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If you haven't know, there is a moving sale at Frangipani , everything is on a huge markdown for a limited time and you can get this set of 4 dresses right at the door for 1L. Periquita is also having a 50% off sales, and their Funny Girl Flats are must haves!! Last but not least, M&R Cupcakes has given out a free set of new skins exclusively for group members today and they kinda look cute on me.

Skin: M&R Plush Skins - Apricot: Headcold (Group Gift)
Dresses: >FD< Floral Print Mini Dress (1L)
Shoes: .:Periquita:.Funny Girl Flats Lime (90L)

So that's probably the updates for today, have a great evening people!

Hello Hello! Remember I told you about the SURPRISE ULTIMATE GIFT that you get at the end of the Trey Dope Hunt? If you were like me waiting who got everything earlier and waited for them to fix the system, you have to to pick up three updated 1.1 v items: The bottle of medcine, Lotta Family picture, and the herb, in order to get the last gift.

After you are picked up those three things, you might want to go back to the DP store and look for the one last thing, a TP to the rezzing center. Hints: It's somewhere in DP up on the ceiling. The gifts are worth all the hassle, you get three items, each from a designer in Trey Dope. Here they are!!

Necklace: LOTTA: Coin Necklace
Shoes: **THECLOSET**:RibbonPumps
Top: Muism's Lucky Chair: Black Satin Ruffle Top

Outfit:*DPS: Shantung Silk Wedding Gown

Not posting coordinates for the hunts, but hints will be given. If you seriously couldn't find it or plainly lazy to do it, feel free to IM me, I will try my best to help you with the hunt.

Early this morning, I received a group gift along with a trey dope hunt package. The folder includes a very cute dress from DP (Join Trey Dope group and check notices to get it), and also some instructions on the hunt. You can get the hud (very important. a must have!) in from the hunt package, you can get it from the landing point too.

-------How to play-------

1 Go and get a diary from Dr.Mitsumori in the group notice or at the landing point.
2 Wear the HUD diary and go from the first point to the last point by solving the riddles and reading the letters.
3 The HUD will add numbers you get.
4 There is a wonderful gift for people who get all the numbers.
5 In addition, numbers and items that you pick up and collect have an important role.
6 Please make sure you get all the numbers in numerical order.

-------RULES and HINTS to have fun-------

・You should wear the thing which you get on the way each time.
・If you can't wear the HUD or it is hard to see the textures of the HUD, please read text of notecards.
・Please change your environment setting at a "Midnight"
[ World <>

We hope you can enjoy our quest !

Anyway, I changed into the dress, and found my way there. I was totally clueless on what I am looking for, so I looked up and down, everywhere.


Until I met Gala Giha and she lead the way. Thanks Gala, I would be totally lost without you. Hints: The 2nd and 3rd letters could be found in The Closet store. Read the letters carefully. The hints are there.


You get gifts as you pick up the letters, but the ultimate gift will only be given out when you get all 7 of them. Hints: Letter 4 is in Lotta, and Letter 5 is on the way to the ship. Again, read the letters carefully. The hints are there.


Hint: Letter 6 is in the DP store. Then I wondered where was Letter 7?


The Corpse outfit from The Closet shown above is something you can get along the way. Hint: Last letter is located at a pink lavenderish flower field near the DP store.


We were zombified after all we collected all the letters (You get the zombie AO as you pick up the letters). We are still waiting for them to fix the system so we can get our surprise ultimate great gift!

It's a really interesting and unusual hunt if you like solving mysteries. Since the creators of the hunt put so much effort into this unusual event, I should just let you guys do it yourself. Have fun investigating!



Thanks to Kyra for the cheat sheet.

The Location: CandyNail Mall

The Drill: They only allow 20 people to get in at one time, so the best thing to do is to click the map, search for Candynail, locate the nearest spot at the neighboring sim and try to bump in. You will then get in as soon as someone crashes or TP out.

What to find: 12 Candies in the form of Bon Bons and Lollipops in all sizes.

Difficulty Level: 4 out of 5. You can't fly in the sim, and the candies are small and located in places that you can only see with camera zooms.

The Coords:

Candynail hunt
Pose: Striking Poses (1L)
Candynail hunt
Pose: Striking Poses (1L)
Candynail hunt

Not shown in pictures:
178/152/24 inside the pot (Candy Nail)
163/110/31 on window (Candy nails-primmed)
104/209/36 on roof on corner (Curtains)
26/229/28 on the roof, the really huge candy (some incense thing)

The hunt is worth the effort even if you use a whole lot of time trying to get into the sim. Hurry though since it's ending this sunday. Have fun!


[UPDATE:] Me and Vent got stuck at Poe's store and can't TP home nor anywhere at the moment. Great, we are now going to feed on strawberries till further notice.


As some of you should know by now, I still can't TP to the CandyNail hunt yet. And I am pissed. It was like "Oh, that's okay, I will go later!" to " DAMN IT! WHEN CAN I FARKING GET IN?" in a span of 4 hours or so. Anyway, instead of feeling helpless and not productive, here's a dollarbie alert! Poe Tatum of Skank R Us is giving away 5 cute colorful skirts for a linden each. Grab them here, and wear them with a tank and a playful hair and you shall be blessed by the rainbow fairies of SL with a happy and joyful day ahead!

(I so need that right now, damnit damnit damnit. *frowns* I believe the rainbow fairies are part of LL's staffs.)

SRU skirts
Skirts: Skank R Us: Skull Skirt (1L each)

Useless post.

While waiting for my turn to TP into the Candy Nail Hunt (damn it, 20 people at a time? That's ridiculous!), I did this with my new Dolly look:

The Mime

The title explains all.

Hair, Skin, Outfit: Topaz Square~Pretty Mime Gift

Muism renovated it's store and now they installed a 'Magic Chair' in front of the stores. The chair consists of three items and switched randomly, and be prepared to wait for your alphabet, as it's doomed to loop around, X, Q and Z. These tops are what we got after a whole afternoon's wait. I can assure you, it's worth the wait. : ) The hair that Ding is wearing is part of a group appreciation gift from HOH.

Muism lucky chair
Hair on Ding: HOH: Atonement - birch (group gift)
Tank:*Muism*: [Tie Dye Tank Top Wa-pattern] (lucky chair)
Shirt:*Muism* Stripe OS/Navy.Navy

There's a hunt at Candy Nail new sim later at 4pm SLT (I am not very sure, but they say that) and also a hunt at Trey Dope starting tommorow evening, so before the hunts start, there's some freebie and cheap stuff alert!

The Skin (comes with the dress and the fab shoes too, all FREE!):

KA skin
From Left to Right:
Skin: [KA] Designs *SPECIAL EDITION 2* -Pale-
Skin:[KA] Designs *SPECIAL EDITION 2* -Ebony-
Skin: [KA] Designs *SPECIAL EDITION 2* -Sunkissed-
Skin: [KA] Designs *SPECIAL EDITION2* -Dark Tan-

The Dress:

Gown: SYSY's limited edition gown - Fleur Noir (1L)

The Shoes

Shoes: SKG: Katia Demi d'Orsay Wedges - Zebra (5L)

There's this spanking new place call Hotel Dare that screams ART all over the place in SL waiting to be discovered. Filled with artsy and unique little boutiques all over the place, it's a funky little sim filled with vibrant colors, put up by a couple of notable artist in SL.

Anyway, new sim = lots of freebies. :D So here are my loot taken in Hotel Dare (there are a whole lot more to grab and buy). You could get everything from the picture in the sim (except for hair and shoes).

hotel dare
Top: Crash: Tie: Long Women's
Bracelet: Diamonde: "Miabella" Bracelet
Bottom: Short celeste
Skin: Dare's Geishas skin in Pale by Mijn Boa

hotel dare
Hat: xxYOMESHOUJOxx: hat-*Viy*
Socks: Twosome*: dikkesokken-red

I don't know if they are offered for a limited time, so hurry down to Hotel Dare and have a stroll!

Rocker Chick.

[S&S] have a couple of dollarbies which could be found at the four corners of the store. I love the ones that I am showing in the picture below because these outfits kinda bring out a different personality in me, the dominatrix rocker chick by day and by night. Check out their other outfits when you are at [S&S], they are equally as great too! The hair is a part of the HOH @ hair fair gift bag. Grab it before it's gone!

S and S
Hair: HOH@Hair Fair: Daphne - steel
From Left to Right:
Dress: [S&S]: Pink flirt
Lingerie: [S&S]: Split Personality Lingerie

Suri informed me about some freebie poses at CNS Poses. There are three free couple poses altogether and the pictures below shows you two of the three poses that we tried on. Go check out yourself for the third one. Surpise, Surpise! Also, check out other couple poses, those are really cool too!!

cns pose

cns pose

Run to Runo

You can also get a couple of really great outfits that is high quality and looks (very) expensive here for free too! This is the latest one that they offer.

Runo Runo
Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ Tube Dress (0L)

Look of Wednesday

Jojo of Wigwambam gave me a folder with a new dollarbie and some new releases today.


There's a new dollarbie @ Wigwambam: the OHISA Tee (short for "O-hisashiburi desu ne" meaning "Long time no see"= so true right?). It comes with 2 versions and I hope you'll like both. I like the see throught more because I have been feeling risque.:-)"

I paired the Ohisa Tee (left picture) with the Para Pants from Skank R Us and they matched perfectly! The para pants are not free, however, these highly detailed (primpockets!) pants comes in 5 different colors and are sold at a very reasonable price.

From Left to Right:
Top:Wigwambam:OHISA Dollarbie (1L)
Pants: [SRU]: Para Pants -Red (115L)
Top:Wigwambam: Visage-Blanc Top (New Release)
Skirt:Digit Darkes: Bubble Skirt-Black

There is a hunt.

Location: Here.

Ending Date:

What you can get: 23 thimbles all over the sim, not hidden very well, but small enough to make you blind.

Coordinates with pictures:





Coordinates Without Pictures:
#1: 195/129/30
#4: 68/64/34
#5: 173/72/30
#6: 247/131/31
#8: 96/200/29
#9: 125/117/29
#11: 158/172/34
#12: 226/189/31
#13: 90/126/29
#23: 73/37/33

Take your time, there are still plenty of time to do this. Those that are shown in pictures are my picks. IM me or Venturino if you need help! Have fun!


Ding's lazy to post this, so she sent me the pictures and let me do it. :(

It's the time of the month where Aoharu showers us with great gifts, and this time, along with their huge launch of shoe line, they are giving away free shoes. Join Aoharu Group and check notices to get them. In addition to those that you can get from the notices, group members can also TP to their mainstore to get two pairs of different limited edition group gifts (from 9/2 to 9/4) too!! What's more is that there's a 50 percent off the entire Aoharu shoe line from 9/2 to 9/7 . Last but not least, there are three lucky chairs in the Aoharu shoe store that changes initials every 10 minutes.So Hurry!

Aoharu Boots
From Left to Right:
Boots:Aoharu: CutieSnowBoots_LightGreen x SoftBlue(Join Aoharu Group and check notices)
Boots:Aoharu:CutieSnowBoots_White x SoftBlue (Limited Group Gift @ Aoharu)
Boots:Aoharu:TripleFringeBoots (Join Aoharu Group and check notices)

From Left to Right:
Heels:Aoharu:Ribbon High Heel - Black x Bordeaux (Limited Group Gift @ Aoharu)
Heels:Aoharu:Jewel High Heel-Orange (Lucky Chair @ Aoharu)

I went to KMadd the other day and I found some new items on their freebie corner, and the tee I am wearing in the picture is one of them:

Tops:*Fishy Strawberry*@ KMadd:Soup t-shirt
Shoes:Aoharu: Leather Sneakers Unisex - Gray(Lucky Chair @ Aoharu)

Just one reason.

One reason to grab and read MODEL MAGAZINE, is the gifts that come along with it!! This pretty dress is given away with the second issue of this magazine, and you can get it at any magazine vendor, or here (get it some time later, as the owner said that the server is not up yet).

Model Mag
Gown:MB-DESIGNS: dress BAROCCO cream/black


Join Baiastice Group and check notices to get this new group gift:


Rahz Hunt is ON!!

[UPDATE]: If you haven't know, Digit Darkes weekend hunt is on! The 100L item is the Dinka Dress-Winter (98/84/302), and the 1L item is the Dahlia Top-Fairy Dew (99/99/302)

Location: here.

15 boxes to be found, not hidden very well, but somehow not too easy; and since it's not numbered, it's not easy to explain to people what you are lacking. I only managed to find 14 of them, couldn't find the one last one. What I heard from a girl who found all 15 is that the one I am missing is a repetitive one (like the blue dress shown). Here are the coordinates:

Rahz Hunt

Rahz Hunt

Rahz Hunt

IMO, Don't get everything, just grab the ones that you like and go !

Lanai and I came across this shoe shop, SOLE, last night and were tempted to buy the shoes. However their owner stopped us from buying and told us there's a 50 percent off everything (even the new released) sales for Labor's Day! Woot! And if you join their subscribe-o-matic group, you will get this outfit as a group gift.

Dress (Part of the outfit): *AFO: Rachel (subscribe-o-matic gift)

Secondly, there's this hunt (yes, another hunt) at Axis Mundi where you are looking for 3 little different colored gemstones for 3 different items. I can't give you the coordinates, because it's a hunt where the gift will disappear once someone click it. There are around 230 of EACH COLOR hidden around the Axis Mundi sim - approx 660 total prizes. So take only one each, so other people will get the chance to get it too. Hunt is from Aug 30-Sept1. Here are the prizes:

From Left to Right:
Top: Turquoise Cupcake Undie Tank by WEBER
Bottom: *AFO: Rachel (subscribe-o-matic gift)
Gloves: Rose Colored Blue Flower Gloves by WEBER
Dress: *katat0nik*: (red) Ghostfire Dress

Last but not least, there is a hunt at Rahz, starting 4pm SLT. There are 15 gifts boxes to be found. The gifts are original products and some from old collection, as clothes, acessories, shoes and boots. As usual, I will be there and try to get the first hand coordinates and share with you guys. You don't need to hurry as this hunt will end 09/02/2008 (Tuesday): 8 PM SLT. See you there!

Have a great long weekend : )

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