More Gifts

Join Rahz Update group and check notices to get these two great outfits:

Outfit: .::Rahz Store::Coly brown (Join Rahz Group and check notices)

Outfit: .::Rahz Store::Cut Dress Lylaa Black (Join Rahz Group and check notices)

Then go over here to get the Emery gift bag .
Outfit: Emery Gift Bag (Get it here)

Have fun!

Along with their launch of the new line, Beauty Avatar is giving away a set of new skins for just a Linden. They are skins with same make up, but three different brow option, and a mole option. This is definitely a keeper, so get it before it's gone.

Beauty Avatar
Skin: Beauty Avatar: GIFT BOX - Ariel (1L, pack of 6)

Dutch Touch has also given away a wonderful sun-kissed skin to the members. Join the subscribe o matic group to get it. Last but not least, BOOM has a great dollarbie outfit up for grabs, good for a beach party.

Boom , Dutch Touch
Skin: Dutch Touch: Special Edition Group Gift (from Dutch Touch subscribe o matic)
Outfit:BOOM: Miami Nights (1L)

There are some hunts going on right now, one of them is the DYN hunt a.k.a Cymru and Cymru Fach hunt (here), the other one is the Ventura hunt (here), which involves UK couture. You have a lot to do this weekend, people!~


Wow, so much drama in a day. The Blockhead/ Ding (imposter) / Ding Fotherington (imposter)/ Blogger Content Policy/ Did you not, we know you are the same person causing the stir, and don't try to deny it, because we never suspected you are different people altogether. Grow up and stop acting like a blockhead.

Anyway, to stop all these drama of the fake Ding and Vent flooding the chatterbox with hate IMs, we decided that we shall mute ourselves from the chatterbox and will choose to be a listener instead. The reason we come to this is because we don't want to upset fellow bloggers/readers who don't know us as well and think that we are the one who wrote these crap. Those who know us well enough, you know it's not us, and we are not chickens who hide our names after doing something mean. Take that, you fugly noob!

Now, group gift alert! Thimbles is giving away a really cute pinstripe dress (for group members) which matches perfectly with the maroon tie given away by KYOOT to the members too.

Dress: Thimbles - California-Grey (Join I love Starlust Group and check notices)
Tie: [Kyoot] - Kitschy Neck Tie - Red (Group Exclusive from subscribe o matic)

That's it for today. Good night!

In reference to the drama in this blog happened today, and along with the goodies I grabbed, here is what you get:

chickens not allowed
Top: :::LiNe:::: Freebie Surfer Outfit Shirt
Bottom: :::LiNe:::: Freebie Surfer Outfit pant
Shoes:*Muism*: Miami Hopper/Sky Blue (from lucky chair, there are 2 of them now!)
Chicken: Rescue Park Shops

p/s: This post is dedicated to D infamous blockhead of the day.

Halloween's Near...

...when you see a lot of black and orange and fairy-ish outfit all over SL. Here are two Halloween themed outfits for grab without burning any of your Lindens.

Hal Hina and DP yumyum
From Left to Right:
Dress: = Hal*Hina = [pumpkin] KnitDress (Join Hal Hina Group and camp 20mins to get)
Dress: **DP**yumyum: Halter chiffon dress (black)

Evie's Closet is giving away a very beautiful medieval, fairyish (whatever you call it) dress for the group gift this month. Join the group and get it in stores, here.

Evie's closet
Skin: Domestic -V: Madame Winter skin (5L, pack of 3)
Outfit: Evie's Closet - Aria (Join Evie's Closet Group and get in store)

Have a great weekend people!

Teaser 2.

teaser 2

Coming sooner than you thought.
Oh yes, this is totally dedicated to you, Blockhead in the chatterbox.

Skin are 50L and everything else is 25L in Aiyaiyai's mainstore! They have some sexy little timeless numbers on sale there!! I don't know when this will end, but hurry before the sales are gone!!

From Left to Right:
Dress:..::A.Y.Y::.. Phella Black
Dress:..::A.Y.Y::.. Get Ready Green
Dress:..::A.Y.Y::.. Plaid Made Dress
Dress:..::A.Y.Y::.. Get Ready Blue

The teaser.


Expect lotsa fun. Soon. In SL.

Glamor Thursday!

Two free vintage glamor-ish outfits up for grabs:

From left to right:
Dress:~Ivalde~: Sashenka (group gift, get in store)
Dress: Journey: Baubles (free)

Isn't it awesome that when stores have birthdays, we are the ones who get the presents? Arai is giving away this great unisex red rimmed glasses with a check shirt for free as they celebrate their 1st anniversary.

Glasses: *ARAI*: glasses04 RE-RE
Shirt:*ARAI*: Check shirt_brown

p/s: Now you know.


You can get all these at Fujiyama Geisha's Freebie's Cattleya's section, here. For free, of course!

From Left to Right:
Outfit: .:+*'Cattleya'*+:. (FFF)
Outfit: .:+*'Cattleya'*+:.(SS)
Outfit: .:+*'Cattleya'*+:. (NNN-A) Fem green

And also this awesome blue outfit from Miasnow, also free for grab here.

mia snow
Outfit: miasnow: cordon outfit @ Sintetika location

Btw, I have the list for the IC Skin hunt and the Exile Hair hunt now, so drop me or Venturino an IM if you need one. Have a great day, people!

Old School Cupcakes

When I first started in SL, I hated myself. I was this noob wearing fugly freebie outfits from freebie islands. I was very frustrated with what I have in my inventory until I found I love Cupcakes boutique and this discovery kinda changed my fashion sense in SL drastically. My virtual closet was then basically only filled with every single dress from Cupcakes until Armidi came along and turned me into a jeans girl (and that's another story altogether).

Last week, I was telling Ephemeral how old school cupcakes dresses rocks and there is no other place in SL that gathers all these great detailed prints cocktail dresses all at one location. And yesterday, I got this notice from cupcakes saying they are selling these used to be discontinued dresses at
20L (gosh what a steal) in their basement, here, I was so happy and I thought I should just spread the word since the dresses are timeless. :)

Here are a few of my favorites:

Dresses: Cupcakes (20L)

Get them before they are gone for good!!

Rockberry is giving away 8 different skins randomly on a 5 minute lucky chair. These skins are so pretty that I think they are definitely a keeper. Go try your luck now! These are the skins that you might get:

Rockberry Skin
Rockberry Skin
Skins: [Rockberry]: Megan Skins (Lucky Chair)

More updates~

A lucky chair. Two freebies. Three Dollarbies. Oh, what a happy day.

Lucky chair and Pulse
From Left to Right:

Dress: *Reale* : Fiori dress-orange (lucky chair)
Top: Pulse: Blue Button Shirt (free)

Pink Outfitters
Outfit (not including shoes): [Pink]: Antique Denim & Paint Splatter Hoodie (free)

Minajunk and wigwwambam
Tattoos from Left to Right:
Tattoos: MinaJunk@Truth: OTattoo Gift (1L)
Tattoos: Wigwambam: Sailor Love Tattoo (1L, in a pack of 4)

Gown: MF : Pink Darina gown (Join Marinoco Fashion group to get, 1L)

p/s I have a list for the Exile hunt (not very complete), so if you have yet to start, and lazy to do it, you can get one from me. No, I didn't do the IC skin hunt , and I welcome and appreciate someone to give me a complete list for that. Thank you!

Very Nice Freebies.

Linda Mensing brought me over to a store named Shanghai. Everything were so cheap there, ranging from 10L to 50L and their gift in store was just great. Tp here, join the group and get the gift in store.

Then there's this store call So Many Styles, also selling high quality affordable stuff, their group gift just screams HAWT!!! Join the group So Many Styles and check notices. There's also a couple of free gifts in store that you can grab too!

Last but not least, Bingo! has a new dollarbie out and it's a cute two piece dress and top. Get it before it's gone!!

Shanghai, SMS
From Left to Right:
Outfit: *Shanghai: Denim Belt Vest Jersey (Join
Shanghai Group and get in store)

Tops: {SMS}: Free Glitter Baggy Shirt Gold & Silver (Join
So Many Styles group and check notices )
Bottoms: *Shanghai: Denim Pants (Part of Shanghai group gift)

Bingo. SMS
From Left to Right:
Dress: {SMS}: Babydoll Browndress (Gift from
So Many Styles Store)
Shoes: Pixel Mode: Rawr! (Join Pixel Mode Group and check notices)

Dress: {
Bingo}: Chloe Halloween Edition (1L, in stores, not for long)

Have a great day ahead! <3>


One last post before I go to bed.

A very nice gown up for grab at Angelwing, don't know how long it will be available though, so hurry!

Gown: Angelwing: freebie, 13/9/08

Good night!

Savvy Avvy

Savvy Avvy has given out a group gift that contains a couple of goodies which includes two pants and several tops. To get them, join Savvy Avvy Update Group and check notices.

From Left to Right:
Top: [Savvy Avvy]: Fashion tee_BLUE
Bottom: [Savvy Avvy]: dress pants_taupe_black belt

Top:[Savvy Avvy]: Fashion tee_DJ_BLUE

Monday freebies.

You might have gotten these, but if you happen to haven't get them yet, here they are:

Top: ..Marlys.. The Star Lusty Freebie (1L)
Shorts: - tb - @Lloyd: Starlust Motel Classy Shorts (1L)
Socks/Legwarmers: edge grafica:leg warmers (free)

Top: edge grafica: chain-Tshirt (free, comes in a pack of 5)
Shorts: - tb - @Lloyd: Starlust Motel Classy Shorts (1L)
Socks/Legwarmers: edge grafica:leg warmers (free)

Have a great day!!!

PureStyle Hunt

Thanks to Galilea Paule for informing me about this. :)

Location: PureStyle
When: Till 23 of September (not sure if it will be in Japanese Time)
What to find: 9 1L boxes containing tops or dresses up for grabs, quite easy to be found except for #9 that you might need to cam around.

The coords and what you get from the boxes:


Have Fun!

Dyn for Men

DYN is giving away a free Men's top. Grab it now!

Top:DYN: Stone Island Cream Jacket (0L)
Scarf:DYN:Burberry Style Scarf (0L)
Bottom:DYN: Torn Diesel Jeans with CK Boxers (not free)

I think it's worth your time to check out the ladies section too when you are there, because these clothings (like the one shown below) are affordable and transferable and you can get a whole lot for your loved ones!

Outfit:DYN: Swish Outfit (not free)

[UPDATE]: Digit Darkes is having the weekly 1L and 100L hunt, right now. The 1L item is the Liquid Latex Bra inTurquoise (find it here) ad 100L item is the French Affair Dress in Ecossais (find it here). Hunt ends midnight. HURRY!!

A short and sweet hunt at Prim and Pixel Paradise, will end tomorrow. 4 boxes to be found to complete the whole pirate look. Tp here to start and here are the coords.

Pirate Hunt
Skin: ::Zullay:: Natural Skins- Honey (free fat pack)(0L)

Lemania Indigo has given out a new dollarbie for group members this week and this time they even include a skin with it (skin not shown).

Outfit: Lemania Indigo:Blue Velvet Box (9/20/08 Group Gift) (1L)
Skin: ::Zullay:: Natural Skins- Blush (free fat pack)
Shoes: Maitreya - Limelights Zebra (0L)

Lastly, a new dollarbie from Kuri Style, a couple of old gifts from Maitreya and a cute skirt from Prim and Pixel Paradise:

Kuri Pixel
Skin: ::Zullay:: Natural Skins- Blush (free fat pack)

From Left to Right:

Dress: K*S: ONE-PIECE102silly!!!Leopard

Scarf: Maitreya: Sculpted Scarf - Blue (0L)
Skirt:Prim and Pixel Paradise: Primrose & Black Lace Skirt w/ Buckle
Shoes:Maitreya: Slinky Stilettos - Black Leather (0L)

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