Deals under 60L~!

There's a 50% sale off everything in Aoharu till 17th. Trey Dope region has reopen and there are some cheap/free stuff at DP Serendipity. Last but not least, there's a free dress at LeeZu, go grab it before it poofs.

From left to right:
Top: *DPS Henry-T gift(0L)
Bottom:AOHARU: ShortBottom_YellowGreen (40L)

Dress:[LeeZu!] Betty Flexi Dress /rust (0L, click on the polaroid on the rack on the wall)

Top: *DPS Aran Knit- Brown (60L)

Have a great weekend!

Some deals that you might be interested to grab, also check out the deals shop of Caribe: Mount Pacoloco (not a new location I know, but good things are worth the time to be refreshed), there are some other cute stuff (other than the tops shown below) to be grabbed for free too!

Snapshot.jpg_003 copy
Skin:(romi juliesse) romi3 skin_group gift (Join Romi Juliesse Skin group and get it here)
From Left to Right:
Top: -Hiccup Caribe Freebie Tee (1L)
Top: !tres blah Caribe peasant (50L)

Top: a piece of candy group gift Jan 9, 2009 (subscribo gift)
Bottom: .:*W.:*P-02 striped (0L, more freebies there)

Skin: (Romi juliesse) Romi2 skin (Join Romi Juliesse Skin group and get it here)
Shoes: *KA* designs sexxxy pumps-royal blue(20L, comes in other colors too!)

Happy Shopping!

My bag.

My bag.

What's in my bag:
- packs of cookies
- moleskine
- reference for current project
- receipts/earphone
- pens/lipbalm
- coins/ keys with various tags
- thumbdrives
- calculators
- scarf/umbrella (for just in case)
- hotpack (a gift from friend, for the freezing weather)
- wallet/checkbook

I thought there was this big mess in my messenger at first, but apparently it doesn't seem like it or does it?. :D

Being Casual

This new Exile hair is my new obsession and it looks casual enough to fit my stay home looks.
What's to grab from this pic:

From Left to Right:
Bottom: <>green check pants (camp 15 mins to get)
Orange Juice: Katmosphere OJ bottle (till the end of the month, comes with a Juno inspired walking AO, super cute.)

Lingerie: *RD* Plum Sophie (Join Reasonable Desires and get it here, also in other colors from a couple of lucky chairs and pick rewards)

Top: KaWaii Jelly - BeepHonk Tee (0L, more freebies to grab around the store)

Good night! ZZZzzzzzz.


There are some gifts for Exile and Spexx group, and some opening gifts from Ornamental life, also not to for get to get those freebie accessories to grab at Yummy(thanks, ok!). Hurry and get them now!

From Left to Right:
Brooch: Yummy Cherrys Broach (0L)
Skirt: SpeXx: Plaid Skirt (Joim
Spexx update group and check notices)

Hair: Exile: Gwen Raver (Join
Exile gear group and get it here)
Necklace: Yummy Seahorse Necklace Freebie (0L)
Top: Ornamental Life: Eve - Echo (0L)
Jeans: [Random] @gnubie- Very Skinny Jeans "Very Dark Wash" (1L, for three pairs)

Necklace: Yummy Black Bead Necklace (0L)
Lingerie: Ornamental Life:Remember Chloe - Starry Night (0L)

Have fun!

You should have already heard about the lucky donuts in Canimal by now, they have various gifts (I heard 6) to giveaway, changes every 20- 30 minutes, and they are indeed really pretty, go there if you haven't and tp your friends over too, to shorten the wait. Thanks Lexxi~!

From Left to Right:
Dress: Canimal - SlaughterHouse Chic-green (lucky donut)
Dress: Canimal - Rebel Yell-red (lucky donut)
Dress: Canimal - Allegra-Pink (lucky donut)

Also check out the lucky chairs at Haute Couture, changes every 5 minutes, and has 4 different gifts and some linden prizes to be grab. Then grab the Nicky Ree latex body suit for a linden (Hey, you never know when you need it!) and also grab the surprise gift from D-Factor. Go to the mainstore and IM the model named Shanira Savira (she should be by the door) with a message containing the word surprise (all in small letters), and she'll pass you the dress!

From Left to Right:
Outfit: MP Champagne Pants Set Monica * (lucky chair)

Outfit: *NR* Sexy Tangy Orange Catsuit Set (1L)

Fur (Part of the dress): :: Alatiel Fashions :: Roberta with Fur (1L)
Dress: :: D-FACTOR EXCLUSIVE :: SURPRISE (follow instructions above)

That's it for now, good night!

Hey all, I am finally back after this brief hiatus! Today I will be showing all you men what's the in thing to grab, which includes a coat from Aoharu, some tops from KMADD city, and a nice pair of leather shoes for only 10L from HOC Apparel .

free tops
From left to right:
Coat: AOHARU: ShinyDownJK_LightGreen (lucky chair, changes every 10 mins)

Shirt:[ENDEAVOR] Check shirt light green (0L)
Shoes: HOC Apparel - Skoochers-brown (10L)

free tops
From Left to Right:
Top: [JujuCloset] MONSTERRRRRRRRR - M (0L)
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Painter Shoes (1L)

Top: Young Urban -- Orange stripe (0L)

My bag post will be up in the next few days. Sorry for the delay, I was very busy and sleepless in RL for the past week. Till then, have a great time!

Some stuff to grab today: A top from Thimbles ( from I love Starlust group) and a dress from JE Republic.

From left to right:
Top: *Thimbles* estoy fatigada y te amo (Join I love Starlust group and check notices)
Dress: JE*REPUBLIC-Diva Dress (1L)

Last but not least, a really cute hair for the cold weather from Addict.

Hair: .:Addict:. Caleb Hair -Chestnutmeg- (0L)

Have fun!

Blue Blood

There's a cute dress on Blue Blood's lucky chair, alphabet changes every 2 minutes, and some limited edition dresses for only 50L per piece. Also, there's a very cute purple dress, not shown, for the Blue blood group (by invite only) . Hurry down and have a look now!

From Left to Right:
Dress: +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Dame (Lucky Chair, changes every 2 minutes)
Dress: +++BLUE BLOOD+++Freya Grayscale (50L)
Dress: +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Dora Candy 5

Have a great day!

Hair and stuff.

There are a couple of hair to grab from Savoir Hair and Glitter Hair, then some nice outfits to grab from YomeShoujou and Artilleri@Gnubie, but most importantly:

It's Huxly's (of Sin and Secrets) 2nd Rezzday today! And to celebrate this Leila, his partner has specially made a little dress to giveaway to those who

1. IM Huxly Hudson and wish him a Happy Rez Day
2. then IM Leila Dix to telling her that you have done that.

So wish Huxly a happy rezzday and top it with a kiss now!

hair and stuff
From left to right:
Hair: /Fuel/ Laydee hair (1L)
Top: xxYOMESHOUJOxx (((gift box4)))-Top-Heart (0L)

Hair: +*glitter*+GG+*2nd Generation MIXED COLOR (Join Glitter Hair Group and check notices)
Dress: [S&S]- Huxly's Second Rez Day- GIFT (get it by wishing Huxly Happy Rezzday!)

Hair: Ingenue ~ Scarlett with Bows ~ Chocolate Covered Cherry (0L)
Dress: /artilleri/@gnubie mahana dress (1L)

Have a great Monday!

Quick Update

Some stuff to grab before you go to bed tonight.

Hairpin: --Umi Usagi-- "SAKURA" ornamental hairpin 2009 (Join UmiUsagi group and get it here)
Skin: - BEBAE - Gift - Belina (Join *Bebae* Group and check notices)
Dress: PARALLEL LOVE Dress Black (0L)

Good Night!

There's a very nice kimono for from COCO. Join COCO group and get it here. Also if you haven't heard about it, Pixeldolls has a dress sale on! All dresses are marked down to 50L till 1/15.

Kimono: *COCO*_Gift Kimono (Join COCO group and get it here)
Cheongsam: (PixelDolls) Cheongsam: Brocade Stripe (50L till 1/15, furshrug and accessories not included)

There are some dollarbies for grab at Burt's Laundry and Pop Feel .(Thanks Abra!)

Outfit:<>cow dress (1L)
Outfit: *pop feel*Sweet Green Flower Dress& Shape (1L)

Last but not least, new freebies and stuff from Runo Runo. Go have a look now!

Top: ~*RunoRuno*~ Teetee (0L, black tank not included)
Skirt: ~*RunoRuno*~ Skirt Red (25L each, 75L fatpack of 4)

Enjoy the Sunday!

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