Modelling Stool

Diesel Works is giving away a modelling stool for free!! The stool is scripted with 5 different poses and it's totally worth your time checking out! Also something worth mentioning, a long time friend of mine Louis, the owner of Le Choix (posted long time ago, here) has finally open up his stores! Go visit now!

Diesel Work
Stool: Diesel Works GIFT Bar Stool (0L)
Necklace: Le Choix's ATLUS SILVER (opposite 50 flats @ Torres Mall)
Leggings: Dollita/ Leggings Turquoise (not free)
Shoes: 50 flats @ Torres Mall - jelly rose- Orange (35L, random vendor)

Have a great night!

Nice Stuff!

Some things you might like:

From Left to Right:
Outfit: -L`Abel- Basha Blue (0L)
Dress: -L`Abel-Mattina Turquoise (0L)

Magnifying Glass: -RC- Magnifying Glass (Join I love the starlust group and check notices)
Stole on waist: :sey group only G8 =Afghan stall (Join :sey-LOxKE group and get it here )

I've set up a new random vending machine with some jelly rose flats in a new location. Go here and click 50 flats on the TP board. Go have a look!

50 flats and VPoses

New @ 50 flats!

50 flats jeweled flats
Jeweled Flats: 65L each

50 flats gift with fatpack
Pink Jeweled Flats: free with every pack of 4 (200L)

Free @ 50 flats and VPoses.

VPoses: Stop! 0L

50 flats freebie
50 Flats: Ice Jeweled Flats: 0L

Have a great Friday!

There are some nice freebies to be picked up at the stores in Umeda shopping park!

Snapshot_002 copy
From left to right:
Dress: Goods2008 Brown(0L)
Outfit: Sleepy Cat* (0L)
Shorts with suspenders: ::JS:: Shorts with suspender (0L)

Snapshot_004 copy
From left to right:
Bottom: oyakin*knit-sox (0L)
Bottom: oyakin*pants*half (0L)

Take a stroll around that area, they have a couple more stuff to pick up! Have fun!

Express Yourself!!

Express yourself, with a face changeable smiley board (9 faces altogether). New at VPoses Mainstore!

Couple poses: 30L each/ 100L pack of 4

Smiley Board: 10L

Come and get yours now!

I saw this from Linda's site and thought you guys should check Nah! out too, they are all 1L outfits and there are more in the store!

From left to right:
Outfit: Nah! MAR-05(1L)
Outfit: Nah! MAR-02(1L)
Dress & Shoes: Nah! MAR-01(1L)

Gown: Nah! (at a different location) fairlady(1L)

For the boys:
Join Belleza Group (pay 250L) and check notices, there's a new skin gift!
Join KMadd Group and check notices for some blonde hair!!

That's it for now, have fun!!


Dollita is also a fairly new store that sells clothing and accessories which I've previously introduced. The designer behind Dollita, Krisha is very good at what she do and I love the colors and textures on her designs. Since it's a new store, the selection is rather limited. Please make more pretty things Krisha~

dollita tops
From Left to Right:
Dollita/ Dolcevita top
Dollita/ Barcelona blouse

dollita bottom
From Left to Right:
Dollita/ jean short darkblue
Dollita/ leggings Pink

Dollita/ jean short grey
Dollita/ leggings Turquoise

Dollita/ jean short lightblue
Leggings: Dollita/ leggings Grey

There's also a freebie (previously posted) in store. Visit Dollita today!


If you love tees/tops from Abercrombie/ Hollister in RL, you would probably love Akai. Akai is a fairly new store which sells mostly tops, some poses and accesories (more stuff coming soon). The clothes are highly textured with details and what's best is that every item are under 100L at the moment.

akai 1
From Left to Right:
Top: [ aKai ] : Worth It Tee: Mocha Brown.
[ aKai ] : Moose69 Tee: Melon.

poses: akai
From Left to Right:
[ aKai ] : Simple LongSleeve: Red Scarlet.
[ aKai ] : V-Neck Pocket Tee: Ocean Blue.

Right now, there are a couple of dollarbies (previously posted) in front of the store, I don't know when they will be gone, so go visit Akai today!

[Update:] Join lamb. group and check notices for a St. Pat's hair, also join Inorite's subscribo to get a fat pack of St. Pat's hair, and not to forget to join Exile gear group and go here to grab a St. Pat's hair. Last but not least, Beauty Avatar has a dollarbie St. Pats gift (skin and outfit) for you too!

Go to crush row today to grab some last minute St. Patrick's Day gifts! There are more dollarbies around the area, so walk around and get them before they are gone!

Hair: Artilleri

From left to right:
Top: [ aKai ] : Worth it Tee (1L)
Bottom: (Posh) - Green Plaid Booty Shorts (1L, comes with the dress shown below)

Top: [ aKai ] : SeagullCalif. Tee (1L)

Top: [ aKai ] : Tiny Tube : Mint-Green. (1L)

Hair: Junwave

From left to right:
Dress: GBL :: Chocolate Honey Dress (1L)
Dress: (Posh) - Green Dress (1L, comes with the shorts shown above)

LeLutka has a special St. Patrick's Day gift for the group members (some awesome hats and a skin). Join LeLutka Group and check notices.

Happy St Patrick's Day!


A little introduction (copied from the nc) about this interesting place that is filled with great/unusual, detailed builds (and also gifts) from various designers:

POetIk_* is a collaborative art project created by Nur Moo and Ju Dollinger.
Poetik Velvets is built by cyberpunk visionary Hern Worsley. Artists from around the grid such as Alpha Auer, Four Yip, Case Tomorrow, ColeMarie Soleil, Selavy Oh and Jojorunoo Runo among others, have been invited to place their art on Hern’s build. Gattina Dumpling's Hotel Dare as well found a new location in this project featuring Soror Nishi, Artoo Magneto and others.

Poetik Velvets
YIPs hair (0L, click on Larry the Lobster to get it.)

Poetik Velvets
Various Creators: The Lonely Doll (0L, skin, shape, outfit)

Poetik Velvets
~*RunoRuno*~ Poetik Bathhouse Towel (0L, could be found in runo-runo bags in both men and women's changing room)

Poetik Velvets
alpha.tribe::: "body parts" (0L, for male and female)

If you want to take a break from shopping/hunting in SL and see something unusual/ interesting, visit POetIk_* now!

The Flowery season.

Looking for something hippie / flowery (or both) for spring? Shiki Designs is the place to go!

shiki hippie
From left to right:
Outfit: SHIKI-Boho Outfit-THE BLUES
Outfit: SHIKI-Boho Outfit TUSCANY
Outfit: SHIKI-Boho Outfit SUNFLOWER

shiki girl

Happy Shopping!!

More nice outfits!

Here are more stuff that you might be interested in:

Dress: AMARIAH- Haute Couture Freebie/ Dollarbie/ Gift Olivia Dress (1L)

From left to right:
Outfit: ::Rahz Store::. Oriental Blue Coat (10L)
Outfit: {Rahz} Air Outfit- blouse+ legging (25L)

Just in case you are interested, the hair's from lamb. :P Have a great evening!

Very Soon...

... there will be a place to go to retrieve your lost notecards, or just sit, chill, look up the skies and think: "Ah, how good my sl is..."

You know where to go

Very soon, at 13th Ave.

You probably have done the Imagen hunt. If you haven't, you should do it now, these skins are pretty!! 20 pretty visible clovers to be found in that area, 1L each (1 pair of eyes, Irene skin in 3 different makeups and 2 skintones, Lia skin in 3 different makeups and 4 skintones, and a yet to be released Silvia skin). If you need any help, IM me or Vent.

From Left to Right:
Skin:Trebol 5 (1L)
Skin:Trebol 6 (1L)
Skin:Trebol 7(1L)

imagen 2
From Left to Right:
Skin:Trebol 11(1L)
Skin:Trebol 12(1L)
Skin:Trebol 13(1L)

Also some nice outfits that you might be interested to grab:

Skin: Trebol 20
From Left to Right:
Dress: Indyra Originals Gift: Marie Claire'(0L)
Outfit:Ibizarre St. Patricks Day Gift (0L)

nice dresses
Skin: [LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionLight-Gift Skin (Join LeLutka Group and check notices)
From Left to Right:

Outfit: *Thimbles* Cat Master Blueish (Join Thimbles Group and check notices)
Skirt: Ingenue ~ High Seas ~ Freebie! (0L, be warned, it's super laggy there atm)

Dress & Shoes: [LI] Summer's Birthday Box (1L, one day only)

Have fun!

On Ding:
Dress and Pumps: [LI] Go Fly A Kite (From Go Fly A Kite Hunt)

On Vent:
Necklace: a.C - super [SAFARI.line] (1L, limited time only)
Shoes: *ordinary*short leather boots - Dark suede (0L, mini hunt & 30mins camping)

How to get the shoes: First go here, click on the board and wear the bag. Look for the poster shown on the board here and click it, then head over to the diner, here, sit on any chair, camp for 30 mins and you will get the shoes.

Closeup of the shoes.

And something for the girls, there are two new dollarbie skins from Lazolli, here. Go get them already : )

Skins: //LAZOLLI//Phoebe 002 (1L)

Good Night!

We were really honored to be invited to the Lelutka show earlier today and everything's great!! If you can't wait for the reopening of Lelutka later at 4pm, here's a little sneak preview..

Lelutka Spring 09

Lelutka Spring 09

Lelutka Spring 09

Lelutka Spring 09
Everything you see except for shapes and men's hair are what you will find in stores later!

Have fun shopping!!

Lelutka will be reopening today at 4SLT with tons of new stuff. To celebrate this, they are giving away goodies to the group. If you are not in the group yet, join lelutka group and check notices to get them!

Everything you see, except for shapes, eyes, men's hair and glasses. (Join Lelutka group and check notices)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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