Let's Take A Break

[UPDATE:] Hollywood Gesture Hunt's owner was kinda upset because I am offering notecards (when I promised I wouldn't, I'm sorry), so they have changed all the locations of the stuff and the notecard that I have is outdated. People who haven't do it, good luck! Domestic -V's 5L/10L skin sale will be on till 6am SLT 9/14, so if you thought if you had missed it, it's now a great chance to rush there to grab them.

...from that awful LoveSoul Hunt and relax with some cheap/free stuff updates:

Skin: Domestic -V: Vivid Skin (5L, Sale's still on!! Hurry!!)
Outfit from Left to Right:
Dress: K*S :One Piece21BOX blackCAMISOLE
Oufit (bra excluded): Rha!: corduroy capris and sheer elegance

p/s Anyone need coords on Discord or Elemiah hunts, feel free to IM me in world so that I can pass you a notecard. Thanks Linda Mensing!

Breaking News

[UPDATE:] Domestic -V's 5L/10L skin sale will be on till 6am SLT 9/14, so if you thought if you had missed it, it's now a great chance to rush there to grab them.

I don't know if this is insider news or what:

Atriel Starbrook: .... . Mairead just marked down all her skins to 5-10L for the next hour: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sterling%20Heights/96/170/23/ (Domestic-V Skins )

What's better is, it's transferable. ^^ What are you still waiting for, head over now as it's ending soon!

The Evil DH Hunt


Okay, I admit, I hated this hunt. Even with the cheat sheet, Venturino and I spent at least 2 hours to get everything. Damn. It's not easy, and it's frustrating, but for the Prim Toes Wedge, I guess it's kinda worth it. : ) Thanks Sorrowburn Aeon and Linda Mensing and a couple more people, we would still be stuck in the underground with zombies, if it weren't for you guys.

Location: Digital Hollywood

When: Starting now till 9/15

How to do it: Requires a lot of camera zooming! Get a hud at the landing point, wear it then find the not broken Kanas. Find 8 on the ground (in order to TP you have to get all of them) then TP underground to find another 16 to complete the missing items on hud. After you get all of them, go back to the landing point and touch the display boxes and Voila! you get your gifts.

What to be found: 24 (in total) Kanas to be found; 8 on the ground and 16 underground.

The Coords:
On the Ground:
139/7/22 camera zoom from top, on grass
16/94/52 bottom left in the locker
16/32/42 right corner on the tool table
146/41/46 camera zoom from top, in the sleeping bag
143/112/42 shown in picture

DH hunt

71/42/52 on the poster of J's western boot.
125/89/43 pocket of Model on 'Cars' Style Poster.
219/26/39 NW corner under the plank.

The Underground:
29/20/3 under the bodybag
105/87/7 behind the tape
87/22/4 on the wall
80/8/3 on the wall
72/76/14 zoom into the tube in between the cones. shown below

DH hunt

73/74/18 side of the sink
80/72/18 behind the tape
74/74/20 above the wall, at the corner
80/54/18 ZOOM CAMERA, it's under the floor. shown below

DH hunt

90/88/18 between the vending machines
146/73/28 on the ceiling
131/40/11 in between the stairs and the ledge
106/4/5 on the pipe, facing inwards
80/81/6 on the ground
153/78/7 behind the first red hand, on the wall. shown below

DH hunt

18/70/3 on the rail

Have fun searching! And if you didn't use any swear words throughout the hunt, I salute your patience. We are now both heading to the LoveSoul hunt now (which I heard is another arse). Out.

YAY!! Sorrowburn has finish doing the DH Hunt but yet to note down the coords for stage 2, the good news here is that you people should stay put, the list will be out ASAP! Thanks Sorrowburn Aeon! While we wait for the coords to be found and posted, let me update you with some freebie/dollarbie news.

There is this Japanese place call Girls Style that have some really sweet dresses for free or a linden, and there are two camping chairs upstairs where you can camp for 10 minutes and get an outfit. Also, join Magika Update group as they have two style of free hair to be found in the group notices. The cute stilettos that I am wearing is from Kittylicious. You can get them in store after you join the group.

Hair: Magika: Nice - Black B (Join Magika Update Group and check Notices)
Shoes: Kittylicious: Funky Stiletto (Join Kittylicious Group and get in store)
Dresses from Left to Right:
Dress:GS* :Pattern Red Dress (Camp for 10 mins to get)
Dress: GS* :PARALLEL LOVE: Star One Piece
Dress: GS* :Snacky (1L)
Dress: GS* :Country RED set

Last but not least, Zaara has given out a group gift and it's gorgeous. Join Zaara Update Group and get in notices.

Gown: Zaara : Calangute *Black* (Group exclusive)

Not so new updates.

A couple of notable things up for grabs.

1. Orchid Dreams: This little place has some really nice stuff for a really small price. Also has a lucky chair that changes item everytime it changes initial. This 'Modern Empress ' outfit comes along with the hair only cost 25L.

Orchid Dream
Hair & Outfit:Orchid Dreams: Modern Empress
Shoes:Orchid Dreams:Maiko Bamboo Okobo (from lucky chair)

2.Saya: You can get this dress from the group notices. Join SAYA group and check notices for it.

Dress: .Saya: Flower Belt Onepiece

3.Ivalde: There's this two camping chairs that gives away really beautiful gowns. Too bad I haven't have the chance to do it. While I was waiting for my turn this afternoon, I came across this cute dollarbie located in second floor.
Outfit (including shoes): Ivalde: Judy leodress

4.Marinoco: This is what I considered a SL best not so secret secret. They have the cutest dresses for really cheap or free. You can get this gown below for 1L by joining the Marinoco group.

Gown: Marinoco: Formal039g (Black Adelaide gown)

The Sari Hunt

Thanks to Ephemeral for the coords. Well, I know most of you guys have probably gotten the Sari Hunt cheat list , and is now working on the more evil DH hunt for the Glorious Prim Toes Wedge by Js or the one at Naughty N Nice; however, if you happened to be one of those who haven't gotten this coords and want to get some free vibrant colored ethnic print outfits, you are definitely at the right place! Have fun!

Location: Here

What to be found: 17 Yarns to be found.

The Coordinates:
1 - 215/86/568 in pond
2 - 223/66/568 on elephant trunk
3 - 197/80/568 bindi area on statue
4 - 205/107/568 on mannequin
5 - 232/91/568 on chest
6 - 221/71/568 on tree
7 - 211/95/568 under stairs
8 - 209/95/568 cam up onto the roof/ behind mushroom
9 - 197/93/569 on panel
10 - 196/88/569 under table
11 - 222/98/658 in pot
12 - 203/76/568 on chest
13 - 205/75/568 behind chest
14 - 227/73/658 cam up onto the roof/ on the flag pole
15 - 201/102/568 under table
16 - 233/80/568 between pillow and floor
17 - 218/99/658 in flower pot

Useless Children

There's this little store in Japan Village call Useless Children that sells really cute affordable clothings and they are giving away a couple of things for free:

Useless Children
Shorts: *UC* :Deer T-underwear
Tops from Left to Right:
Top: *UC*: Deer T- yellow
Top: *UC*: Deer dot T

F2H copy

Fashion 2H for men is giving away a smart looking collar up check shirt for the month for free. It comes in two versions, an opaque and a sheer (not shown). Get yours here now before it's gone!

Gestures Hunt!

[UPDATE:] Hollywood Gesture Hunt's owner was kinda upset because I am offering notecards (when I promised I wouldn't, I'm sorry), so they have changed all the locations of the stuff and the notecard that I have is outdated. People who haven't do it, good luck!

This is a new one, personally, I don't use gestures and I don't know how to use one. However, after this hunt, I am pretty sure I am going to use it more often!!

Hollywood gestures

Hollywood gestures store (beautiful place, impressively built by Maddox DuPont) has open its door to people who love to express themselves more than words, and what's better, they are having a hunt and loads of dollarbies for grab!!

The hunt is kinda easy, 25 Oscar statuette all over the place to be found, not very well hidden, but easy to miss out some. Coordinates will not be posted here, as the owner requested that; I however will be very willing to give you some very obvious tips if you really couldn't find them. Feel free to IM me or Venturino inworld to get help.

This hunt will last for a month starting today, and there will be a new one coming up as soon as this one ends. Take your time to look for the statuettes and have fun!

Freebies Alert!

A couple of nice freebies up for grab right now! Get them before it's too late!

Top: (Tableau): Festival Black Shirt (unisex)
Shoes: AOHARU:MoutonBoots (Limited Group Gift)

From Left to Right:
Top: (
Tableau) Saint Ingrid Tank-White
Skirt: SD: 911 -Special Edition- TuTu Skirt
Henna: (
Tableau) Protection Festival Henna

Dress: KaoSome: Sparkle Dress

Tableau Party!


Loads of freebies, lots of fun. Enough said. TP to Tableau to participate.


Me and Ephemeral doing our thing in the loots we got here.


Look cute!

There's a couple of things that you might want to grab to complete the cutesy playful casual look. They are mostly free or a linden, except for the /Fuel/ shoes that are 10L (for limited time only). Check out [Bingo] while you are grabbing these things too, because her dresses are all (very) cute and affordable!

Dress:[ Bingo ]: Margo Dress (1L)
/Fuel/:Bambee *Strawbs* Wedges (10L)

Hair: Tekuteku: gift 2 (from hunt, details read here)
From Left to Right:
-corduroy-: too many cookies! tee (1L)
/Fuel/: Valentino leggings (Free!)

[ Bingo ]: NSK Biscuit Brown T-shirt (Free!)
/Fuel/: Stitched up leggings (Free!)

This post is dedicated to Lanai and those who are going on a date.

Lanai told me this afternoon that she's going on a date tomorrow but Bixers didn't tell her where they are going, so she was wondering what she could wear on a date to a unknown location and she didn't want to look too casual or too formal. So here's what I think:

date dress
From left to right:
You can never go wrong with a little black dress, pair it up with a pair of wedges and you are good to go either to dancing or just a casual outing. You can get this No Face black dress for 1L in Free*Style Mainstore.

If you are going out with that someone special during daytime, you might want to consider a flowery dress with bright colors and a pair of matching pumps, because he might bring you out for a picnic or some outdoor activities. You can get this dress for free in Sweet Rainbow.

So black isn't really your thing, or flowery dresses are too summery, a simple ruffly babydoll with a pair of gladiator boots will complete that demure look perfect for a casual or semi formal date. You can get this dress for free by joining the Trey Dope Group and check notices.

It doesn't really matter if you don't have loads of linden to spare on designers clothes (ie. Armidi. Redgrave and such), because you can always get good ones from time to time (from group gifts ,store gifts, lucky chair) but I do think its very important to save up on hair and shoes (we can never have enough), because that will totally make or break the entire look of a free outfit. Girls, start saving up your lindens for more hair and shoes!!

I will be posting soon in the future on how to dress up for other occasions. Till then, have fun dating! I wish you girls lots of love.

iNFLiCT will be closed until 12th this month. However, the owner is kind enough to put out 2 tattoos for free. TP here to get them.

inflict tattoo
On Suri: Inflict: The Day You Left Me *Light*
On Vent: Inflict: The Day You Left Me *Medium*

p/s Thanks for your patience during the photoshoot Suri!

Fun Stuff!

There's a lucky chair in Chicanery that changes letters every 15 minutes and switches between two spring toys, a panda and a pig. The naughty school girl uniforms (also available free in three other colors) showing the nips are up for grabs at !Mingo!

sg on pig
Outfit: !Mingo!:red sexy sailor set
Toy: Chicanery: playground piggy (from lucky chair)

sg on panda
Outfit: !Mingo!:blue sexy sailor set
Toy: Chicanery: Spring Panda Boxed (from lucky chair)


What's better than being a superhero? Getting their costumes for FREE!! Ultimate Heroes is giving away a couple of well known superhero costumes for free. However, if you feel that the creator has done a good job and you want to tip him, there's a donation box in the store where you can support his work!

Costume: Ultimate Superheroes: Spiderman

Human Torch
Costume: Ultimate Superheroes: Human Torch

One day only!!

Glam couture is giving away two latex catsuit free, for today only! Unleash your dominatrix side !

Glam Couture
From Left to Right:
Outfit: Glam couture:**Prism** Firestarter by Journey
Outfit: Glam couture: **Prism** Obsidian by Journey

SPIRIT is giving away a couple of cheerleading gears for a linden each, I don't know how long this will last(get it asap), but these are indeed something that you want in your closet for just in case!

From Left to Right:
Outfit:SPIRIT :In the Zone Dollarbie SPIRIT Windsuit
Top:SPIRIT :In the Zone Dollarbie Cropped Tied Jersey
Bottom:SPIRIT :In the Zone Striped Dollarbie V-Waist Shorts
Shoes:SPIRIT :In the Zone Dollarbie Regular Prim Boots

[ insert cool name ] has given out a new freebie. Join the group and get it from the notices. You can also get a dollarbie box here beside the update group box which contain a couple of really cool tops and a pair of jeans.

InsertCoolName copy
Tops from left to right:
Tee: [ insert cool name ]: shirt popsicle bomber (join [ insert cool name ] and check notices)
Other Tops: [ insert cool name ]: dollarbie box

Freebie Monday

After a hectic weekend with all the hunts and crashes and missing inventories, here's the time where things kinda cool down. A couple of freebie news today: There's this really edgy geisha skin pack for free from Chai subscribe-o-matic group, an outfit from Kunglers (as usual) and a orange bathing suit from Aqua.

freebie monday
Skin:LF CHAI skin: Ginger-coeur
From Left to Right:
Dress:(kunglers): Black Floral - Free iten 0709
Swimsuit: AQUA: EndlessSummer - Orange

Then there is this mystery gift box in Big Booty Big Money where you can get this dress in a variety of colors in the whole pack, a new skin from DI Chantilly and also a free hair from Tekuteku group (join group and check notices to get):

Hair: TekuTeku:=TEKUTEKU= Group-gift 9/8
Skin: DI Chantilly:PINK-Jessica light cream skin-5b
Dress:BBBM: Ululation Dress in Brown/Beige

Last but not least, Halloween arrived early!! Get a pumpkin head and a witch costume at Edge Grafica for free !

Pumpkin head: edge grafica: pumpkin head
Outfit:edge grafica: mourning dress

SL hates me.

I went to the Candela hunt this afternoon and I crashed a gazillion times but I somehow still managed to get every single candy. When I tried to TP home, SL wouldn't let me, so I decided to relog. SL wouldn't let me log on for another gazillion times after I went off, and when I finally did, to my horror, I only found 1 Candela hunt item left in my inventory. Without wasting any time (since it's a 2 hour hunt), I went there the second time to pick up everything that I lost. I crashed again, and when I came back, it's all missing except for the pink tee. I tried to TP to candela again to pick up everything, because I loved the tees by momo so much, but the hunt ended as soon as I manage to get in.

What's worse is, I can't TP home again. And got stuck in some weird place. Till now. Thus this post.

In tears
p/s on the bright side, SL at least save this pink tee in my inventory.

SL hates me today, I guess I will not be doing the MiaSofia hunt which will end tonight, my heart is too weak for any inventory getting lost ever again. I heard it's a really easy hunt, so people who are going to do it, good luck and have fun.

Tekuteku hunt!


Tekuteku got their own sim and they are having a hunt from now through 9/15. 6 tiny giftboxes to be found.

Here are the coordinates and the hair that you are getting with each box. Thanks to all the Vainers who helped me out in the hunt.

tekuteku hunt

tekuteku hunt

Have fun!!!


There is a hunt at Touche and there are ten 1L boxes packed with high quality furniture hidden around the place to be found. You have to zoom your camera high and low to find all the 10 items. This hunt will probably end sometime tomorrow, so if you are in need for some addition to your new crib, try this hunt out, ASAP.

The coordinates are shown along with the things that you will be getting:

furniture hunt

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