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Thinking that it will be a slow weekend, and was still wondering what to post to share, Ephemeral Clowes IMed me.

[7:45] Ephemeral Clowes: (Saved Sat Aug 16 01:26:51 2008) just wanted to let you know that there is a Needle hunt going on at Adored in Alhena! Lots of goodies and I have a list of coordinates here for all (almost) items I'l like to share with your fellow readers :)
[7:45] Ephemeral Clowes: (Saved Sat Aug 16 02:13:49 2008) btw, some of the coordinates may lead you to the same place, but that means that there are more that one needles there :) have fun and good luck

And I got a notecard from her with the whole long list of coordinates. (Copied straight from the card)

1 at 140.113.23
2 at 136/209/41 (in the A of the sign)
3 at 10/222/21
4 at 0/160/34
6 at 238/235/36
7 at 255/116/24
10 at 23/25/25
13 at 178/158/24
14 at 223/153/22
15 at 187/200/33
16 at 222/190/33
19 at 47/107/22
20 at 90/238/36
21 at 124/190/30
22 at 45/129/22
23 at 192/114/23
24 at 228/123/23
27 at 240/233/36
28 at 130/240/35
29 at 114/239/36
30 at 100/168/24
31 at 94/147/23
33 at 233/235/36 and maybe 122/175/2
34 at 139/159/22
36 at 178/108/22
37 at 251/121/25
38 at 234/237/36
39 at 5/221/37 (under the umbrella)
40 at approx 6/195/34
43 at 117/7/42
44 at 147/68/23
? 44 at 184/27/23 and 185/29/22
46 at 119/24/24
47 at 55/94/25
48 at 53/56/25
Purple Rose Earrings no number at 206/124/23
Purple Rose Jewelry Butterfly Necklace 198/11/23

Since this is such a long list, and I personally haven't finish the hunt still, I will just put up the coordinates so you guys can go ahead and find it out yourselves! Don't thank me, thank Ephemeral Clowes!

Thanks to the tips by Corina and Adele, I found a couple more gifts in Velvet. I believe that there are a few more that I missed out, but these will probably keep you happy for a while. (At least I did!)

Velvet Hunt

Without Pictures:
Frozen Turquoise Valentine Shorts: 161/52/23

A quick one.

Some cheap stuff alert from the glorious Japanese Sims! The sunglasses are from Marinesta Head Store, they come in a pack of 5 different vibrant colors, only for 1L. The dresses are from Inari, comes in a pack of 3 colors, and they are all yours free by just camping 10 minutes at the spot.

Sunglasses:[MST]: 020 342 Sunglasses (1L)
Dresses: **INARI**: Cotton Club set (Free with 10 mins camping)

Velvet hunt

It's the time of the week where it gets busy again. Velvet is having a hunt starting today and will end at 8/17, Sunday. I was there this morning, and I managed to find a couple of neat stuff. It is not a very tough hunt as the hidden bags and love shapes are quite visible. I believe there are more hidden in the sim, so if you have any clues on the gifts that I haven't find, feel free to tell me and I'll update the list. Here are the coordinates just in case you need them:

velvet hunt

velvet hunt

Without Pictures:
BF babe-kate gloss pinkF Skin
: 228/121/23
The Crystal Queendom by Livinglight: 204/97/23
Velvet Big Box by the Gift: 225/11/23
Rochasocks: 97/215/23
Another pair of eyelashes (I believe it's the same as the other one): 64/195/23
Vain Inc Poses (3 pack): 20/27/24

Till then, have fun hunting!

Me loves Beanie.

I will make this post short. I found some free unisex tees in Bagley @ Lloyd for free. The cool cropped pants (which comes with a couple of other options) that I am wearing are not free, but you can get these at Skank R Us. Poe Tatum, the girl behind the brand rocks at designing funky stuff like this.

From Left to Right:
Hair: Mirai Style: .+*Fuka*+.Black&Silver (The beanie is color changeable!)
Bagley @ Lloyd: Neko Case Tee, Music Saves Tee, Organ Tee, Luna Tee (0L)
Bottom: Skank R Us: Light Lacey Jeans Pack-Cropped

P/S: There is a hunt at both Lloyd and Floyd Sim, and there are 90 over goodies packed in small clams out there all over the sims up for grab!! This clam hunt will end tomorrow, if you have some time and in the mood for hunting, you might want to try out your luck here. And don't forget to check out the freebies and dollarbies at the landing point.


OOpS! opened up a new store here and to celebrate this they are having this huge sale where the old inventories are 0L to 20L at the most. The best part about the outfit in Oops! is that they are modifiable and transferable, so if you happen to get bored with them, you can give them away! I don't know when the sale will end, so hurry while it last.

From Left to Right:
Top: OOpS: Spring (10L)
Outfit: OOpS: Scot (Free)
Outfit: OOpS: Diva (10L)
Outfit: OOpS: Vichy (1L)

This is a long overdued one. PUDGE has given out a group gift recently which I think is awesome. It's a playful updo that could be worn whenever. Join PUDGE Update Group and check up notices to get it.

Hair:PUDGE: The Organic Playful Beast

It was a rainy day.

Vent told me about a sim this morning. " You just have to visit this place, it's really neat." So I took the train to the Trilogy, came out from the station, and realized it was raining.Quickly I ran to the nearest place that I can hide and took out my umbrella.

Rainy day at Trilogy
Oh gosh, when is this rain going to stop?

The little stores along the street looked so inviting. The rain can't stop me from my little excursion in Trilogy.

Rainy day at Trilogy
Strolling down the alley.

It's indeed a really small place, with probably 5 stores at the most along the whole alley. Two thirds of these stores are selling chic, affordable men's clothings. Vogart, which is the only boutique for girls is worth your time checking out. Girly, cute and affordable, the dresses and outfits sold here are mostly must haves for every girl's closet. I found a sweet gift (free) in the store, it's a red checked top which is great for a day out picnic or by the beach.

Top:Vogart:Check Camisole-Red
Shorts: <3 Cupcakes: Shorts Pack #2 -White

The trip to Trilogy won't take you long, but remember to bring your umbrella along because they don't call this place 'Fashion Alley in the rain' for nothing.

One last thing before I end this post, Blanc is closing down tonight (or so I heard), there will be markdowns and freebies in the store and after that they will be all gone. TP there today as this is the last chance you can get your hands on some Blanc dresses.

Dress:***Blanc***: ShimaShima Dress

Have you gotten the Olympic fever yet? Get your Olympic & Mascots Tee shirts here, for men and women and start waving that flag to support your favorite team now!!

Men's Olympic Games and Mascots Tops

Ladies' Olympic Games and Mascots Tops (comes in various layer and two options)

I was out and about with Ding this evening and guess what, we found a couple of random surprises (freebies!) from a couple of Japanese sims that we visited. Only what is free and found today are listed below.

On Ding:
Top: Saya Shop@Shinsaibashi: Open Shop T-Female
Bottom: Target Lab Shop@Creative Pavillion: Tartan Check Pants

On Me:
Top: Saya Shop@Shinsaibashi: Open Shop T-Male

Left to Right:
Top: About@Creators Pavillion: Free Shirt-Black
Top: About@Creators Pavillion: Free Shirt -Green

Outfit: Saya Shop@Shinsaibashi: Paint Overall

I am glad that we accidentally visited the Atlus sim. Ding accidentally found the LM from a Japanese Style Print Club Photo Booth (which she's so interested to getting one to put in her garden) in a corner at Shisaibashi. We found these free Japanese Uniforms in a store which also include shoes for both boys and girls. I am sure you will like these (and need it at some point in SL) since they are some neat outfits, highly detailed and evem have prim ribbons and badges.

From Left to Right:
School Uniform: Atlus: P3 Men
School Uniform: Atlus: P3 Men Summer
School Uniform: Atlus: P4 Men
School Uniform: Atlus: P4 Men Summer

School Uniform
From Left to Right:
School Uniform: Atlus: P3 Lady
School Uniform: Atlus: P3 Lady Summer
School Uniform: Atlus: P4 Lady
School Uniform: Atlus: P4 Lady Summer

That's it for tonight. I hope you will have fun visiting the Japanese Sims. : )


I didn't manage to get everything at Shiki hunt last week, but I did get a cool gift from Baiastice who has a new store opening there. You can get this music box gift at the landing point or at the Baiastice store in Shiki. You get a ballerina outfit from this music box that looks exactly the same with the one the ballerina in the music box is wearing.

Skin:M&R Cupcakes: Birthday Suit Skin-Blush ( Join <3 cupcakes group and check notices)
Outfit: Baiastice@
Shiki: Tersicore Dress

I believe this is only available at the Shiki location and could not be found at anywhere else. Pick up your copy of the dress because you never know when you might need a ballerina outfit.

Thanks to Free Finds For Men Group notices, I added tons of tees into my clothes inventory for just 1L from Zoobong! You can find two boxes there, 1L each, and both contains supplies of T-shirts. The picture shown below are the different designs (not all shown) of the tees that I got in pink from freebie 1(comes in a lot of color too, also included in this box.)

Tops: Zoobong: Freebie 1: Various Designs in Pink

Freebie 2 (part of the pack shown below) consists various tees for those who love to express themselves in another way.

Zoobong: Freebie 2: Various Designs

With these two dollarbie box of tees, you will never complain that you don't know what to wear ever again! (at least for a month or so..)

And if you do, I will cry.

Following the previous CSR post that I blogged about, I just have to show you some of the other goodies that I exchanged with my 7 cards. If you don't know the drill to get the CSR gifts yet, read the instructions here.

Other than the DP Yum Yum Bunny Doll (shown here), I also got myself a French Bulldog from Vooner that comes in all sizes and 6 options, and also a Minajunk limited edition 'Cry' skin which is so detailed that you even get a prim teardrop attached to your eyes.

Skin: Minajunk: Cry Skin (free from CSR2008S)
Dress: M&R Cupcakes: Ringed Dress - Gray (Join <3 Cupcakes Group and check up notices)
Shoes: Giusia: Ginevra Green Sculpted Heels (1L from hunt, posted here)

Dog: Vooner
: Holding French Bulldog (free from CSR2008S)
Bracelet: Stiletto Moody: Heart Charm Bracelet (Free for 48 hours, I heard, so hurry!)

Stay tuned as I have more gifts from CSR to show!


If you are a member of Stiletto Moody Group, their long awaited gift bracelet is OUT!!! Get it for 1L here with your group tag on before it poofs.

Warning: It's SO LAG and packed there right now that anyone can hardly move, so my advice to you is to go there at odd hours tonight!

Short Update.

Phew! What a busy weekend! But it's not over yet. There are still a couple of hunts going on and some are starting this week but I doubt I have that much patience to get ALL the coordinates for ALL the hunts (you are welcome to provide me any info, thanks first!).lol... Anyway, just in case you still don't know, there are two freebies that you might want to check out.

This corset is a gift from TART, it also comes with a short dress and a gown version (not shown), love the versatility of the outfit!

Outfit: TART: Blue Teddy

And this is the weekly ritual: Gift from Kunglers. A cute LBD with a cat print in front. Good for the playful times!

Dress: Kunglers: Kitty Cat

P/S Nicky Ree's Hunt ends today! If you have not yet fill your folder with markdown Nicky's gowns, better hurry!

Party Dresses

Going to a party but don't know what to wear? This is a great time for you to pick up two great dresses perfect for any party. Hurry for the Aoharu limited time gift in store one though, it will be gone some time tomorrow, so GO GO GO!!!

party dresses
From Left to Right:
Dress: Aoharu: Big Ribbon Dress -Navy (Join Aoharu Group and get it here, ends tommorow!)
Dress: Evie's Closet: Elysian Gown -Red (Join Evie's Closet and look up notices)

There is summer sale at Creators Pavillion (Thanks to Beanie Canning) now and it will be ending in 2 weeks on August 24, Sunday. The markdowns include hair from Shop Seu, outfits from Aoharu, furnitures, AO and much more. Take a look at it before the sale is over.

Creator's Pavilion
On Ding:
Top: Arai: I love CP Tee (0L)
Giusia-:Bottom from Anna Pink Outfit (1L, Hunt from Giusia, posted here)
Pose: [Y.M.X.] mote*kawaPOSE 3 (0L)

On Me:
Top: Honey Soul at CP Sale: Bandaid White-tank, (0L)
Jeans: Giusia-:Marzio Jeans ( 1L, Hunt from Giusia, posted here)
Watch: Europa Watch -Personalized (0L, posted here)
Pose: [Y.M.X.]: mote*ike (0L)

Creator's Pavilion
On Me:
Top: Giusia: Mark Shirt
(1L, Hunt from Giusia, posted here)

On Louis:
Outfit: Aoharu at CP Sale: Silk Flower Shirt Set (100 L!)

On Ding:
Hair: Shop Seu at CP Sale: Pompadour -Black (150L, usual 170L)
Dress: Nikukyu at CP Sale: Nut Caramelized -Red (70L, 120L for fat pack of two)

There are so many fun and interesting things there, just head over and you might find something for yourself!

There is a really easy dollarbie hunt at Giusia. There are 8 items altogether, 5 for girls and 3 for guys, all in big white gift boxes around the store. You can find girls items such as skin, bracelets, shoes, dress and a pink outfit and also a pair of jeans and two t-shirts for guys. Since it is a very easy and obvious hunt, I am not giving out the coordinates to spoil your fun. You will have a great time with this after trying out for the harder ones earlier today. :))

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