Since Polaroid stopped producing instant films, I have to switch to a digital camera. But where to find one?

polaroid no more
Dress: Digit Darkes-Foreign Affair-Zebra/Black (200L, usual price 400L, till tommorow only!)

Cache-cache (I believe cache cache is the sound of taking pictures) has digital cameras in all colors and the best thing is it's only 20L each! However the downside is that it's only available in a random machine, you can't choose the color that you want, unless you are lucky. The camera is actually a typing AO and it has AO options for boys and girls. Trust me, it's super neat!

cache cache

cache cache

There is also a lucky board that changes every 10 minutes that is giving away a Shamrock edition of the camera that comes with a different AO. Totally worth the wait if you are into digital cameras!

cache cache


Head over to Cache-cache now!

Remember Energy Green Island, where you camp by doing a couple of chores for a couple of minutes each and you get to pick gifts from a whole lot of gifts? It has updated the gift store with a couple of new things and for a complete hud you can exchange for 5 gifts! Repeat the steps to charge the hud if you want to get more stuff! Also, join :C'est la vie !: group and go here to get this cute dress.

Green Energy Island
Car: "TRICOLORE" COUPE "MATILDA" TR-4 (from Energy Green Island)

Green Energy Island, C'est La Vie
From Left to Right:
Dress: **[sister strawberry] flower onepiece** (from Energy Green Island)
Top: *DPS Exclusive Free Tank for Energy Green Island (from Energy Green Island)
Dress: ::*) Charmed (*:: Ensemble Dress -EnergyGreen- (from Energy Green Island)
Dress: ::C'est la vie !::groupgift ethnic dress (join :C'est la vie !: group and go here to get)

Have a great weekend!

Nicky Ree has a gift and a dollarbie out, for St Patrick's Day probably till end of this week, go get it!!

st patrick
From Left to Right:
Gown: *NR* Satin Shine Floral in Green Group (219/134/30,0L, for a limited time only)
Gown: *NR* Gift Satin Shine Lime (91/208/131, 0L, for a limited time only)

If you are looking for St Patrick's Day accessories, look no further! Juicy shoes is currently having a 50 percent all green shoes and you get a little green hat with every purchase! The white belt is from Seduction Studio subscribo, get it while it's there!

st patrick
Skin: (PixelDolls Skin) GroupGift . Anna (subscribo gift)
Hat: Juicy St Patricks Day Hat (free with purchase of any green shoes)
Belt: Sed, Studios (St,Pats) Group Gift (subscribo)

Last but not least, I am also giving a free pair of shoes for St. Patrick's Day, and it will be limited till the 20th of March (or till I remember to take it back : )) Click the shamrock at 50 flats to get it.

st patrick's gift
Flats: 50 flats- Clover Shoes (0L, till 20th of March)

Have fun!!

Late night post

Weehee! I am back from vacation but am tired, so this will be a short one. There are some pretty dollarbie dresses to pick up from Shirahoto (only showing two here), a super cute group gift from Plod (check notices) and some awesome skins from Bebae Group (pay 100L to join and check notices).

Dresses: Shirahoto (1L each, more choices could be found there!)
Pet: ::plod::alpaca (Join Plod Group and check notices)

Skins: - BEBAE - Coral *Gift (100L to join Bebae Group and check notices)

Have a good night!

Something before I sleep:

Shoes: Flats : 50 flats (35 per play. transferable)
From left to right:
Dress:couverture*1st.anniversary group gift (Join Couverture Group and get it here)
Dress: *K&CO* Ferebie Morning Dew Dress (Join Kenzie's Get it first group and check notices)

Chocolate with AO: **Munch CHOCOLATE** NWYD milk (click on the poop here, there are 4 poops around the area with different interesting stuff!)

Have a great night !

Join Sick Resident Group and check notices to get this awesome armor/hoodie top!

sick resident
Top: S.I.C49_Civilian'sCourt_Black_s.i.c version (Join Sick Resident Group and check notices)

Have fun!!

The poll for the blogger style throwdown that Vent participated is open! Go here to vote!!

56 flowers
to be found grid wide. Till 4/1. Here are some of the things that you can grab!

Skin: The Most Random Hunt Ever #6 - [RockBerry]
From left to right:

Dress: The Most Random Hunt Ever #31 - [JE*REPUBLIC]: La Plume
Outfit: The Most Random Hunt Ever #36 [Little fish]: Sunshine Set
Bikini: The Most Random Hunt Ever #27 - Digit Darkes: Retro Bikini-Sky
Outfit: The Most Random Hunt Ever #15 - [Apple May Designs]: Wannabe - Coffee

tmrh 1
On Ding:
Outfit: The Most Random Hunt Ever #41 - [.: Naive :.]
On Vent:
Outfit: The Most Random Hunt Ever #44 - WoE

tmrh 2
On Vent:
Top: The Most Random Hunt Ever #30 - PixelDolls: Eugene Jacket. Charcoal
On Ding:
Dress: The Most Random Hunt Ever #33 - [Elate!]: Kaylee (Sky)

tmrhe copy
Hair: The Most Random Hunt Ever #38 - [+IROLLIC+]: Jemini- cream
Chocolate in mouth: The Most Random Hunt Ever #37 - [Cheeky Soul]: choco tube!
From Left to Right:
Top: The Most Random Hunt Ever #34 - [*Etoile*]: The Most Random Tank Ever

Top: The Most Random Hunt Ever #2 - [THUSORAS]: *Chin Up Octopus*

Wheel barrow: The Most Random Hunt Ever #24- :[MudHoney]: Designs: Wheelbarrow full-o Pillows

Also an awesome house to be grabbed at Flirt, a huge flower on top!!: The Most Random Hunt Ever #13 - ::SW::Balinese Longhouse!

That's it for now, have fun!!


Was supposed to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep. Anyway , here are the stuff that you might want to get:

From Left to Right:
Dress: *GC*Skin n Sweater (1L)
Top: (Elate!) Purple Cupcake Tank & Sprinkle Cupcake!(1L, pay the fountain)
Outfit: RFYRE FERVOR GIFT (60 mins lucky chair, TP tons of your friends over!)

And also join +*DEJAVU*+ group and check notices to grab two really cute pixie-ish hair!

Have a great sunday!

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