I'm obsessed with BIG PICTURES nowadays, so bear with all those prim malfunctions~

There's this place I saw on Cerise's blog, where they sell pretty good yet cheap (everything under 30L, some are 1 or 2L) stuff, and you should go check out. You never know when you might need this for your LOTD posts.

Coat: ( lemon ginger ) unisex jacket - red check (1L)
Happy Shopping!!

Oh Pretty Maid!

Such pretty Asian-ish goodness should be spread and shared ! ! Free on lucky board @ Mother Goose. Tons of other equally stunning skin to be won on other boards!! Hurry and go!

skin:.::Mother Goose's::. NamHee_LB (Lucky Board, no idea how long, but I am pretty sure it's fast!)

p/s Sorry bout the quality of my images as I've been trying to take pictures from both my workplace PC and Mac at home since I came back to SL. The conclusion is that both my computers are crap. T-T

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