This is for Pokey.

Thanks to Pokey Ponnier for the info on the free hair she's wearing in this picture:

Pokey Ponnier
Hair: Seshil: Lightbrown

Cute little dress.

A present (which is the dress shown below) is hidden under the huge tree in the middle of the lower level of the Happy Mood Mainstore. Enjoy!

star dress

Gosh, there are a lot of hunts within these two days and I couldn't really decide which one to go. Well, here is another one from Michief Isle. You are looking for 10 boxes containing different bikinis. Below are the coordinates, I only managed to find 9 of them, lacking box 8. I do not know when will this hunt end. So again, hurry!!

Sunshine Days Suit #1: Dots Bikini (orange) 100/35/38
Sunshine Days Suit #2: Dots Bikini (yellow) 86/26/39

Sunshine Days Suit #3: Plaid Bikini (blue) 124/45/28
Sunshine Days Suit #4: Plaid Bikini (green) 134/55/34
Sunshine Days Suit #5: Plaid Bikini (purple) 125/84/31

Sunshine Days Suit #6 : Sequins Bikini (blue) 54/69/35
Sunshine Days Suit #7: Sequins Bikini (purple) 40/54/27

Sunshine Days Suit #8: Sequins Bikini (red) 60/57/30 (up on the wall)
Thanks to Trickett Nightfire about the information

Sunshine Days Suit #9: Tankini (green) 79/22/27
Sunshine Days Suit #10: Tankini (pink) 100/53/32

Thanks again to Lanai for all these resources, you are the greatest!!

A hunt in Shiki

Shiki#20 - 33/160/22 - Shiki women's aloha shirt


There is a hunt in Shiki with all sort of things from skins, to poses, to clothes and etc. This is not an easy hunt due to the huge place and all that lag so I only managed to find some of them probably just half of it. I do not know how many boxes we are looking for, some say 20 something some say 18, but I believe there are more than 20. Below are the coordinates (no pictures) for what I have got. All the items are free unless stated. This hunt will be ending tomorrow. So hurry!!

Shiki#1-95/110/22 -Digital Eyes (1L)
Shiki#7-242/100/26 - J&J Skins
Shiki#8-217/92/23 - J&J Skins
Shiki#9-222/153/23 - SPICA
Shiki#10-78/110/22 -Digital Eyes (1L)
Shiki#13-229/100/23 - Baiastice
Shiki#15-167/169/23 - *ZHAO* shoes
Shiki#17-210/162/23 - **massimo! Amico**
Shiki#18-99/175/22 - Shiki
Shiki#19-56/172/22 - Shiki
Shiki#21-68/165/21 -Shiki
Shiki#22-76/95/22 - Long Awkward Pose
Shiki#24-139/225/28 - Fashion Fruit

*I will be updating this post if I find any new ones.

Thanks to Lanai, Enjelieka and Sofia for their help. I appreciate it. Also, there are some freebies items at the landing point. Be sure to check it out.

p/s: There is also a Nicky Ree hunt (if you are not aware yet) I heard ending today, not doing coordinates on that one because I am working on another one.

Join Aoharu Group and search up the notices for these early autumn gifts for boys and girls.

Dress: Aoharu: Circle Turtleneck Dress (orange)
Shirt: Aoharu: Pleats Shirt (red)

Speedy Update.

There's another hunt waiting for me to start, and get all of you the coordinates. Before that, a short and sweet update:

From Left to Right:
Dress: Boutique Lovely - True Amazon Satin Dress ( free only for a day)

Dress: Glam Couture - Nicole Dress
Dress: (Elate!) Lise (1L for a week)

Some really cool new release hair gift are up for grabs too at House of Hearts. Have a great weekend.



Updated: Not posting up all the pictures, because there are so many of them.

Since it's kinda late right now, and I know you might need the coordinates of the hunt like I am giving you the coordinates to all the chests and trash that you are hunting for and I promise I will post up the pictures tomorrow.

In this hunt you are looking for a chest and a trash can in 10 participating stores which includes Tuli, Earthstones, Tousled and so on. There are also freebies and dollarbies all over the place too.
The location of the hunt is HERE. If you are at the coordinate that I gave you and can't find it, use your camera view to zoom around, because some of it are hidden very well up on the ceiling or almost buried in the floor. (Skank's is the trickiest.)

Dark Mouse:
Treasure Chest: Various Jewelry
83, 135, 21

Trash Can: We're Not Worthy Patent Pumps, Bench and Old Beach House
108, 143, 25

Treasure Chest: Bambi Tee, Dumbo Tee and Pinocchio Tee
72, 70, 22

Trash Can: Trashy Outfit
82, 89, 21

Treasure Chest: Chroma's Eyes (includes Tidepool pack and UltraViolet pack)
13, 243, 28

Trash Can: Silk Bean Bag (with various poses)
68, 212, 20

tan skin
Treasure Chest: Light and Tanned Skin
52, 117, 28

Trash Can: Oops Skin
47, 121, 21

Electric Jane:
Treasure Chest: Skateboard
180, 122, 19

Trash Can: Penguin
188, 186, 22

Treasure Chest: Triple Disk Earring
79, 161, 29

Trash Can: Smokin' Ashtray
67, 159, 32

PushButton (Sprawl):
bug eye
Treasure Chest: Bug Goggles
97, 46, 30

cig machine
Trash Can: Wall Mounted Cigarette Machine
190, 15, 21

Treasure Chest: Modesty Couch (color changeable)
209, 26, 23

Chroma Trash_004
Trash Can: Trash Bag
7, 25, 20

Skanks R Us:
Treasure Chest: Die Herretic
10, 246, 20

Chroma Trash_002
Trash Can: Gas Mask Model 2
113, 12, 22

Treasure Chest: Bobby Hair (Fat Pack)
113, 200, 36

Chroma Trash_010
Trash Can: Beach Cooler
177, 179, 21

Thank you so much to those who help me out in the hunt, without all your help, this list couldn't have been here!

Do the CSR!

CSR is the coolest thing that is happening this summer in SL, right now! What you need to do, is to buy something from the participating stores (here) and get a CSR card. Then get it stamped from all of the 20 participating vendors who are giving away the awesomest gifts. You can also give your stamped cards to your friends if you have extra. Finally, go to the CSR event hall and exchange a gift from the vendor. Yes, it's that easy. (A little tip for those who have more than one CSR card, attach all of them to any place that you can attach on your body to get it stamped all at once.)

I had been waiting for it since a month ago, and also had been collecting cards to get the gifts that I want. This morning, I went around and got my card stamped and finally I was at the event hall.









I have 7 cards, so I got a couple more silly stuff with them and you shall see me busy blogging my new toys on the blog in the coming few posts. This event will end a week after 8/31. This summer, do the CSR!

As I bet most of you have know by now and thanks to Beanie Canning, I went over to Europa watch and got my very own personalize (not to forget free) watch. The whole process of designing your own watch is so cool that I just have to do this post in a comic form. : )

Europa Watch 1
Europa Watch 2
Europa Watch 3

There are so many possibilities of watches that you can make from this machine and the watch just fits on the wrist perfectly. I will be going back to get my second one for sure, and I am sure you will have as much fun as I do while designing your watch!

Europa Watch
My watch.

Freebie Love.

Another very quick update as I have something else to do. Only free and dollarbie stuffs are listed

From Left to Right
Dress: HLC: Hella Dress
Sakka's Studio: Simple Flat Shoes: Black
Dress: HLC: Charlotte Dress
Sakka's Studio: Simple Flat Shoes: Silver

Hair: Shop Seu at Mobile Factory:Mofumofu hair -yellow brown (seriously, its free)
Top: Dutch Touch: Plaid Shirt unisex -Green with Print (Subscribe-o-matic gift for group)
Bottom: [Random Fashions] at Gnubie
: Very Skinny Jeans (1L)
Sakka's Studio: Simple Flat Shoes: Red

The gorgeous flats that I am wearing are from Sakka's Studio counter in a flea market at JBrand Mall. Go up the ramp. You’ll reach a point where you need to walk a bit to your left and continue. Thanks to Beanie Canning on the tips. These are some great shoes for free!!

Dress: Ibizzare: Red Carpet Dress

I heard that there's a hunt in Ibizzare but I haven't get into it yet, I believe it's worth sometime for the hunt.The red dress shown above is one of the freebies that you can get right at the counter. Speaking of which, Stiletto Moody, the Christian Louboutin of SL, has some private sales on, just for group members, everything off season is 40 percent if you have some (a couple thousands) Lindens to spare, join the Stiletto Moody group and check it out!

If you have a house in SL, you don't need to search high and low as I am showing you a couple of items that you might need for that empty space in your house which you don't know what to do with it.

Mat: Massimo! Amico! (Free for 1 more day, join group to get!)
Red Vase with Plants Display: Tango New York gift at KMADD
Bookshelf: Style Magazine

Style Magazine might be a place that you want to check out, because other than various furnitures that you can get for free, you can get a lot of free clothes and shoes too.

My creation
Lamp: Style Magazine
Chair: SOLA

If you are looking for contemporary sofas but somehow is spoil by the color choices you are given, you should try out SOLA, they have this really cool set of sofa that changes color (and poses) by just a touch at a very reasonable price. I personally own a set because I love the versatility of it. Good luck furnishing your home!

Quick Update.

Alchemy has given a new gift for August exclusively for the group members. Join the Alchemy group to get this dress now!

Dress: Alchemy: Dance

Ivalde also has a little gift for their customers. This dress is located around the models at Ivalde in the form of shopping bag.

Dress: Ivalde: Melia Skyblue Dress

Other than men's suits and props that Vent introduced to us in the previous post, Yips is particularly creative when it comes to costume and outfits for girls. (Maybe she's a girl and she knows exactly what we need). You can find outfits for French maids to costumes as a bird, to a raindrop goddess, Yip's store is a place where you must go when you are attending a costume party and have not much linden to spare. I am going to show you some of my favorite creations from Yip's in this part two tribute today.

This is the Roly Poly Dream Dress. This outfit looks like a ballerina dancing in an enchanted forests, thus the accents of the birds and butterflies all over. The color of the dress is very earthly which brings out the subtle decoration all over.


You can also get the hat (which comes separately) to add a further touch to the 'little animals are attracted to princesses' feeling.


The next one here is the Grey Beauty Outfit. A very prim and proper dress, suitable for anyone who has an office job and is looking for the perfect work outfit. Glasses are included in this outfit. To give this conservative look a twist, Yip actually added the Double Wiggly Chair on Table in the folder which allows you to shake your booty on it. Sweet. :P


This is the Black Skull Dress. It reminds me of a dress that a widow would wear attending her husbands funeral. The outfit also comes with two little stools (as shown in the picture) that you can rezz out and lay on it.


I love this costume to bits. I bet Titania would totally say: OMG! I must have that dress and have it's baby! LOL. This is the Peacock Outfit perfect for a costume party or a carnival. I love the details on the peacock feathers, I think no other peacock outfit out there in SL can beat this one.


Last but not least, the Raindrop Outfit. This is the sexiest outfit of all mentioned above. Nipples tend to slip out from this outfit, so alteration is needed. The color of this outfit makes it very watery, as if it is made of the clearest water from the enchanted woods.


These are just a few that I got from the store, there are a lot more interesting stuff that you can get at Yip's,for free. Head over there and unleash the costumey side of your AV now!

Friends who know me knows that I am more of a cocktail dress girl, I only started buying ball gowns when I got a job at Frank's. That is when my formal wear folder expanded. Although I am not a great fan of formal wear, from then on, I just can't keep my eyes and hands off those colorful flowy ball gowns. Paying a whopping thousand linden can indeed get you an exquisite gown with excellent trims and everything, but sometimes (seriously) the good things are just right there, at your reach, for a linden or less. I admit that these gowns are not as flawless as those that you get in Nicky Ree or Tres Jolie, however, it is good enough for you to be the talk of the night if you wear it with the right accessories.

From Left To Right:
Gown: Soraya Shan: Happiness Ballgown (Free)
Gown:Lemania: 1920's Peacock Dress (1L for today, hurry!)
Gown: Miyabi: 4 seasons flowers (Free)

I love this Powder Puff Dress which is a Lemania Group Gift that they are giving away this time. It reminds me of a demure version of my favorite Tres Jolie Fou Fou d'amour dress which cost way lot more. The dress comes with a pair of matching shoes too, and the whole outfit only costs 1L if you join the group. Do you see the resemblance?

dress comparison
From Left To Right:
Gown:Lemania: Powder Puff Dress (1L for a week, join group to buy.)
Gown: Tres Jolie: Fou Fou d'amour

Okay. Enough ramblings about gowns. Back to the usual free stuff. There are two really cute tees up for grab at ElectroCUTE.

something interesting
Bottom:Soraya Shan: Summer Outfit: Camouflage Pants (Free)
Tops from Left To Right:
Top:ElectroCUTE: Gloomy Free Tee.
Top: ElectroCUTE :Hollywood Free Tee.

That's it for now, have fun!!

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