Happy New Year!

A toast to the good things that happened in 2008 and more good things to come in 2009.
Another toast to the readers for all the support, we need it for the year 2009.
One last toast, to everyone's health and wealth, may it be all well.

Happy New Year!

Manga Island.

These are so cute, you can get them here.

Snapshot.jpg_001 copy
From left to right:
Coat: Lopeared Parka (0L)
Outfit: Wappened Jump Skirt (0L)

Here, you can also find something you might want to keep for easter :P

AV: *s* MoaiBody (0L)

For those who are already in the year 2009, Happy New Year, if not, happy last day of 2008!

If you haven't heard of the Creator Pavillion's winter sale yet, you should go! Lots of Japanese brands like Aoharu, Gisele, Arai, MNK set up stores there and have sales on certain items (you can also find some free or dirt cheap stuff too). The sale will end on 1/12.

From left to right:
Coat: AOHARU:RidersJacket_Red (100L, for men, easily resizable to fit the girls)
Pants:MNK*SHOP: Tweed Half Pants-black (50L for 2 pair)

Outfit: AOHARU: ShirtAllinOne_Pink (100L)

Top: [gisele] enroulent/moss (90L, unisex, also check out the free pearl ring at the booth)
Pants:MNK*SHOP: Tweed Half Pants-grey (50L for 2 pair)
Leggings: !*G^G*! tartan tights 10color (30L)

Then there's some nice group gifts from Thimbles and Momo.

From Left to Right:
Dress: *Thimbles* Made of Evil (Join *Thimbles* group and check notices)
Top: ~momo~happy09 tee brownie (Join ~momo~ group and check notices)

Also, grab this gift from Gypsy Soul which is in the stocking. There's also some free logo tees when you join the subscribo.

Outfit: ~GypsySoul~ Holiday (0L, in the stocking)

That's it for now, have a great day!

I cook good eggs.

When I am not blogging, I actually work at this diner in SL as a cook/waitress, and frying two eggs at one time is what I do best. This free apron from Blonde makes my job a lot easier as I can put my glasses, papers, clips and napkins in the pockets, it even has a pretty bow at the back!

Apron: BLONDE: Pinny With Pockets (0L)

If you want some eggs, buzz me, and I will make you some.

Everything 10L and 2 dollarbies, one each for guys and girls, here at Garbage .

From left to right:
Top: -Garbage- Gumdrop (10L)
Bottom: -Garbage- Silver Bottom (1L, comes with the latex bottom)

Tunic: -Garbage- Splat (10L)
Bottom:-Garbage- Latex Bottom (1L, comes with the silver bottom)

Suit: -Garbage- Suits for the mens (1L, tons of different layer)

Good Night!

Some nice stuff.

Two really cute sweater tops for 30L and under from Laba laba and Uncle Wiggily. Also a new lucky chair item from Aoharu (changes every 10mins)

From left to right:
Top: +*+Laba-Laba+*+ Border cardigan-white / Blue (15L)
Top: Uncle Wiggily 63 / wasp sweater (30L)

Hair: *REDLIC RxR605K -Pink (0L)
Coat: AOHARU- DownJacket-Yellow (0L, changes every 10mins)

Go visit Ada freebie store, they have a really cute sculpted seashell bikini for free and also some nicely done animations for the pool too, for free of course. Don't forget to tip when you leave!

Bikini: Ada Clothing No.1 - Shell bra (0L)

Last but not least, grab this Argrace chair for free before 12/31. The chair/couch has some single and couple animations loaded in it.

Chair: *ARGRACE* Mellow Sofa (0L)

I also decided to put the subscribo thing overnight for tonight, so people from a different timezone could sign up for it. So hurry and have a great evening!

The subscribo is up again. It will be closed again at 7 SLT tonight. Don't forget to check out the dollarbie poses and the coffee table which are on sale. Sign up today here!

A couple of group gifts and gifts from C'est La Vie, Ibizarre and LeeZu Baxter for grab:

From Left to right:
Dress: ::C'est la vie !:: flower line dress (Join :C'est La Vie!: Group and check notices)
Outfit: Ibizarre Outfit Vicky (0L)
Outfit: Ibizarre Outfit Viola (0L)

Gown: *LeeZu Baxter* Kiss Sarah Flexi Dress (Join LeeZu Baxter Designs and check notices)

That's it for now, have fun~!


Stay tuned!


...the subscribo machine for slondlist! This group will be open till 7pm SLT today and will reopen again tommorow at 6am SLT. There will only be a limit of members to the group because I will need to pay if the group have over 500 members.

Dress: ::Dollette:: rucker dress-blue (Join Fashion Consolidate group and check notices on 12/24)

There will be no freebie given out in this group, nor updates on daily freebies, the only thing that will be send out from the subscribo are notecards of you know what. So if you hate to get any notecards of any kind, please don't join this group.

To join the group, tp here and click on the subscribo machine beside the entrance, there are also two dollarbie poses in store which you can grab too. Have fun and hurry!!


You have to visit Zanzo sometime for a couple of reasons, first, things are reasonably priced there, second, there is a group gift in the subscribo group and third,there are two lucky chairs there that changes alphabets and gifts (6 different gifts on each chair. 12 gifts altogether, which includes things for both boys and girls) every 5 minutes. Here are some of the things that you can get from the lucky chair:

Zanzo_1 (Tak and Vent)
on Takeshi:
skin: *Zanzo*: Fomorian -Noon ~ Banba (lucky chair)
briefs: *Zanzo*: Summer Days skinny briefs (Subscribo gift)
on Vent:
outfit: *Zanzo*: Union 82 Palm Beach (lucky chair)

skin(upclose): *Zanzo*: Fomorian -Noon ~ Banba (lucky chair)

What are you still waiting for? Drop by Zanzo now!

P/s: Thanks to Aristoteles for informing me and Theodore for dropping me the items. :D


You are probably still trying to organize your inventory from all the advent gifts from christmas and stuff from all those christmas hunts, so I am not going to mess up your inventory further today. There's only three things that you might want to get:

From Left to Right:
Hair: .Marlys. c'est si bon HAIR toast (Join I love Starlust group and check notices)
Skirt: "anuenue. Subfusc skirt (0L, Join "anuenue. Update Group and get it here)
Dress: Uncle Wiggily 48 / lavender patchwork dress (0L)

Have a great night!!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is all about red, green, silver, white. Regardless what color you are preferring, there's something neat for everyone to grab:

From Left to Right:
Dress: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift 25* Angelica ballerina* (Join Ivalde group and get it here)
Dress: **DP**yumyum:happy holidays/red (Join itutu Group and check notices)
Shoes: *OC* Xmas Tree Shoe (subscribo gift)

From Left to Right:
Dress: *UnToneQuilt* Salopette skirt (Join *UnToneQuilt* Update Group and check notices)
Dress: *UnToneQuilt* Cotton linen Turtle dress (Join *UnToneQuilt* Update Group and check notices)

Have a merry christmas all!

To the Lovers and the haters,

merry christmas

On Vent:
Boxers: Armidi - Holiday Midrise Boxers - Silver (0L, fatpack, shoparmidi.com)
On Ding:
Lingerie: Armidi - Sentimental Bra - Frosted (0L, fatpack, shoparmidi.com)

Wish you lotsa health, wealth and love. Merry Christmas!

Armidi is giving a christmas gift! Go to shoparmidi.com and get the three sets (2 single sets and 1 fatpack) of lingerie and three boxers (two single pair and a fatpack) for men, 6 altogether, FOR FREE! Yes, I am serious, for free! Check the sale section on the site and you will see them all. I don't know how long it will be there, so hurry and grab them now!! You can also get it for your friends by using the gift option on the site, just make sure that they are not in busy or away mode (can't recieve if it's in that mode). If you haven't have an account there, sign up now!!

Starlust Motel has tons of dollarbies to give away! Go to the Starlust Motel Lobby and check out the gifts under the christmas tree. Then Aoharu is giving away two pair of boots for free, two days only, get it here. Here are the goodies shown:

From Left to Right:
Hair: *REDLIC RxR605K (0L)
Dress: *Thimbles* Happy Holidays!! (1L)

Scarf: Kyoot - Holiday Wynter Scarf I (subscribo gift)
Tee: H&V: at the corner of heartattack and vine (1L)
Boot: AOHARU: SimpleLatherBoots_Green (0L, Join Aoharu Group and get it here, till 25th only)

Hat: ::SPLIT PEA:: Do You Love Me Now? Bow *SP* (1L)
Top: /artilleri/ marcy top *white/red polkadots*(1L, Join Artilleri Group and get it here, 1 day only)
Boot: AOHARU: SimpleLatherBoots_Red (0L, Join Aoharu Group and get it here, till 25th only)

From Left to Right:
Top: Meriken Co.,Ltd.:MOMOHIKI jacket-kouhaku (1L)
Top: Pig - Holiday Grazyna (1L)
Bodysuit: Pig - Holiday Sheila (1L)

Crimson Shadow lucky chair is giving away this pretty outfit on it's lucky chair, changes every 20 minutes, totally worth your wait!!
Outfit: CS Black Latex n Top Hat Set ( Lucky Chair changes every 20 mins)

Have a great evening!

Some skins with Christmas makeup by Cupcakes and [42] up for grabs. Join Cupcakes Group for 250L and check notices to get it, and you can get the set of [42] skins here for free.

Skins: *CUPCAKES Christmas Gift Makeup ALL TONES (Join cupcakes group. 250L, and check notices)

Skins: [42] Christmas skins

Have fun!!

MMS is changing their name into LeLutka, effective Jan 2009. If you previously didn't join Minnu group, this is a good time for you to join their new group, free of charge, LeLutka for future gifts and notices, and the group will be closed after all members have transferred over to the new, so hurry! (If you can't find LeLutka in the group, just check on Aradia Dielli - look for the group name LeLutka and join.)

And to welcome a new name, there are some goodies in the LeLutka Group Notices for both men and women.

On Vent:
Outfit: [LeLutka]- MR Smith outfit
On Ding:
Gown:[LeLutka]-LUCILE dress

Dress: [LeLutka]-CHRISTINA dress

Gown: [LeLutka]-PARKER dress

Join the group now for free and get the goodies!!

It's Monday

Some hunt stuff from the Lost Valley Hunt, dollarbies from Gigi Couture, and a free top from Refuge.

Boxes: Lost Valley Hunt - Candy Cane/BP* (get it here)
From Left to Right:
Bottom: (Royal Blue) Tintable Footless Tight (Go here, click on subscribo and retrieve history)

Top: Refuge: Holiday Tee (0L)
Bottom: *GC* Wool Poof Shorts (1L)

Top:*GC* Heart shirt (1L)

IM me or Vent if you need any help with the hunt. Have a great day!

A sneak preview of the new Melody skins by Beauty Avatar, which will be launched later at 5pm SLT. Thanks aida Ewing for dropping me a copy, they are gorgeous!

BA 6-10
Skins: *Beauty Avatar* Melody skin - Natural

And along with this release, Beauty Avatar is giving away a dollarbie skin of the Melody Line, here.

BA free
Skins: *Beauty Avatar* Melody skin - Natural 11 (1L)

Go get it now!

Savvy Avvy hunt part 2 is on. 15 boxes to be found, containing all sorts of goodies for the men and ladies. Here are some of the good stuff for men that could be found there:

savvy Avvy_part 2
From left to right:
Top: [savvy avvy] Gift 22: short sleeve dress shirt - white
Bottom: [savvy avvy] Gift 27:pleated jeans

Suit: [savvy avvy] Gift 20: deluxe twill blazer grey

Top: [savvy avvy] Gift 18: cotton tank - green
Bottom: [savvy avvy] Gift 19: Baracuda Jeans Rust dirty

If you need any help, IM me or Ding. Have fun hunting!! :D

some sunday treats

A couple of cute dresses from Zaara, Artilleri and Axel to be grabbed immediately:

From Left to Right:
Dress: Zaara : shubh dress (0L)
Dress: /artilleri/ Inger dress *blue* (1L, Join Artilleri Group and get it here, one day only)
Dress: /AXEL- Vixen Green (1L, till tommorow)

If you haven't join Tuli Group yet, please join now, the 250L paid for the group is totally worth the skins Tuli's giving out all the time. And these are the latest ones that you can get by joining the group.

Skins: []::Tuli::[] Kalista Xmas group gift (Join Tuli Group, 250L, and check notices)

Last but not least, grab this Bianca F's avatar (which includes hair, skin, shape, lashes), it's so pretty.

bianca F
Avatar: *bf*cristal-winter 2008

Have a great Sunday!!

...come to my place, as Ivy Blaisdale got me one as a prezzie~! And here is a pic of Ivy getting a bear hug.

bear hugs

Love the bear, thanks so much!

There's a hunt on at Lookr and there's 7 boxes to be found around the store that contain various stuff for both men and ladies. Hoorenbeek is giving away a pair of sneakers for free and it is located under the christmas tree. Go grab it now before they are gone.

Coat: Lookr: Beaten Santa ~ Green (1L)

Shoes: [hoorenbeek] SuperStar (0L, under the Christmas tree)

P/s: Thanks Linda and JasonX for the info. :D

Kellie of Elate! has brought us some hints of spring in this freezing winter weather. She released earlier this morning a series of mini dresses with sculpted blooming rose collar and tons of ways to mix and match the colors if you get the entire pack.

Dresses: (Elate!) -Maria Dresses

And to top it all off, Kellie also made matching Rose Rings to go with the dresses. And you could get these rings for free from the subscribo group.

elate ring
Ring: (Elate!) - Rose Rings (subscribo gift)

Visit Elate! to see these dresses today! Thanks Katx and Kellie for these dresses : )

I am sorry that some people couldn't find the stockings at Crush Row, I was wondering if you have noticed that Crush Row is one of the places that even if you have exact SLURLs to a certain boutique, it still tp you the landing point. So you have to follow the red line to the exact location. And be patient, it's a laggy place, so sometimes the stockings take time to rezz, don't just go there, see no stockings, and start bragging about how disorganized we are.

Just in case you still couldn't find those that I posted yesterday, here are the taxis:

Here are a couple of things from Crush Row and some group gifts from Church of Luxe, Coco and Thimbles. One thing about the group gifts, I usually mention if it's from the group notice, or subscribo. When it's stated subscribo, don't go search for groups, because you won't find anything, just go to the store, touch the subscribo and check the history from there.

Christmas stuff
Hair: * 0 Style *CSR2008w Gift*(posted here)
From Left to Right:
Jacket: *GC* X-Mas Sweater (1L)
Leggings: League Metallic Snowflake Leggings (0L, under the christmas tree)
Boots:*COCO*_Gift_Boots (Join *COCO* Update Group and get it here)

Dress: *Thimbles* Holiday Spectacular (Join (Join *Thimbles* Group and check notices)
Boots:*COCO*_Gift_Boots (Join *COCO* Update Group and get it here)

Dress: [CoL] - Gift - Holiday Dress! (subscribo gift)
Boots: *COCO*_Gift_Boots (Join *COCO* Update Group and get it here)

Stay tuned as more updates coming up. Have fun!

It's CSR again!

Remember the CSR event that I previously blogged during the summer? It's back with more goodies to be exchanged with the cards. For those of you who still don't know how to do the CSR, here's the instructions:

1. Go to the 20 participating stores (info could be found here) and buy something within 12/20~1/18. Note that some stores have certain merchandise that comes with the card, and some others have cards included in all their items, these items with cards included are usually priced above 100L.

2. After you are done with all your shopping/collecting cards, attach them to your hud, or wear it to your body, don't feel awkward for having too many cards on your body because that's the trend in CSR. Then start Tping to all 20 participating locations (Get SLURLs here) to have your cards stamped. The machines are usually located at very visible places in store (lobby, entrance). The cards are transferable, just in case you don't know what to get your friends this christmas, you can always give them one of these stamped cards and let them pick their own present!

3. Once you have all the cards stamped with 20 stamps, you can go here to exchange your cards with the gifts that you want. More instructions on how, read this.

These are some of the things that I exchanged with my cards this morning:

Hair: * 0 Style *CSR2008w Gift*
Bolero: !_Ce Cubic effect BOLERO
Balloon/Nose: CSR Chica-P.J. Bellyflops Buddy

Hair: ::69:: FISHBONE Hair + BERET (CSR Winter 2008)
Bicycle: HPMD* WonderCycle (CSR2008 Winter)
Lamb: <>Lamb Yuki&Shirosaku "CSR2008Winter Gift"

Bunny AV: CSR:*yumyum*stoory of a bunny:gray
Tee: CSR2008Winter Souvenir (Get it from the Event Hall)

Have fun CSRing!

Never expected this to happen but thanks to okrebecca Dastardly, she got me the giraffes that I asked for from my list. Thank you so much!!

P/s No giraffes were harmed during the photoshoot.

okrebecca sitting on the donut the giraffe was munching on

Love my giraffe

Vent and I are looking forward to more surprises!! Hope you have a great night!

You just got to love Crushrow, because you get dollarbie presents everytime there's a holiday and here are some of the stuff that you can grab. Also, there's a present (sweater and jeans) at Little Fish Mainstore (Thanks Jojo) for 48 hours to celebrate the store opening, so grab it when you can!

Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots 'Black Suede' (Prezzie from Linda, Thanks!!)
From Left to Right:

Top:+*CC*+ Red Kallie Hood(1L)
Dress:*BOOM* Happy Holidays Dress(1L)
Outfit:*BOOM* Santa's Cutey(1L)
Outfit:*Littlefish* New store open gift (0L)

Hair: [the oBscene] Evyione w/extra [Albino](1L)
Skin:[the oBscene] VENUS-Quartz-Icey Bella/SKALDi(1L)
Lashes:[the Obscene] Lashes-SILVER ICE (1L)

That's it for now, have fun!!

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