Thanks to Adrielle Loire for informing me about this. I have waited at Vitamen for ages (seriously) to get this set of boxers which comes in a pack of 5 on their lucky chair on the second floor that changes every 8 minutes.

Boxers: VITAMEN: Athletic Sheer Boxer (Lucky Chair, pack of 5)

Have a great weekend and hope you get lucky at the lucky chair!

Things to grab

M&R Cupcakes is giving a set of new skins for the group members. If you are not in the group, you might want to consider to pay 250L to join because they always give away sets of skins, so it's all worth it.

Skin:M&R Cupcakes - GEMINI- 5 tones, makeup + freck option (250L to join M&R Cupcakes and check notices)

Pixel Passion has a little dollarbie hunt on searching for three great items. I don't know when it ends, so hurry down to get them all! You can get this zombie pinup skin by Mijin Boa, here.

Pixel Passion
Skin: Mijin Boa: Zombie pinup skin (0L)
From Left to Right:
Swimsuit:Pixel Passion: Sparkly Swimwear (1L, a pack of 7)
Dress:Pixel Passion: Starlight (1L, a pack of 2)
Outfit:Pixel Passion: Gabby in Garnet (1L)

Snatch has a cute freebie outfit for a limited time (get it here) and last but not least there is also a cute outfit for free at Girls Style.

free stuff
From left to right:
Outfit: Snatch: Carnivale (0L)
Girls Style: GS*Break-tank+Jeans set (0L)

That's it for now. Enjoy your weekend!!

Sentou Yousei Hunt

Where: Here
When: till October 5, 9p.m.
What to Find: 24 to be found and gifts are boxed in life size fruits (grapes, red and green apples, strawberries, cherries, and bananas), mushrooms, and pumpkins.
The Coordinates:

# 1 181/83/70
#2 164/5/35
#3 92/198/1
#4 111/91/63
#5 165/149/39
#6 136/116/107
#7 200/110/27
#8 173/116/42
#9 138/116/46
#10 163/109/49
#11 135/134/70
#12 185/72/59
#13 60/220/29
#14 103/93/43
#15 113/133/47
#16 171/193/58
#17 149/111/39
#18 186/154/24
#19 143/58/29
#20 161/126/46
#21 89/145/5
#22 163/24/28
#23 137/139/39
#24 57/99/31

Thanks Linda Mensing and Oxana Aeghin for the coords. I also have the Island Depot Hunt cheat sheet if you are interested in grabbing some furniture, IM me or Venturino if you need it. Have fun hunting!!

FTV Hunt

FTV has a small hunt on! A jacket for the guys (here) and a top for the girls (here) and they are 5L each, go get it before it's gone!

On Vent: Top: FTV: Corderoy Jacket (Silver)
On Ding: Skirt:
FTV: SummerDoll2

Have a great weekend, people!!

Alchemy has given out a group gift! Glam Couture also have one free sleek dress up for grabs for a limited time. And Angel's Kiss is offering its group members a nice fur jacket for the chilly days ahead, join Angel's Kiss Group and check notices to get it.

From left to right:
Dress: Glam Couture: Flore - Teal (free for a limited time)

Jacket: Angel's Kiss: Fur jacket-black (Join Angel's Kiss Group and check notices)

Dresses:*Alchemy* Group Gift: Poise Dress (from Alchemy subscribeomatic)

That's it for now! More to come later!

Late night snack.

A little update before all of us go to bed:

From Left to Right:
Sunglasses: *[SpeXx]: Whitey Shades (1L)
Outfit: *MIU*: Halloweendress

Outfit: Swallowtail: Group Gift (Join Swallowtail Jewelry Store and check notices)

Top: (FD): Transparent Sequin Tank (1L)
Bottom: (FD): Frilly Jean Skirt

Sunglasses: *[SpeXx]: Brownie Specs (15L)
Dress:(FD): Coral Dress

おやすみなさい、みんなさん!Good night!

Lots to grab!

A lot of stuff up for grabs today!

Join Massimo Amico group to get the knitted sweater for your fall closet, then TP to its mainstore and get the orange knitted dress for 10L.
Haute Style Couture has a new group gift for their new member.
~Momo~ also has a group gift with rainbow tees for her members, join ~Momo~ group and check notices to get it.

And lastly, free skin updates!! Two skins up for grabs (there's one for guys too) in front of the london fashion week from Platinum Skins here, and also a veiled masked skin from Prim and Pixel Paradise. Here are the things that I have just mentioned:

Sweaters: Massimo!: my first sweater massimo (Join Massimo!Amico! Group and check notices)

Left to Right:
Dress: Massimo!: Cable Knit women (10L)
Outfit: HSC: Natalia (Join subscribeomatic and get in store)

Tees:~Momo~: rainbow tee (Join ~Momo~ Group and check notices)

Skins from Left to Right:
Skin: Platinum@ London Fashion Week: Sophie - Pink Lipstick
Skin: Platinum@ London Fashion Week: Sophie - Red Lipstick
Skin: Prim and Pixel Paradise: What the hell skin.

I am out for now~ Have fun!

Teaser 3

teaser 3

Now you know what we are up to :P.

What a morning!

That was because I was too tired to post last night, and something's wrong with Truth's subscribo so I am not sure if it's working and you can get the gift (a whole load of skins and tops), but Ephe double checked it, it's running smoothly now yo!! Not to forget to mention the great new dollarbie that Truth put out too. Along with the rave of lucky chairs, Elate has installed one in store too, three dresses to grab and it changes every 10 minutes, try your luck there now! Junwave has a surprise little hide and seek hunt for a hair, which you can get here. (Note: Click on the skull behind the pumpkin.) Last but not least, Kookie's has a pair of really great silver platform on sale for only 50L, a must have for the wardrobe, so go get it.

So here are the stuffs:

Skin:>TRUTH< : Rejuvenate (Truth Subscribeomatic gift)

Tops: >TRUTH<:Style Tanks (TRUTH Subscribeomatic gift)

elate lucky chair
From left to right:
Hair: >TRUTH<: Izzy -Seaspray (1L for a fatpack)
Dress: (Elate!): Danni-Fire
(from lucky chair)
Shoes: *Kookie *: Kat platforms (50L)

Hair: (JUNWAVE):Happy*HALLOWEEN_Hair!!!
Outfit: (Elate!): Emily-Ice (from lucky chair)
Shoes: *Kookie *: Kat platforms (50L)

two parties
Hair: >TRUTH<: Amy Jane - Barley (1L for a fatpack)
From left to right:
Top: (Elate!): McCain Tanks (1L)
Top: (Elate!): Obama Tanks (1L)

Have a great day ahead everyone!

I <3 Emery

It's a really slow day for freebies today.... I went to Emery and see if they have new items in store, and I actually found that they have a new freebie out for girls! (I don't exactly know if it's brand new, but at least something new for me) So here it is, the old and the new gift from Emery:

From left to right:
Outfit: Emery: Gift [Dress Rock & Glam #8]
Outfit: Emery: Gift [Dress Rock & Glam #2]

Pick them up in stores now!

Baiastice has once again impressed me with this witch outfit decorated with bugs and spiders, and thus I call this the stinky witch. Join Baiastice Group and check notices to get this outfit (includes shoes and hat) for your halloween closet!

Outfit: Baiastice: Witch of Venice (Group Gift, Join Baiastice Group and check notices)

What makes me happiest on a busy Tuesday afternoon? Pretty dresses at Happy Style Mall does. ^.^. Anyway, there's two camping chairs in Happy Style Mall that gives out a dress and a sweater, for 10 minutes each. There is also a freebie dress here, in the shop right opposite the chairs.

Happy Style Mall
From Left to Right:
Dress: *M/N* Flower Dress-Liru-Gray (10mins camping)
Sweater:*M/N* Wool Bolero-Gray-Package (10mins camping)
Dress: *M/N* (FreeGift)Dress-Miki-Blue (0L)

There's a lucky chair with a super cute hair in two colors (blonde and black) and changes every 3 minutes in Uncle Webb Studio, go try your luck now!

unce webb
Hair: Uw.St: Pulmu2-Hair Chamois

Have a great evening!

Thanks to Suri C. for informing me about this. Join +*+DEJAVU +*+ Group and check notices to get the Halloween Gift Box for Men which contains these two cool hair.

From Left to Right:
Hair: +++DEJAVU HOMME+++:HalloweenGiftHair FLURRY 1
Hair: +++
DEJAVU HOMME+++:HalloweenGiftHair FLURRY 2

S&S has a new dollarbie out in store and it's call the Desperate Housewives, probably inspired by the series. :D. The dress has two ways of wearing, prim skirt version and skirt version, so your one linden is very well spent! Also don't forget to check out their new releases too!

Dress: [S&S]: Desperate House Wives (1L)

Where: Imagen Main Store and Michami Store.
When: Till 6 oct
What to find: 15 little dollarbie gift boxes, 5 from Michami Store and 10 from the main store.
What you get in the boxes:

imagen hunt

imagen hunt
Skin: ( IMAGEN ): Mannequin Dollarbie

The Coords:
5 in Michami:
1: 24/76/29
3. 22/74/28
10: 23/86/28
14: 24/66/28

10 in MainStore:
2. 15/85/22
5. 24/94/28
7. 19/94/23
9. 14/108/22

It's an easy hunt so have fun hunting!!

Digit Darkes has put up two lucky chairs with 3 gifts and change alphabets every 15 minutes. I got lucky and got one of them:

dd lc
Outfit:Digit Darkes-Collection Set 1-Prize Chair item

Hurry down to Digit Darkes to get lucky now!

Thanks to Ephemeral who informed and saved me from burning my lindens in buying fall clothes. : D You can get all these in Jetcity for free!

Bottom: [Savvy Avvy]: dress pants_taupe_black belt (posted before, here)

From Left to Right:
Top:*Jetcity*: Cardigan
Roses:*Jetcity*: present rose
Scarf:*Jetcity*:muffler black

Top:*Jetcity*: Y-shirt yellow
Scarf:*Jetcity*:muffler mens red

Due to too much freebie shopping, blogging and photoshopping, I injured my hand.


Top:*Jetcity*: Real T-shirt
Hand Bandage:
*Jetcity*: bandage

That's it for now, have fun!


Freebies! Group Gifts!

Hair: Tousled : Elle- [2tone] Black/Wheat (group gift)
Dress: HL Fashion Design: Monica (limited time freebie)

Hair: Tousled: Elle- Pumpkin (group gift)
Shirt: ASH STYLE : plain shirts white
Lingerie: AnaLee Balut: ALB FLOWER NEW

Not so new updates for the day:
The Hippie
The Hippie
Hair: +*+DEJAVU+*+:HalloweenHair- YURUHUWA AGEHA (Join +*+DEJAVU+*+Group and check notices, hurry before it poofs)
Outfit: Leyda Style: Dollarbie woodstock (1L)

The Antoinette
The French
Dress: Shabby Chic: Let them eat cake (10L)

The China Doll
The Chinese
Top: Unique - Mia: chinese silk corset

Happy Sunday!

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