Happy new year
Glasses: (epoque) 2010 Frames - Cosmopolitan (Join I heart Starlust group and check notices)
Skin: &Bean - Pillow Light Group Gift (Join And Bean group and check notices)
Scarf: [LeLutka]-FRIO Scarf_F_Olive (Join LeLutka group and check notices)

May your new year filled with health, wealth and love!

TP here.

Dress: (Royal Blue) The Transformation Begins in Coal and Pepto Bismol
Hat: (Milk Motion) My vaudeville top hat

Dress: oyakin*VAUDEVILLE-dress2

Hat: ::SPLIT PEA:: He May Be Old, But He's Got Young Ideas
Dress: ::SPLIT PEA:: The Boy I Love Is Up in the Gallery

Dress: Tiny Bird - Orpheum Circuit

Hat hair: [OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props1
Top: couverture*vaudevillian sisters tee ~DU3 (1L)

Hair: *Kookie* Merry xmas! - Chiggy beta Hair (25L, three colors)
Dress: oyakin*chirstmas-GIFT*
(Join Oyakin Group and check notices)

Dress: [ATOMIC] Swooped - VIP (250L to join ATOMIC-V.I.P Updates Group and get it here)

From Lelutka!! Join Lelutka Group and check notices.

Lelutka Ultra
Dress:[LeL.Ultra]-CYLINDER/pink (Join Lelutka group and check notices)

Lelutka Ultra
Dress:[LeL.Ultra]-CONSTRICTED/romantic (Join Lelutka group and check notices)

Lelutka Ultra
Dress: [LeL.Ultra]-EMERGENCY/red (Join Lelutka group and check notices)

From Lara Skins!! Join -Lara Skin- Group and check notices.

Lara skin
Skin: Lara Skin-Asuka (Join -Lara Skin- Group and check notices.)

Before you go to bed tonight / head to work, grab these please:

Skins: (vive9) Marianne [pale] Babydoll (0L, three skin tones, comes in teeth/no teeth and frecks/no frecks options; )

saffron pumps
Pumps: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps- Neutral Green (limited color to group only, Join Lelutka group and check notices)

SL is usually overloaded with very pretty stuff around this time of the year (did you see the paper couture preview? so pretty I want to bury myself in them.) So bear with me with another non freebie eyecandy post with Anya's latest line: The !Ohmai Silhouettes Collection which will be out this Wednesday 12/30.

!Ohmai Silhouettes Collection
Outfit: !Ohmai [Silhouettes] Obscure

!Ohmai Silhouettes Collection
Outfit: !Ohmai [Silhouettes] Surface

!Ohmai Silhouettes Collection
Outfit: !Ohmai [Silhouettes] Contour

!Ohmai Silhouettes Collection
Outfit: !Ohmai [Silhouettes] Light

!Ohmai Silhouettes Collection
Outfit: !Ohmai [Silhouettes] Emerge

It's on!!! TP here.

Outfit: Veschi-ville

Photo prop: /ME - "The Portable Vaudeville" for Designers United!
Outfit: couverture*Border vaudevillian Dress -red ~DU3

Hat and outfit: This is a Fawn - Ragtime Set
Watch Bangle: LaGyo_Watch and charms

Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Belle
Outfit and swing: ~Scribble~ Flying Trapeze Set Pearl DU Exclusive

Headpiece and Dress: couverture*Spangle vaudevillian Dress -black ~DU3

Dress: equus - prima donna


Hair: YunA'sHAIR=AMI=X'masGIFT=CHERRY (Join !*+YunA'sHAIR+*% Group and check notices)
Skin: Lara Skin-Jesse - Christmas Gift (Join -Lara Skin- Group and check notices)

Outfit: Ricielli Bag - Group gift (Join Ricielli Group and check notices)

Be warned: Heavy pictures post ahead.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present you *drumrolls* - Designers United 3 - Vaudeville! The event will be open to public 12 am SLT tonight!

TP here.

Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ 5 Minutes to Curtain

Hat: (Royal Blue) The Narator
Outfit+mustache: DUBOO*My androgynous look

Ribbon: @Waffles Miucha Vaudeville pearls & bows
Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin - Painted Lady
Fur Coat: couverture*vaudevillian fur bolero >brown
Bodysuit: mijn.t [Cirque du Ballet] bodysuit & gloves in Black

Skin: Tacky Star : "Vaudeville Faded Star"
Pose:*oik**oi-ei* photo pose

Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Vamp
cards: [MAGIC NOOK] Vaudeville Poker
outfit: Dollita-La Biche corset dress

Hair: Tiny Bird - Chicago
Outfit: oyakin*VAUDEVILLE-dress1

Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Mummer
Top: (Madsy) Vaudeville cropped jacket - night
Binoculars: LaGyo_theater lady necklace

Balancing bowls: *Tyranny Designs* Animateur belle

Skin: LGf-Peaud'ange-vaudeville MARCH skin-
Accessories: !!LaGyo designers united 3
Top: ~Scribble~ Acrobat Leotard Pearl Blouse
Skirt: !Ohmai : Mildred Skirt

Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Drama
Hat and outfit: (Milk Motion) the Vaudeville collection

Hair with headdress: @Waffles! Miucha Vaudeville
Bodysuit: !Ohmai : Dorothy Corsetted VINTAGEPEACH
Shoes: -LMK- Vaudeville heels

Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Swoon
Dress: !DADA! Aurelia

Outfit: Cheerno.Vaude-Ville Outfit

Pose: chicada-lovecatcher/punished
Hair: [OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props2
Dress: (Milk Motion) My vaudeville dress

Socks: (Royal Blue) The Death of a Clown Socks in Mono Act
Shoes: 50 flats- Mr Grapewin's ciggy break

CSR Winter 2009

It's CSR again!! For those of you who are new to CSR, it is also known as Creators Stamp Rally and involves 20 different stores where you can obtain a card whenever you buy certain products that cost more than 100L during this period of time. You then have to go around the 20 stores and have your card(s) stamped (free of charge), and exchange a gift here with a fully stamped card. The great thing about it is that the card is trans, so you can always pass it to a friend as a gift. For more information on the event, check here.

Here are some of the gifts you can exchange with the cards:

Outfit: *COCO*_Winter Choice! 2009 GIFT
Pig: <>Pig Set*Choice2009Win Limited*

Coat: wc09-NINIKO-FullSculp COAT (also )
Shoes and Luggage: winter choice! 2009 by Picnic

Robot: S.I.C_MC775_White_BOX_Choice!

This time, you can also get a free CSR card here by joining choice information group. This event will end 1/18. It's easy and fun (and you might meet some new friends along the way)! Go CSR-ing today!

Riot's the new friend.
Riot's the new friend I met along the way!!

weekend fever

After weeks and weeks of overloaded red and green stuffs, here are some pretty yellow things for you!!!

weekend fever
Hair: Wot? - Hair 014 {gueros}
Dress: * Donna Flora * ISIDE yellow

weekend fever

50L Friday will be on for three days this week!! And here are some of the goodies you shouldn't miss:

50L Friday
From left to right:
Skin: Idiosyncrasy Xmas 09 Gift (0L, thanks Linda!)
Outfit (including hathair and shoes): *Kookie* 50L friday outfit! (50L)

Hair: fri. - Winter.Jennifer - 24.7 Pack (50L)
Skin: (*FS*) Skin / Maya Pale Prototype -Glamour (1L to join group and get it here)
Outfit: *Fishy Strawberry* FLF Christmas for women (50L)
Bag: (Milk Motion) My fabric bag *milkmotion* (50L)

Skin: (*FS*) Skin / Maya Pale Prototype-Natural (1L to join group and get it here)
Skirt: {SMS} Rose Highwaist Skirt Orange-Blue FLF 21 (50L)

Tuli group has given out a nice skin pack that includes 7 skintones with 3 brows options each. 250L to join Tuli Group and check notices.

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 2/bl) dec VIP gift (7 tones included, 250L to join Tuli Group and check notices)

New gacha shoes @ 50 Flats mainstore, 55L per play/ shoes are trans.

New @ 50 flats
Shoes: 50 flats - Boat shoes-bold (55L per play/shoes are trans)

New @ 50 flats
Shoes: 50 flats - Boat shoes-pastel(55L per play/shoes are trans)

I've also set up a new 10 min lucky board at the mainstore. Remember to also get the free christmas shoes in the giftbox too!! Have fun!!

50 flats lucky board
Shoes: 50 flats - Boat shoes cucumber salad (10 mins lucky board)

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