Here are some stuff for the boys and also the girls, from the bunny hop hunt and elsewhere:

On Ding:
Hair: +*gl*+river+*platinum FLEX (0L, here)
Bag: Dollita/ Martini handbag kaki (Join :::Dollita::: Group and check notices)

On Vent:
Outfit: **AB Apparel $L1 Outfit (1L)

On Ding:
Dress: Dollita/ Midnight dress- olive (200L)

On Vent:
Scarf: The Bunny Hop #295 - I'm Safado

On Ding:
Top: *MIU* flowercamisole - brown (1L)

On Vent:
Hair: The Bunny Hop #232 - MADesigns
Hoodie: The Bunny Hop #184 - Acid & Mala Creations
Jeans: **LikeA**BLACK DP SKULL HEAD (Join group and get it here)

Violin: The Bunny Hop #203 - Satoko Instruments

Have a great Saturday!

More stuff from bunny hop and a little bit more:

Snapshot_003 copy
From left to right:
Dress: The Bunny Hop #181 - .:MALT:. Fashions (this is for you Anaeli!)
Dress: The Bunny Hop #131 - Lo*momo
Dress: The Bunny Hop #192 - .:i *Towa* i:.

Snapshot_001 copy
From left to right:
Dress: **taisaya**free pink dress (0L)
Outfit: The Bunny Hop #001 - Bare Rose

Snapshot_006 copy
Hair: The Bunny Hop #034 - = Hal*Hina =
From left to right:
Outfit: The Bunny Hop #269 - Rock'n Rose
Outfit: The Bunny Hop #022 (female) - MeteoRain

Dress: *SaLsA!* Houndstooth Tube Dress Version 2! (subscribo gift)
Butterfly Net with AO: The Bunny Hop #024 - -RC- Cluster

Have fun~!

Hop around like a bunny to get gifts in various decorated eggs, here are some of the gifts from the hunt:

Snapshot_003 copy
From left to right:
Outfit: The Bunny Hop #176 - Project Kiwi
Outfit: The Bunny Hop #233 - "anuenue. (1L)
The Bunny Hop #112 - BAIASTICE

Snapshot_004 copy
From left to right:
Dress: The Bunny Hop #266 - PARALLEL LOVE
Dress: The Bunny Hop #209 - Elate
Dress: The Bunny Hop #048 - *ENCEMBLE*
Necklace: The Bunny Hop #257 - Shampooo

Pet: The Bunny Hop #023 - El'n
Hair: The Bunny Hop #215 - W&Y
Food: The Bunny Hop #025 - Love Soul
Dress: The Bunny Hop #177 - ::C'est la vie!::

Box: The Bunny Hop #133 (2 of 2) - HANAUTA

Eyes: The Bunny Hop #011 (2 of 3) - Poetic Colors
Pipe: The Bunny Hop #008 - Scribble (Hidden under skirt)

Not sure if the locations are right but these are definitely the taxis to go straight to the store to find some eggs! Till then, have fun!

It's about time to stock up on spring/summer tops and skirts! Here are some of the stuff you might be interested to pick up:

springy summery
Poses: MNK*SHOP_Gift**KALMIA labo. (0L)
From left to right:
Skirts (Pic 1&2): MNK*SHOP group gift! (Join MNK. Group and get it here)
Vest: Doux Petit Dahl - Striped Cardivest - Lime (1L)

There's an update on hunt lists up at the HQ at Harold, go grab it if you need it! Have fun!

Here are some cute stuff to grab:

Sofa: minajunk Couple's sofa (0L, 7 chairs included)
Backpack: *Calmera* Rucksack_LB (10 mins lucky chair. saw it from runner's high)
Tattoo: Seerose Tattoos - Love is a Game (10 mins lucky chair)
Shoes: magi take sports sneaker (10L per pair/40L fatpack)

Happy Wednesday!

Short Update!

I went over to Kurotsubaki today and found this hat, for free! It's scripted to change textures and it's super cute!

Hat: *KUROTSUBAKI* tulip hat (0L)

Go grab yours now!

Some dresses and gowns with bold colors and prints to be checked out!

Snapshot_002 copy
Dress: [LI] 2009 (6 of 50) Flower Power RETIRED 3/23/09 (1L till tommorow)
Gown: dama villa tuscany (0L)

And some cute tees for the boys, and a potrait pose from our very own Takeshi (Takeshi has opened a new pose store, Pose-o-logy together with Suri, S.Loves, go visit!) :

uncle wiggily
Pose on the left: Pose-ology Portrait Pose (0L)
From Left to Right:

Tee: Uncle Wiggily 95a / drinky crow tee- blue (1L)
Tee: Uncle Wiggily 95d / drinky crow tee- slate (1L)

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to our HQ at 13th Avenue, Harold. There's nothing much there yet, but you can now retrieve D-list updates (with informations and help on free stuff) by clicking the box on the table. Feel free to lounge there too! Have a great night!

New at 50 Flats!

Actually not so new, as I kinda introduced these patent rose flats along with the jeweled flats.

50 flats-patent rose
Flats: 50 flats: Patent Rose (55L per pair, 4 colors to choose from)

If you are into vibrant colors, these rose flats also has jelly version (comes in 4 different colors) that is exclusively available in the random vendor.

50 flats- jelly rose
Flats: 50 flats: Jelly Rose (35L per play, transferable)

There's also a new freebie available too. Come see it at the 50 flats mainstore now!!

Since I got fired by the bossman in diner for making scary looking eggs, I've switched to housekeeping, and Blonde is the place I go to grab my essential housekeeping tools - gloves, apron and duster since the place is offering them for free!! Visit at 2pm to check out the new spring line, freebies and discounted items!!!

Hair: Exile Ursula Candy Melt (Join Exile Gear group and get it here)
Gloves, Apron, Duster: BLONDE Spring Launch Preview Freebie
Skin: [LeLutka]-LondonLight-RFL Skin (750L for RFL)

Oh, contact me if you need housekeeping services, but keep in mind that I only clean tidy rooms. : )

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