Duboo eyewear

This is for Nil and the Japanese friends (pardon my grammar): これら眼鏡を安くて,かわいいので,買わなければなりません!!

If you haven't heard of Duboo, I am pretty sure you will TP over after seeing how cute/fun the glasses that are sold there!! The best thing about Duboo glasses is that it comes in 4 different attachment points options, so for you fashionistas with a lot going on in the face, you can save that work from manually attaching the glasses to fit.

From Left to Right:
Glasses: DUBOO*Lovely glasses (60L, also comes with a blue option)

Glasses: DUBOO*Zebra glasses (80L)
Glasses: DUBOO*R's glasses (80L, also comes with a shade option)

Finding ways to express yourself? You might want to consider these!!

From Left to Right:
DUBOO*Otaku glasses [cry] (15L)
DUBOO*Otaku glasses [angry] (15L)
Glasses: DUBOO*Otaku glasses [sad] (15L)

This is definitely my favoritest pair! (and it comes with the ears too!!)

Glasses with ears (mickey and minnie options): DUBOO*Mickey's glasses (80L)

Christmasy stuff.

Hair: JE*REPUBLIC-Happy Winter Hair-Group gift (Join [JE*REPUBLIC] Group and check notices)
Dress: shirohato-reindeer (10 mins lucky board, rotate among 3 dresses)

Christmas Mall
Hair: CriCri @ Christmas Mall-Christmas03-2009 (0L)
Dress: "n*cotton"@ Christmas Mall- *Nuit de Noel* (0L)
Cake: "n*cotton" Cake Dispenser with pose (0L)

Gown: Baiastice_Christmas Dream (0L, Under Christmas Tree, there's also a male gift too!)


WILDO! has moved to a new location and Hana san is pampering all of you with a cute free hair and some new release!!! Stop by today now~

Hair: !!WILD O comori hair p (0L, at second floor)
Hair accessory:
!!WILD O gift** (0L)
Top: -tb- Pretty Up Tunic (120L for -Stumblebum Brigade -, weekend limited fashion event)

Hair accessory: !!WILD O head dress 12 (87L)
Top: (Milk Motion) my short cardigan leopard pink (145L for -Stumblebum Brigade -weekend limited fashion event)

It's a pinkish/purplish weekend!! Here are some of the items you can get from Weekend Fever this week.

Birds: rbcg.pink birdie
Panties: mijn.t [SPECIAL TIME] weekend fever special edition PANTIES

Earrings: LaGyo_ Heavy earrings purple
Hoodie: rbcg.pink shirt hoodie

Dress: :TASTY: TWIGGY PINK (comes together with a purple option for a price of one!)
Necklace: LaGyo the heavy one necklace- purple

Pink Weekend
Hairband: [ glow ] Studio - (WF item) Pink forest hairband
Dress: * Donna Flora * LORETTA

Mistletoe Kiss
Pose: Dismorph. Mistletoe Kiss- Weekend Fever (exclusive and will be discontinued after Sunday)

More Boots!

There's a gift (comes in male/female versions) for J's group member in store. Join J's Update group and click on the santa claus here to get it. Thanks Jojo for informing!

Boots: J's gift Laceup Short Boots (Join J's Update group and click on the santa claus here)

Most of you would have probably known The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart. This is the little place in SL, very secluded with hints of melancholy and lots of snow, it is just perfect for that quiet little moment where you want to get all bundled up and take pretty wintery pictures. Oh, did I mention that the perfect (pretty and free) Christmas tree is there for you to get for the decoration needs?

In search of the perfect Christmas

In search of the perfect Christmas

In search of the perfect Christmas
Top: Intrigue Co. Moo Moo shirt (picks gift)

In search of the perfect Christmas
Tree: The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart:AM Radio XMas Tree (comes with wear/rez options and also an axe.)

Have fun.


Looking for glasses? Shades? Quirky, fun ones? Kumaki has them all. Their glasses are great because they're fully sculpted and scripted to change on every possible thing that you can change on the glasses (lens, frames, size) and there are a lot of lucky boards and gifts (they are also in DTCH) for you in store too! TP over to Kumaki and find your pair today!

Kumaki Glasses
From Left to Right:
Glasses: K_gs Faure 1.00 (picks gift)
Glasses: K_gs Xen 1.00
Glasses: K_gs Hearts2
(lucky board)

Kumaki Glasses
From Left to Right:
Glasses: K_gs TVGlasses
(lucky board)
Glasses: K_gs SantaClausGlasses (0L)

Kumaki Glasses
From Left to Right:
Glasses: K_gs Atmosphere 1.00 (Chimney Hunt #69)
Glasses: K_gs group gift (Join NALA&K_gs Update Group and click here)

50L Fridays!!

The most talked about Laura Fauna skin on the feeds/plurk/everywhere, is now at your reach (it's like a teaser, so there's no freckled version and a corset is drawn on) in 50L Fridays!! Also this week, you get the new Lamb Witch hair in two colors and also the new boot in red from Shai!

50L Friday
Hair: !lamb. Witch (50L)
Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine} preview [Snowflake] W/ bodysuit (50L, 6 limited skins)
/artilleri/ Elspeth cardigan *snowflake and polkadot xmas* (50L, pack of two)

COCO has an awesome gift (three pair of boots) for the group members. Join *COCO* Update Group and check notices to get them.

50L Friday
From Left to Right:
Jacket: /artilleri/ Elspeth cardigan *snowflake and polkadot xmas* (50L, pack of two)
Boot: *Shai* Lizard Boots - Red (50L)

Hair: !lamb. Witch (50L)
-tb- Ma Cherie Glasses (50L)
Top: -tb- Merci Beaucoup Raglan (50L)
Pose: esme for (pda) actor (50L. 5 poses)
Boot: *COCO*_FlatAnkleBoots (Join
*COCO* Update Group and check notices)

I know these Modd.G jackets have been all over the feeds, and they are not like hotfreshnew but I have to spam the feeds again just because. They are very versatile and can basically go with anything. You can also get a pink version of it from the Down the chimney hunt.

Modd G
Jackets: Modd.G Leigh Jacket

And here's a little tease of the soon to be released from Veschi. I am not a bag person in SL, but I LOVE this bag to bits, the details are just too awesome to be passed. The wait won't be long though, it will be released very very soon.

Modd G, Veschi
Jacket: Modd.G Leigh Jacket
Bag: Veschi Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma - Gold (Hand) Citrus

Have fun shopping!

Free Stuff/ Hunt Stuff/ Group Stuff!

House of Fox
From Left to Right:
Dress: House of Fox : Couture (0L, till 12/21)
House of Fox: Sequins (0L, till 12/21)

POE hunt
From Left to Right:
Dress: POE globe #036 AlaFolie
Dress: POE globe #199 Crissy Designs

Hat hair: ++AY.LinE++Gift[[Holly]] (0L, fatpack )
Top: Berries Inc xmas gift box

From Left to Right:
Outfit: =Zenith=Group Gift-Pink Pajamas Set (Join Zenith Fashion Group and click here)
=Zenith=Group Gift-Candy Girl Set (Join Zenith Fashion Group and click here)

I know I am wee bit that late for this hunt post but, oh my, it's indeed a handful of great stuff to get your hands on! And what I am showing here is only part of them, more coming soon (when Vent is free, which is soon!)

From Left to Right:
Top: Chimney Hunt #96 Vanitas Vesture

Top: Chimney Hunt #13 This is a Fawn

Top: Chimney Hunt #97 (Tyranny Designs)
Earrings: Chimney Hunt #90 Frippery

From Left to Right:
Jacket: Chimney Hunt #56 (Modd.G)
Skirt: Chimney Hunt #54 couverture

Top: Chimney Hunt #47 (Zenith Fashion)

Top: Chimney Hunt #23 *Fishy Strawberry*
Skirt: Chimney Hunt #42 Narwhal

From Left to Right:
Jacket: Chimney Hunt #14 BALACLAVA!!

Jacket: Chimney Hunt #71 (So Many Styles)
Hand Patch:
Chimney Hunt #58 Scribble

From Left to Right:
Earmuffs: Chimney Hunt #20 Artilleri
Jacket: Chimney Hunt #75 (Kyoot)

Top: Chimney Hunt #25 Ducknipple
Bird: Chimney Hunt #49 .:SHD:./Eleutheria

From Left to Right:
Earrings: Chimney Hunt #19 (*Ticky Tacky*)
Bag: Chimney Hunt #37(*mocorin*)

From Left to Right:
Scarf/Gloves: Chimney Hunt #16 Reek
Chimney Hunt #9 ::Duh!::

From Left to Right:
Necklace: Chimney Hunt #36 D-LAB
Boots: Chimney Hunt #8 (-mix and match-)

Have fun!


Remember those awesome lego brick builds from Tra$hIT!? You can now get the builds inworld, other than that, you can also find great unisex tattoos and tees at a great price in this store! Check it out!

trash it!
Tattoo: Tra$hIT! Fenix Tattoo - by Depresso (60L)

Trash  it!
Hoodie: Tra$hIT! Lines Hoodie - by Depresso (0L, in the 8ball)

from Roule! 50L per color pack/200L for fatpack and one of the hair shown is free! Scarves are gifts from Argrace and Truth.

From Left to Right:
Hair: Roule - Molli (50L per colorpack)
Scarf: *ARGRACE* Hooded Scarf (0L, female and male version available)

Roule - Charlotte (50L per colorpack)
Roule - Afrodite (0L. fatpack)

Roule - Leila (50L per colorpack)
Scarf: >TRUTH< Lygon Scarf [red stripe] (subscribo gift)

short update!

I am very busy and all, but I will be kinda free after tomorrow, so proper posts will resume tomorrow. At the meantime, you might want to check out:

The Artilleri & Surf Co's Sale which will end this Saturday. 50% off all stuff, get your hands on some of those great sweaters and boots!
TP to Surf Co's
TP to Artilleri

And this is for those of you who need help on the Down the Chimney Hunt. Don't go if you don't need it, I don't want to hear people whining about how I am spoiling the fun. It's already a known fact, so live with it.

Have a great night!

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