ~Hourglass~ @ Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary Prison Hooker Shape #1 (1L)
~Hourglass~ @ Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary Prison Hooker Shape #2 (1L)
Shape: ~Hourglass~ @ Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary Prison Hooker Shape #3 (1L)
~Hourglass~ @ Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary Prison Hooker Shape #4 (1L)

And I bet this shape which is inspired by Bella from the movie Twilight will get you bitten by some hawtasCullens vampires out there.

Bella Twilight
Shape: ~Hourglass Main Store~ Limited Edition Bella -Twilight Shape (1L, limited time only)
Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ Y Dress Tee (0L)

Have a great skin, but not shape to go with? Hourglass Shape could help you out with that too! The store also sells different shapes at an affordable price for a variety of skins and they are all modifiable just in case you wanted to tweak a little here and there.

Stop by Hourglass Shape today and make yourself look good!

A treat for you from Kookie's! A whole bunch of cute dresses in a pack for only 100L and a special edition muggy boots for only 95L!! And just in case you haven't gotten that Kookie's markdown grayish silver platform, it's still there. So go there, like now!

Dress: Kookie's: LeRocket dress black
Dress:Kookie's: LeRocket dress pink

Dress:Kookie's: Booska dress Red
Dress:Kookie's: Booska dress Green

Boots:Kookie's: Special Muggy Love's (95L)

There's also some goodies from Pudge and CKSD's subscribo too!

Hair: PUDGE: Danzig's Girl (SPECIAL GROUP GIFT from subscribo)
Top: **CKSD** Old School Turtleneck Black (from subscribo)

Have fun!

Thanks Nebulae Aeon for letting me know about this HUD. You can do numerous things just with this hud. See below for some of the abilities of the hud,

1) REZ: let you to rezz a posing stand, platform 20x20/30x30 metres and a skybox

2) RADAR: showing who is near you and at a distance up to 96 metres

3) IDLE : to stay connected and not be disconnected for inactivity.

4) MOVE (Movelock): this function literally fixes you to the place in which you are standing.(Be aware that you will not be able to walk).

5) NON PHYS (non physical vehicule): a choice of two vehicles - Hoverpad and Spliff

6) STOP ANIM: to restore your avatar to normal position.

7) FLIGHT Button: This allows you to fly higher and faster.

8) FUN Button: an air surfboard, futuristic aeroplane, missile and etc

*BLITZED*: Goodies HUD (1L)

p/s: I am no longer worried that I will end up in the ocean when I come back from AFK =D


[UPDATE:] The shape is no longer there, sorry about that, but I was informed that this is the last day. :S

Some cute deals to grab:

JE*republic has a cute christmas outfit (shoes and hat included) for only 10L. BomBon has two new dollarbie up for grabs.

From Left to Right:
Outfit: JE*REPUBLIC-Happy Christmas -Costume Full Set(10L)
Top: BomBon:pink knit (1L)
Skirt: BomBon:pink check skirt(1L)

There's a free shape at Bodyline, and it's cute with the redgrave sakura skin! Grab it for free here, today only! Thanks to the owner, Nedeko, who informed me about it!

Shape: Bodyline :Go international - european shape - copy (0L)

Have a great day!

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