Short Update!

A free hair for the members of Obscene. Join Obscene Group and check notices to get it. Also grab this free bag from Courtisane, don't know how long it will last, so grab it soon.

Hair: [the oBscene] Meggie -Midnight (Join Obscene Group and check notices)
Bag: .*Courtisane*. Sacoche (Opening Gift)

Good Night!

Some sweet treats

Join Endeavor group and get these legging/pants here.

Bottoms: [ENDEAVOR] Gold & Silver Spangle Pants (Join Endeavor group and get it here)

A group gift from Baiastice. If you are not in the group, send Sissy Pessoa a notecard and she'll add you to the group! If you are already in the group, check notices to get it.

Outfit: Baiastice: Purpless (group gift)

Who says Christmas is the only time for giving and sharing? There is a BOGO sale this weekend only that includes Icing, PunchDrunk and a couple of really neat stores . Read here for more info.

Dress: *ICING* Study Date (250L)

Have fun shopping~

The basic stuff.

You will never have enough skin or hair in your inventory, and here are more keepers from 42 and Dejavu!

Skins: [42] 1227 (0L, get it here)

Hair: +++DEJAVU+++2009*OTOSHIDAMA (Join +*DEJAVU*+ Group and check notices)
Dress: (P-K)-Sequin Collection-Tank dress (100L, I have to blog this dress, it's too pretty)

Good night!!


There's three bags (one guys, one girls, one unisex) that filled with tons of free stuff in Izumiya. Go get them now.

On Ding:
Outfit: =IZUMIYA= Happy New Year's Gift/F (0L)
Bag: =IZUMIYA= Happy New Year's Gift/Unisex (0L)

On Vent:
Top: =IZUMIYA= Happy New Year's Gift/M (0L)

Have fun!

p/s FYI, you might have to wait a bit for my bag post, as I need some courage to show you the mess in it!

Group Gifts

All group gift posts. Join groups or subscribo to get them!

Gown: *OC* Happy New Year (subscribo gift)

Hair: [ Love Soul & JUNWAVE ] New year gift hair (200L to join *+Copain+* group and get here)
Outfit: - BEBAE - Gift - 1st Edition (Join *Bebae* group and check notices)
Shoes: (P-K) Richelieux -Leather (Join Polina Kaestner creations and check notices)

Have a great day!

Tried to convince Mad (Ding's adopted emo son) to give me the lolly but failed. The hoodie I am wearing is the current pick rewards from Freesoul. Grab it before it's gone.

Mad and Vent
Hoodie: Freesoul: black & white hoodie (pick rewards)

What's in my bag.

Since it's a new year, we decided to post something different, something that reveal a bit of what's behind Ding and Vent. So, we decided to take up "What's in your bag challenge?"
and I will go first.

The rules of this challenge: Dump out your bag (no cleaning!) and post a pic of it. Men with messenger bags, this applies to you, too. Bullet-point the contents with amusing commentary.

my bag

(Also shown: My totebag)

1. Moleskine for random notes and The World is Flat, current reading material.
2. Scarf for the shitty weather.
3. Mittens also for the shitty weather.
4. Pencil case with my microdrive attached.
5. Sigg bottle, containing water from last year.
6. Concealer / White Musk Mist / Hand Cream / Lipbalm.
7. Half tube of apple flavored Mentos.
8. Phone / Really worn out suede purse / Key / Credit Card Keytag.
9. Headphone / Kinda vintage Nano.
10. Outdated grocery lists and receipts from last year.

Vent's post for this challenge will up pretty soon, so stay tuned!

COL lucky chair

Something cute to start the year. Church of Luxe has this extremely cute fatpack of the cat and mouse outfit loaded into the lucky chair. Alphabet changes every 15 mins. For this extreme cuteness, totally worth the wait. Thanks Galadhriel for Tping me!

Outfits: [CoL] - Gift - Cat & Mouse Ballet - Fatpack! (15 mins lucky chair)

Happy New Year everyone!!

Happy New Year!

A toast to the good things that happened in 2008 and more good things to come in 2009.
Another toast to the readers for all the support, we need it for the year 2009.
One last toast, to everyone's health and wealth, may it be all well.

Happy New Year!

Manga Island.

These are so cute, you can get them here.

Snapshot.jpg_001 copy
From left to right:
Coat: Lopeared Parka (0L)
Outfit: Wappened Jump Skirt (0L)

Here, you can also find something you might want to keep for easter :P

AV: *s* MoaiBody (0L)

For those who are already in the year 2009, Happy New Year, if not, happy last day of 2008!

If you haven't heard of the Creator Pavillion's winter sale yet, you should go! Lots of Japanese brands like Aoharu, Gisele, Arai, MNK set up stores there and have sales on certain items (you can also find some free or dirt cheap stuff too). The sale will end on 1/12.

From left to right:
Coat: AOHARU:RidersJacket_Red (100L, for men, easily resizable to fit the girls)
Pants:MNK*SHOP: Tweed Half Pants-black (50L for 2 pair)

Outfit: AOHARU: ShirtAllinOne_Pink (100L)

Top: [gisele] enroulent/moss (90L, unisex, also check out the free pearl ring at the booth)
Pants:MNK*SHOP: Tweed Half Pants-grey (50L for 2 pair)
Leggings: !*G^G*! tartan tights 10color (30L)

Then there's some nice group gifts from Thimbles and Momo.

From Left to Right:
Dress: *Thimbles* Made of Evil (Join *Thimbles* group and check notices)
Top: ~momo~happy09 tee brownie (Join ~momo~ group and check notices)

Also, grab this gift from Gypsy Soul which is in the stocking. There's also some free logo tees when you join the subscribo.

Outfit: ~GypsySoul~ Holiday (0L, in the stocking)

That's it for now, have a great day!

I cook good eggs.

When I am not blogging, I actually work at this diner in SL as a cook/waitress, and frying two eggs at one time is what I do best. This free apron from Blonde makes my job a lot easier as I can put my glasses, papers, clips and napkins in the pockets, it even has a pretty bow at the back!

Apron: BLONDE: Pinny With Pockets (0L)

If you want some eggs, buzz me, and I will make you some.

Everything 10L and 2 dollarbies, one each for guys and girls, here at Garbage .

From left to right:
Top: -Garbage- Gumdrop (10L)
Bottom: -Garbage- Silver Bottom (1L, comes with the latex bottom)

Tunic: -Garbage- Splat (10L)
Bottom:-Garbage- Latex Bottom (1L, comes with the silver bottom)

Suit: -Garbage- Suits for the mens (1L, tons of different layer)

Good Night!

Some nice stuff.

Two really cute sweater tops for 30L and under from Laba laba and Uncle Wiggily. Also a new lucky chair item from Aoharu (changes every 10mins)

From left to right:
Top: +*+Laba-Laba+*+ Border cardigan-white / Blue (15L)
Top: Uncle Wiggily 63 / wasp sweater (30L)

Hair: *REDLIC RxR605K -Pink (0L)
Coat: AOHARU- DownJacket-Yellow (0L, changes every 10mins)

Go visit Ada freebie store, they have a really cute sculpted seashell bikini for free and also some nicely done animations for the pool too, for free of course. Don't forget to tip when you leave!

Bikini: Ada Clothing No.1 - Shell bra (0L)

Last but not least, grab this Argrace chair for free before 12/31. The chair/couch has some single and couple animations loaded in it.

Chair: *ARGRACE* Mellow Sofa (0L)

I also decided to put the subscribo thing overnight for tonight, so people from a different timezone could sign up for it. So hurry and have a great evening!

The subscribo is up again. It will be closed again at 7 SLT tonight. Don't forget to check out the dollarbie poses and the coffee table which are on sale. Sign up today here!

A couple of group gifts and gifts from C'est La Vie, Ibizarre and LeeZu Baxter for grab:

From Left to right:
Dress: ::C'est la vie !:: flower line dress (Join :C'est La Vie!: Group and check notices)
Outfit: Ibizarre Outfit Vicky (0L)
Outfit: Ibizarre Outfit Viola (0L)

Gown: *LeeZu Baxter* Kiss Sarah Flexi Dress (Join LeeZu Baxter Designs and check notices)

That's it for now, have fun~!

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