Here you go. Dresses that you might want to get and a super cute AFK tool from the discovery hunt ( Thanks Nikita! ).

From Left to Right:
Dress: Modd.G Lydiah Summer Dress Group Gift (200L to join group and get it here)
Dress: Nah!may_03 (5L)
Dress: **CKSD** Essential T-Shirt Dress Teal (subscribo gift)

AFK Tool: SL Discovery Hunt #375: Grimalkin Workshop wearable chair (search for magnifying glass!)

Deviance is giving away a cute bunny outfit which might be handy for some kinky occasion for a limited time. Have you been to Foam already? Their new wigs are yummy!!! If you haven't heard of this, Lost Angel has opened a new sim and has some new stuff out, the chair that I am sitting on is part of their new line. Check all these out!!

Outfit: * Deviance Gift* Bunny Costume 2.0-Spring Green (0L, limited time)
Hair: Foam-The Drifter-Brown A (250L)
Chair: [LA] Puff Silver (not free)

I saw this bag over at Ryoko's blog and love it. When I was at Chabinns, I met the owner of the store and she gave me the backpack!! Thanks Robinn! The backpack come in several designs (and every design are scriptable with more designs) and sizes to cater different AVs, and there's a special size for tinies at a cheaper price too! Must have!! Also at Chabinns, you could get some pixel snacks for free, find them near the entrance outside the store!!

Backpack: CHABINNS HS-BackPack (250L, 100L for tinies version)

Have fun shopping!

More stuff to get!!

Parallel Love has a lucky board that changes every 10 mins with two really cute summer dresses. Thanks Lu for tping me! Speaking of which, Lu is the owner of @Waffles! and the designer to the hair which I am wearing in the pics. There's also a dollarbie in her store, so remember to check the store out!

parallel love
From Left to Right:
Hair: @Waffles! Alice Practice (cream)
Dress: PARALLEL LOVE LB Gift Vo.4 (Lucky Chair)

Hair: @Waffles! Lulu (cream)
Dress: PARALLEL LOVE LB Gift Vo.5 (Lucky Chair)

This pretty skybox that I am sitting in is a subscribo gift from a new prefab store called La Flat, offering you low prims contemporary build at a affordable price! Thanks Page for telling me about your store!

Skybox-Rainy Day
Skybox: La Flat: The Fenna Rainy Day Skybox (subscribo gift)

Things to get!

From left to right:
Swimsuit (could be worn as dress): ***La petite fleur Retro oneP&swim wear***(Join ::La petite fleur:: group and check notices)

Dress: SKG-Apparel - Barbara - Hot Pink (5L, could be worn as a long sleeve version/pink belt version)
Shoes: SKGShoes - Katia PeepToe Pumps - Hot PInk (5L)

Outfit (could be worn as dress): *+*JILL*+*Thank you gift! (Join *+*JILL*+* Group and get it here)

Reek Stuff.

You have got to love the colors on Reek stuff. Here are the new 5L tees, also available for men!

Tops: Reek - Yikes & wtf Tees - GIRLS (5L)

The pjs (for both boys and girls) the dancers are wearing in the picture are new at Reek, the pants also comes in a footie version, and it's really cute!! If you are looking for a pair of colorful/fun pjs, Reek's the place to go!

Pre sex party at Reek's
PJs: Reek - Dino PJs (comes in male and female version, 175L)

This is a Fawn is a new store by OMGWTF Barbecue. Although its a pretty small place, the store has some interesting designs (like the phonics tees) for everyone and some dresses/skirts for the girls that you might want to have a look.

Vent-this is fawn
Tees: This is a Fawn-Phonics Tee (unisex, buy individually from A-Z)

This is a fawn
Top: This is a Fawn - Faux Bois Tee Ad (unisex)

this is fawn
Skirts: This is a Fawn-Hound Skirt (also in other colors)

hax dress
Dresses: This is a Fawn-Hax Dress (also in white, and a RFL version)

Happy Shopping!

A new release from our recent favorite Sugarcube!! This dress will be a great dress to wear to a June wedding and it's very affordable!!

From Left to Right:
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE - HASU - one sholder dress - blanche(200L)
::SUGARCUBE - HASU - one sholder dress - bruit rose(200L, coming soon)

And here are some nice things from Burt Laundry and Donna Flora to get for today:

Snapshot_007 copy
From Left to Right:
Top: <>White top (0L)
<>Orange Skirt (camp 15 mins to get)
<>Gold Sandals (camp 15 mins to get)

Dress: Donna Flora RED BUTTERFLY gift (1L)

Acid & Mala

These new outfits from Acid & Mala is great!! What's better is that they are having a 25% off now. Stop by and shop today !~

Acid and Mala
On Vent:
Top: .:A&M:. Urban Life Outfit - Suspenders
Bottom: .:A&M:. Urban Life Outfit - Pant with Pockets

On Ding:
Outfit: .:A&M:. Urban Life Outfit (FEMALE)


Here are some nice dresses from Lemania and Wetherby's to wrap up the day/start the day.

From left to right:
Dress: [LI] Pot of Gold - Retired 5/11/09 (1L, today only, ends soon!)
Dress: Wetherby's 4th Collection, Free dress #5 (0L)
Outfit: [LI] Is It Love? May 2009 Flickr Gift (go to:, join the group, and post one of this months hunt items with your SL name in the title....and MagicMirror Fayray will automatically send you the dress. )

And psst...if you love Foam hair, they are having some new wigs out tommorow evening. Remember to stop by!

Here are cute stuff from *M*, Hal Hina, Ibizzare and babydoll that you should totally get!

Cat: *M*:fatcat calico gift (Join *M* update group and check notices)

under the sun!
From left to right:
Dress: *BabyDoll* Lemon Print Babydoll Dress (0L)
Dress: = Hal*Hina = [ivory] FrontZipperDress -S7020*F- (Join Hal Hina Group and camp for 20 mins)
Swimsuit: Ibizarre Gift Bag - Beachwear For You! (0L)

Banned, so?

[Update:] Due to the overwhelming amount of comments, I would like to say something about this drama:

Firstly, I am hiding nothing behind the conversation I posted and I am not tolerating any bad manners.

Lastly, I apologize for posting the coords without knowing that it shouldn't be posted. My daily routine is to send out whatever that is given to me. And I am apologizing to the hunters who are still hunting in the hunt.

[19:59] Kenzie Corlxxne: I don't appreciate you giving out the coordinates to my hunt. CHEATERS DO NOT PROSPER. If you don't want to actually take the time to look for items DON'T DO HUNTS
[20:02] Ding Fotherington: LOL
[20:03] Kenzie Corlxxne: glad you think it's funny. You've been banned

Banned from what? Key hunt? Like I am bothered to pay 200 to join. HAHA.

Royal Blue

New Royal Blue awesomeness will be in stores in three days time! Filled with bows and flowers and poofs, the pieces in this new collection will certainly leave you beg for more!

royal blue
Bow: (Royal Blue) Bowtasam in Princess and the Pea

royal blue
Skirt: (Royal Blue) Subversive Bows in Ultra Voilet
(Royal Blue) Garter Socks in Nior

royal blue
From left to right:
(Royal Blue) Two Colours a Leg Leggins Monochrome Pack

(Royal Blue) Love Stone Pendent Onyx and Gold
(Royal Blue) Spring Bum in Romance

All these, coming to you this Wednesday, at Royal Blue!

Cry baby.

Free Speerit has some crying skin out in three tones for 'pay what you want'. At the same board you can get tons of jeans and tops for pay what you want too. Go have a look now!

Free Speerit
Skin: (*FS*) Skin / Kimberly Pale-Crying (Pay what you want)

To all the moms, happy mother's day! Here's a gift for all that you've contributed to the family and society : ) Buy the pink heart at mainstore to get it, today only!

50 flats
Flats: 50 Flats- Love you , mom (0L, today only)

Limited Time Only!

Tiny Bird has 6 1L hair pack hidden in the regular vendors for mother's day, and below are three of the six that you can find. The skin is from Lara skins (saw it on freestyle) which is pretty neat and also for a limited time too. So hurry!!

tiny bird
Skin: Lara Skins-Kate Pale (0L)
From left to right:
Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Esme - Brownie (1L)
Hair:.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Olivia - Pepper (1L)
Hair:.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Bea - Dragees (1L)

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